She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 509 - Kissed!!

Chapter 509 - Kissed!!

Chapter 509 Kissed!!

The little corner was very dark. Faint light passed through the area, revealing a man in a black suit pressing a woman half a head shorter than him against the wall. He cupped the woman’s cheek in one hand while his other wrapped around her waist. It looked as if he had her trapped there, but in truth, Nora was still a short distance away from the wall. Justin had done this so that the wall behind her wouldn’t make her cold…

The man’s large hands were scorching hot. The heat passed through her thin summer clothes, seemingly scalding her skin at the waist.

Nora subconsciously wanted to push him away, but her lips had been sealed by him.

The man’s lips were like jelly, soft and cool to the touch. When they made contact with Nora’s lips, it made her freeze in place.

Her eyes widened in surprise and she saw the man’s face right in front of her.

His eyes were dark and bottomless, saturated with burning passion and affection. In the dim light, the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed a little more alluring than usual.

His sharp and defined nose bridge, as well as his skin that seemed poreless even at such close distance, made Nora unable to put up any resistance whatsoever.

The New York skies had always been dull and gray. It was as if even the moon high up in the sky was hiding behind the clouds from shyness because of them.

Thump… Thump…

The violent pounding of heartbeats reached Nora through their chests, which were pressed against each other’s. At first, Nora thought the heartbeat was hers, but she suddenly realized that it was actually Justin’s…

The heartbeat seemed to possess some kind of captivating charm, which made her stop her hands from moving. Coupled with the man’s breathing, which was slightly heavier than usual, Nora’s cheeks slowly became burning hot.

She couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Then, she felt something cool on her forehead

—the man had rested his forehead against hers. The feeling on her lips had disappeared. His voice was a little hoarse as he said, “Nora, I missed you.”

Nora blinked. The man had already said that on the phone just now, but when the words rang in her ears in this instant, she felt as though there was a small, thin electric current slowly passing through her ears all the way to her heart.

She swallowed again.

Seemingly having sensed her reaction, the man suddenly let out a low chuckle.

Nora’s cheeks turned red. She was about to ask him what he was laughing at when the man suddenly sealed her lips again. But his kiss wasn’t like the one before. Instead, he tentatively parted his lips…

The man’s cool and clear breath, as well as the smell of vanilla, invaded her nose and mouth as if it wanted to take the air out of her lungs…

The man was domineering and dedicated. He invaded and swept through her territory greedily as though he loathed to spare even an inch of her…

The kiss ended.

Nora gasped for breath. For the first time, she realized that kissing actually took so much energy.

However, neither of them noticed that there were currently two heads staring at them from upstairs. One of them had a gloating look on his face while the other’s face had cracked a smile.

Two minutes ago.

An indignant Karl said, “My daughter has married your nephew just like that?”

Ian sat in the wheelchair calmly. “Duh, if not, then what else do you want?”

Karl paced back and forth. “There was no proposal, no asking for her hand in marriage from her parents, no nothing. Just like that, they have gotten married so hastily?” “… Hah.” Karl clutched his chest. “Can you put yourself in my shoes and think about it from another angle? Would you be willing to allow a man to abduct your daughter like that?”

“No,” answered Ian.

“Right? So you…”

But before he could finish, Ian sneered and said, “What I mean is, Justin had always slept in the guest room when he was staying with the Smiths! My daughter doesn’t care about him at all! She’s unlike Tanya, who grew up with Joel as childhood sweethearts, and is deeply in love with him. You can’t stop them at all. Therefore, my daughter will not be easily abducted by anyone. Sorry, but I can’t imagine myself in your shoes at all.”

Karl: “…”

The smug look on the man’s face was simply too annoying! If Ian wasn’t in a wheelchair and terribly weak, he would probably have gotten into a fistfight with him long ago!

The corners of his lips spasmed. He was about to say something when both of them suddenly heard some noise outside.

Karl and Ian were taken aback.

Then, as if he had realized something, Ian hurriedly pushed the wheelchair over to the window on the second floor. Through the window, he could see the lower floor. Justin was hugging and kissing his daughter? Ian felt a twinge of pain in his chest.

He clutched his chest.

The situation in front of his eyes was no different from seeing the precious treasure that he had worked so hard to protect all these years being stolen by a pig!


Karl couldn’t help but laugh. His expression was the complete opposite of Ian’s. He pointed at Ian and said with a grin, “The way I see it, the Smiths are about to welcome double happiness! Say, do you want to marry your daughter off too at Joel and Tanya’s wedding? Tanya and Nora are best friends anyway, so I’m sure they won’t mind!”

Ian: “!!!!”

He was livid. He looked behind him and suddenly spotted a basin of water. He immediately took it, planning to pour it downstairs!

However, his hands stopped mid-air.

What if the water got onto Nora?

As soon as the thought formed, he could only angrily put the basin of water back where it was. He was about to yell and separate the two of them downstairs when Karl whispered, “I’d advise you not to say anything right now.”

Ian turned to him, his eyes all red. “It’s because she’s not your daughter, isn’t it?”

Karl grinned. “That was exactly how I felt when Tanya married Joel. How I wish I could kill that brat…”

“Heh, do you think you can kill anyone from the Smiths when you’re in the States?”

“I have Black Cat… Forget it, we’re digressing. What I want to say is, you can’t do that! Tanya and I have only just acknowledged each other, but isn’t that also the case for you and Nora? Think about it, has Nora ever called you Dad?”

Ian fell silent.

Karl went on. “Nora is much colder than Tanya in terms of personality. It’s much harder for someone like her to warm up to someone. It must be very awkward between the two of you, right? Think about it, if you accidentally run into her secretly kissing a man, wouldn’t things become even more awkward in the future?”

“?י :Ian

Karl then said, “Therefore, the only thing you can do right now is to pretend you didn’t see anything! Lest your daughter drifts even further away from you!” Ian: “!!”

When he thought about it carefully, what Karl said actually made a lot of sense!

He reluctantly and indignantly suppressed his anger and pushed the wheelchair back and forth a few times. Then, he went to the window and looked down again.

When he did, he found that the two of them were kissing again… and this time, the pig’s hand was even starting to wander!!