She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 55 - Your Son Is My Son

Chapter 55 - Your Son Is My Son

Chapter 55 - Your Son Is My Son

Sheril majored in traditional medicine and pharmacology in college. Sheena had been carefully training and grooming her all this time so that she could take over Harmonia Pharmacy in the future.

Thus, she knew her way around medicines somewhat.

She picked up the dark-colored pill and sniffed it carefully. A fresh and invigorating aura assailed her senses, instantly clearing and revitalizing the mind.

It felt as comfortable as taking a deep breath in the mountains.

Sheril's pretty little face turned serious and she stared at the pill, studying it intently.

A look of hesitation appeared on Melissa's mild and gentle countenance. "What's the matter?"

Sheril shook her head. Then, she asked hesitantly, "Can I have this, Grandma? I'd like to take it back with me so that I can study it and verify something!"

Mrs. Anderson nodded. "Sure. Take one with you."

As if she had just found a treasure, Sheril carefully put the pill into a bag, went downstairs, and made a beeline for the laboratory.

Seeing her leave in a panic, Sheena and Simon, who were discussing countermeasures in the living room, were taken aback.

Sheena frowned. "I'll go upstairs and have a look."

While Nora was driving home, her cell phone rang—it was an unfamiliar number. The moment she picked up, an angry voice from the other end of the call reached her. "Nora, where's the money? Didn't you already transfer it into my bank account? Why did they say that there isn't any money in the account at all when I went to the bank to transfer the funds today?! You no-good daughter! Now that you're clinging to the Andersons, are we too poor for your tastes? Are you thinking of ditching us so that you can enjoy life over there? Dream on!"

The smile at Nora's lips was wild and arrogant. "Dad, there's something I want to ask you."

"What? I'm warning you, stop dilly-dallying and transfer the money over now…"

Nora looked straight ahead of her with her fingers resting gently on the steering wheel. She had long since stopped feeling sad because of people like him. She asked calmly, "Was my mom blind when she married you?"


Before he could recover, Nora had already hung up.

The only reason why she had put up with him all these years was that she was afraid that he would mistreat her son. Now, she finally managed to let out her frustrations.

Her cell phone suddenly rang again. Nora cast a quick glance at it—the caller ID was still a string of numbers. She answered the call, but before the other party could speak, she said sarcastically, "Why are you calling me again? Are you dying? Are you trying to ask me to take care of your funeral?"


Upon hearing silence on the other end, she scoffed coldly. She was about to hang up when Justin's low, deep voice rang out. He asked, "Miss Smith, are you intending to take care of my funeral?"

In the hospital, the corners of Justin's lips curled upward.

Typically, apart from one's children, only their spouse would be involved in their funeral matters!

How intense of her. Even her confession involved promises of life and death.

Nora, "???"

It was only then that she realized that she had hurled insults at the wrong person. The string of unfamiliar numbers was Justin's phone number. Too lazy to explain, she asked, "Is something the matter, Mr. Hunt?"

The voice on the phone was deep and pleasant, and it resounded in the car through the speaker. He said, "I recall you mentioning that you wanted me to locate someone for you after you've cured my grandma?"

"There isn't need for that anymore," replied Nora coldly. However, a thought suddenly occurred to her—if Justin owed her a huge favor, then did that mean she could use that to ask for her son back?

Thus, she softened her tone and added, "It's an honor to be of help to you."

Justin stiffened slightly. "…"

He leaned against the wall along a hallway in the hospital, feeling good all over. It seemed like this was the first time she was speaking so amicably to him ever since they met?

He surprisingly didn't quite know how to respond.

Then, he heard her say, "Feel free to come to me whenever anyone in your family—especially your son—falls sick, Mr. Hunt. I have a daughter myself, so I'm very familiar with children's illnesses. Moreover, I always feel a sense of kinship toward your son whenever I see him, so don't ever feel too embarrassed to approach me for help. You can come to me even if it's just a small bout of flu, fever, or discomfort… You get me?"

By especially bringing up how he had a son and she had a daughter, was she trying to tell him that the two of them were a good match? That both of them were single but with a child?

The corners of his deep-set eyes turned upward again. The small brown beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed especially alluring as he said, "Thank you."

The woman immediately replied, "Don't stand on ceremony with me. From now on, your son is also my son. I will dote on him like he's my own."


Listen to those shocking things she's saying!

Justin subtly changed the subject and asked, "I heard that news mistakenly got out that it was Mr. Myers who cured Grandma. Would you like the matter clarified?"

He had thought of clarifying the matter when his grandmother mentioned that it was all thanks to Tina that she recovered. However, when he thought of how she seemed to dislike trouble, how she kept her identity a secret, and how she didn't wish for her identity to be exposed; he had refrained from doing so.

Sure enough, he heard her say, "No, it's fine. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

After hanging up, the woman's wild and arrogant—yet always sleepy—visage surfaced in Justin's mind and his smile widened.

At this point, he heard a voice coming from behind. "Mr. Hunt."

Justin immediately reined in his smile. He turned to see his executive assistant, Sean Jenkins, standing there respectfully. He had a pair of glasses on. Unlike the talkative and naggy Lawrence, he was relatively low-key and reticent, and always went straight to the point when he spoke. He said, "Mr. Raymond has stepped down from his position as vice-chairman of the company."

Justin nodded. Before entering the ward, he suddenly looked at him. "Have you made a note of all those people who were cooperating with him today?"

Sean answered, "Yes, I've noted them all."

Justin's eyes were icy-cold. In order to fight for power, his uncle had surely bribed a lot of people over the last few years. The reason why he had allowed them to make a fuss outside the ward this afternoon was just so that he could note down who was on his uncle's side.

This time, he would get them all in one fell swoop.


Nora drove back to the Andersons.

After getting out of the car, she stretched and entered the living room.

As soon as she entered, she saw Sheena and Simon both seated on the sofa with stern and grave expressions.

She was about to ask what had happened when Sheena got up in a whoosh, picked up a teacup, and hurled it at her!


The teacup broke into pieces on the ground.

Nora's expression instantly turned cold.

Sheena pointed at her and shouted, "What kind of medicine of unknown origin did you give your grandma?! After she applied it, the area around her eyes started to sting! She's not young anymore. Are you trying to kill her?!

"There's a ton of things I've yet to settle, yet you're creating more trouble for us. Why is there so much trouble the moment you're back? You're a jinx just like your mother!"

Melissa, who was supporting an unsteady Mrs. Anderson on the corridor on the second floor, interrupted her. "Sheena! Mom told you to stop."

However, Sheena replied, "Mom, you have to pay the price if you make a mistake! If we don't discipline her well, what if she ends up behaving immorally like Sis?"

Mrs. Anderson, who was leaning on the railing for support, looked furious when she heard her. A moment later, she shouted angrily, "Get out!"

Sheena looked at Nora. "Did you hear that? She's telling you to get out!"

The next moment, however…