She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 54 - Mr. Hunt Is Being Narcissistic Again

Chapter 54 - Mr. Hunt Is Being Narcissistic Again

Chapter 54 - Mr. Hunt Is Being Narcissistic Again

The people in the hallway hadn't noticed Tina yet.

Roger said as mildly as ever, "Justin, the doctor from that day looked like she's only in her twenties. It seems like we haven't seen her ever since the operation, right?"

A single line from him was enough to raise everyone's suspicions.

Raymond even pointed at Justin and yelled, "Okay! Even though his son pushed someone down the stairs, he, as his father, only knows to blindly shelter and indulge him! After that, he even got a doctor to harm his own grandmother! Justin, you have to give us an explanation for this in front of everyone from the family home!"

"He got some nobody doctor to treat her illness? He's too much!"

"I didn't expect Justin to be so cruel. She's his grandmother…"


Everyone started to speculate among themselves.

Raymond and his son, Roger, exchanged a look with each other, and looks of triumph appeared on their faces.

Howard lowered his voice and started to become anxious when he heard their speculations. He said, "Why isn't Great-Grandma awake yet, Justin? Who did you get to operate on her? I can't hold them back much longer!"

Justin's eyes glinted darkly.

Since he had decided to ask for her help, he trusted her. If he didn't, he wouldn't have approached her.

Since she said that Grandma would regain consciousness on Sunday, she would definitely wake up.

He said coldly, "Uncle Raymond, are you in such a hurry that you can't even wait until night falls?"

He wasn't very loud. His voice was low and clear, but it inspired a lot of awe. Even in a noisy situation like this, it clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

Everyone in the hallway fell silent for a moment.

A mean and sinister look filled Roger's eyes. With a smile still on his face, he replied, "Everyone here is an outstanding member of the Hunts, Justin. We have politicians as well as businessmen here. Are you just going to tell them to wait when they've specially put aside everything on hand to come over today?"

Raymond also added sharply, "You're obviously just stalling for time! It's been half a month since the incident, yet you're still telling us to wait? Howard, there's substantial evidence to prove that Peter Hunt injured his Great-Grandma. Aren't you going to make a clear stance on it?

"And Justin, too. You showed no regard for your grandmother's life and randomly got some doctor to operate on her, leading to her very possibly never waking up again. You have to take responsibility for this!"

He stared at Justin excitedly.

He had originally only intended to make use of this issue to get rid of that little bastard, but little did he think that Justin would get himself involved, too. He must take the opportunity to take away his position as the head of the family!

In his moment of triumph, a woman's high-pitched voice suddenly reached them. "Who says Mrs. Hunt won't ever wake up again? She's already awake!"

Tina stepped aside to reveal a nurse helping the hospital gown-clad Mrs. Hunt out. The elderly lady had bandages wrapped around her head, but the look in her eyes was sharp.

When she came out, everyone in the hallway fell silent.

Raymond and Roger glanced at each other. Then, the two of them took a step forward in tandem and put on an act of agitated surprise.



Raymond wanted to hold her, but Mrs. Hunt stretched out her arm. Then, with all her strength…


A slap landed across Raymond's cheek. A furious Mrs. Hunt berated, "You no-good son! Pete was trying to pull me back that time. He's a good boy, so why would he push me down the stairs?! Are you trying to instigate an uprising by gathering so many people here?!"

Raymond was dumbfounded.

Roger stopped and stood still, the look in his eyes flickering a little. Then, without any change in his expression, he lowered his head and said, "Sorry, Grandma. Dad was just worried about you…"


Mrs. Hunt decided to leave her grandson a little dignity, so she instead looked at everyone else and said, "All of you can go now."

She returned to the ward after that.

Seeing that the whole farce was just a false alarm, the rest of the Hunts left one by one.

Justin and the others followed her into the ward. Nora also quietly walked over.

As soon as she arrived at the door, she heard the old lady say, "It's all thanks to Tina that I could wake up in time!"

Tina stood tall and straight. She had a white lab coat on and looked confident. As she directed her scorching gaze at Justin, a faint smile also appeared at the corners of her lips.

"Mr. Hunt, this is the Carefree Pill. It has a refreshing effect on the mind and is made by Mr. Myers, my teacher who taught me traditional medicine! There are only two of such pills in the world, and it was only through special means that he managed to preserve them for 25 years. After much begging, I finally got him to give me one…"

Nora, who was leaning casually against the wall and eavesdropping, was bewildered.

After 25 years of storage, even if the pill hadn't expired, it probably wasn't effective anymore!

However, Tina boasted exaggeratedly about the pill's effects. She said, "Not only does this pill not have any side effects, but it can also refresh the mind, detox, and nourish the body. Additionally, it can even treat patients with cerebral hemorrhage. It's practically an elixir!"

The corners of Nora's lips spasmed.

What did Mrs. Hunt regaining consciousness have anything to do with that pill? The effects didn't even correlate with her symptoms!

She shook her head and decided to simply turn and leave.

Inside the ward, mockery flashed across Justin's eyes.

If that pill really were effective, why would Tina wait until today to give it to Grandma?

In the end, wasn't it just because Nora had successfully operated on her? That pill would only have a refreshing effect on the mind at best…

When he thought of that, he suddenly noticed a flash of movement outside the door. He strode out to see a familiar figure entering the elevator.

The corners of Justin's lips suddenly curled up into a smile.

Didn't she say she wasn't coming over? Yet she did in the end. Was she worried about Grandma's condition? Or was she… worried about him?

In the middle of his thoughts, he heard Raymond say, "Justin, I—"

Justin's countenance darkened and turned cold at once. The look in his eyes was like the coldest of ice as he said, "Now that Grandma has regained consciousness, it's time for us to settle some scores, Uncle Raymond."

At the Andersons.

"What? The Carefree Pill?" Sheena clenched her fists furiously. She swept the glasses on the coffee table onto the ground and shouted, "Sis was obviously the one who made them! Jon Myers has no shame! How does he have the cheek to say that he had made them?"

Simon pressed his lips together tightly. A dispirited look came over him and he said, "We don't have the formula for it. Who would believe us? On the contrary, they'll even mock us and say that we're just jealous! The Myers have now made a name for themselves by curing Mrs. Hunt. On top of that, they're even using us as a stepping stone… It's probably all over for us and Harmonia Pharmacy now!"

Sheena's eyes reddened. She gritted her teeth and said, "I don't have any problem with their advertising, but what makes them think they can step all over us and one-up us?"

At this point, Sheril entered the room. When she noticed the awful looks on their faces, her heart sank. "Dad, Aunt Sheena. What's the matter?"

Melissa got up and said, "You're still young, so don't worry about the adults' affairs. Why don't you check that pill for your grandma and see if it's suitable for consumption instead?"

Sheril nodded.

She followed Melissa upstairs. However, when they entered Mrs. Anderson's room, they noticed that she was sitting on the sofa in a daze. Taken aback, Melissa asked, "What's wrong, Mom?"

The dazed old lady replied, "It seems like my eyes are showing a bit of reaction…"

Her words stunned Melissa.. Then, she snatched the pill from the table and passed it to Sheril. "Quick, have a look at this! What kind of pill is it?"