She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 551 - Interrogation Master!

Chapter 551 - Interrogation Master!

Chapter 551 Interrogation Master!

Trueman’s message was: “I still have many secrets to tell you. Don’t you want to know? But it seems like Caleb hasn’t taken his medicine today.”

Ever since Morris captured Caleb last time, Caleb had been detained in the interrogation room. Furthermore, because he was weak, the special department did not use any special methods to interrogate him.

After all, what if he did not rest well and died from lung cancer?

Nora had forgotten about him.

However, she only frowned and replied: “I’m no longer from the special department. It’s useless for you to look for me. If you want to negotiate, look for Morris.”

With that, she put away her phone and entered the house. She heard Joel and Tanya chatting there.

The two of them had already registered their marriage and held a wedding. Now, they were already a formal couple. Logically speaking, they were newlyweds. Furthermore, the two of them had been apart for so long and had just reconciled. Now, their relationship was great. Tanya and Joel had been discussing their honeymoon even before the wedding…

However, Tanya’s face was filled with worry. “I wonder how he is.”

Joel comforted her. “It’ll be fine. It’s a prison, not a tiger’s den.”

Tanya could not help but ask, “Can’t you think of a way to visit him?”

Joel was silent for a moment.

If it was a normal department, she could definitely visit him.

However, the special department had always had priority over all the other departments. The cases they handled were of the utmost importance!

It was already difficult to get information from such a department, let alone visit it.

He was silent for a moment before saying, “It’s not impossible. I’ll arrange it. Don’t worry.”

Tanya sensed his momentary hesitation and suddenly asked, “Is the case my father is involved in very special?”

When Joel saw that she had guessed it, he decided not to hide anything else. Therefore, he sighed and nodded. “Yes, it’s a little special. It’ll be difficult for us to meet, but we can find out about him through Nora.”

Tanya lowered her head in disappointment. “Don’t. Nora has just been fired. It’s too hurtful to ask her now. Let’s think of another way!”

Joel nodded.

Nora heard these words and lowered her eyes.

At this moment, her phone rang again. It was a message from Morris. He tried to act smart as he said, “Miss Smith, your vacation has been canceled. You can come back to work tomorrow.”

Nora lowered her almond-shaped eyes.

If she had not heard Tanya and Joel’s conversation, she would not have wanted to join the special department. After all, there were too many things to do and it was troublesome.

But now… If she stayed in the special department, at least Tanya would be more at ease.

Furthermore, she could even go through the back door and bring Karl something like breakfast every day.

As she thought about this, Nora replied:


After sending the message, she entered.

Joel and Tanya stood up upon hearing her footsteps.

Tanya still looked carefree. “Nora, what were you doing this afternoon? I searched for you all afternoon but did not find you.”

Nora noticed that she was pretending to be calm. Her almond-shaped eyes were raised a little. “I have good news to announce.”

Tanya widened her eyes. “What good news?”

Nora: “My position in the special department has been remitted! I’m going to work tomorrow. You can prepare some food and necessities for Karl. I’ll help you bring them in.”

Upon hearing this, Tanya’s first reaction was not happiness but indignation. “On what basis? First, they chase you away, now they’re asking you to come back and you’re simply going to go back? No, you can’t accept this!”

Nora stared at her.

When she met Tanya overseas, she was like this. She clearly could not find her child, but she was enthusiastic about helping others find theirs.

Just like now, she would never consider things from her own perspective. Instead, she would think from Nora’s perspective.

Nora lowered her eyes and smiled. “They begged me to come back. Besides, I also want to know what happened to my mother, so I’ll give them face!”

Tanya was still concerned about her. “Did they beg hard?”

Nora: “…Yes.”

“How hard?”

“They were just short of kneeling down and begging me.”

“That’s more like it.”

Their conversation was childish but warm.

Joel glanced at Nora but did not say anything.

The next day, Nora slept until noon again. She got up and had breakfast. When she was about to report to the special department, Tanya handed her a backpack. “There are quite a lot of things prepared for him. It’s a little heavy.”

Nora casually picked up the bag that Tanya could only carry with two hands and placed it easily on her shoulder before leaving.

Tanya: “…”

When she drove to the special department, it was already noon.

Nora carried her bag and had just entered when she bumped into Captain Johnson, who was already discharged. He looked a little weak and his face was a little yellow.

However, when he saw Nora, his expression changed drastically. His expression was very ugly as he scolded, “What time is it? You’re just coming to work?”

Nora did not care about his reprimand. She took off her bag and threw it on the other shoulder. It happened to hit Captain Johnson, causing him to take a few steps back before he could stand firm. Nora looked at him coldly. “I’m sorry, Captain Johnson. My contract with the special department clearly states that my work hours are flexible.”

At that time, she had especially added this because she wanted to slack off and sleep when she had nothing to do.

Johnson: “…”

He snorted. “What kind of work attitude is this?!”

With that, he rushed out the door as if to welcome someone.

Nora ignored him and entered the hall. She was about to look for Morris for him to approve her meeting with Karl when she saw Morris walking out of the canteen with a lunch box.

He must have just had lunch.

Nora walked over and the two of them nodded at each other. Just as Nora was about to speak, two claps suddenly came from the door.

Everyone looked over and saw Captain Johnson standing there. When he saw that everyone was looking at him, he smiled and said, “Comrades, I know that your interrogation of the members of the mysterious organization has reached a stalemate, and the few bodyguards you caught haven’t revealed any info! You all must know who the world’s most famous interrogation master is, right?” Upon hearing this, the people from the special department who had just returned from lunch shouted in unison, “Black Cat!”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Captain Johnson smiled. “So, I specially invited an expert here!”

As he spoke, he moved aside and let the person standing behind him come out.

It was a woman.

She was wearing decent clothes and a business suit. There was a friendly and approachable smile on her face. When she smiled, she had two dimples that looked very sweet. She was like a close neighborhood sister. She nodded at everyone. “Hello, everyone. I’m very honored to join the special department and work with



There were very few female members in the special department. Everyone knew that Brenda was the queen of scumbags. Furthermore, as Captain Brenda, she was outstanding. When she trained with everyone, she would often beat them until they cried. Therefore, no matter how beautiful Brenda was, no one dared to have any feelings for her.

On the other hand, Nora was too secluded and proud. Everyone maintained their respect for her, but it was difficult for them to have the intention to chase after her.

However, this person was different…

“Is this Black Cat? Is Black Cat a woman?”

Someone asked the question in his heart. Captain Johnson instantly smiled. “Of course not. Black Cat is too proud and aloof. He’s more difficult to find. She’s an interrogation master as famous as Black Cat. She’s also an internationally famous psychiatrist-Ruth.” Ruth continued to smile. “I’m a psychiatrist. I don’t need to use any means to obtain the information we want. Of course, I know that everyone is very respectful of Black Cat, and I’m also fortunate to have met him. He also said that he’s very interested in my interrogation techniques. If there’s a chance, we’ll compete and discuss together!”

Nora: “???”

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

Ruth was indeed a little famous internationally. The reason was…

In order to apprehend a very evil crime boss, she had captured his subordinates and used special methods to force a confession.

After this matter was exposed, everyone praised her for being a great interrogator. At the same time, Ruth’s reputation started soaring.

She had even openly challenged Black Cat in public and said that his methods were too cruel. All humans were equal, and they did not advocate torture.

At that time, Nora could not be bothered with her. She simply produced a book called the art of interrogation and defeated Ruth with it.

Everyone held their own opinions about Black Cat and her methods, triggering a discussion.

This was what had made her famous.

However, Nora scoffed at this. At that time, Karl had even asked if he should use some methods to suppress Ruth. After all, Ruth was clearly trying to take advantage of Black Cat’s popularity!

Nora felt that there was no need.


Nora smiled and mocked, “When did Black Cat say that she was interested in your interrogation techniques?”

Why didn’t she remember saying this? Besides, she did not know Ruth!