She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 46 - Nora's Son

Chapter 46 - Nora's Son

Chapter 46 - Nora's Son

Quinn stared at Pete. Then, he rubbed his eyes and looked at him again. Even the wrinkles on his visage couldn't hide his surprise.

In the past five years, although he hadn't seen Cherry in person before, they often made video calls to each other. However, people would always look a little bigger and fatter in videos than in real life. As a result, the child in front of him ended up looking a little smaller and a little skinnier than Cherry.

But his facial features were practically identical to Cherry's!

Pete had immediately realized something with a start when Quinn exclaimed Cherry's name. His tiny form took a step forward. With his back to Justin, he looked up and asked, "Did you mistake me for someone else? Children generally look alike."

Pete gave Quinn a look as he spoke.

Upon sensing the look he was giving him, Quinn quickly reacted. He touched his beard and said with a cough, "Yeah, I must have made a mistake."

At the bottom of his heart, though, he was puzzled. He had been on a video call with Cherry only a moment ago. How did she suddenly become Irvin's disciple's son in the blink of an eye?

… Son?

Quinn suddenly looked down. He pointed at Pete and asked Justin, "He's your son?"

Justin, who was in the dark, was also confused about the conversation between the two of them. But when he heard his question, he nodded and answered, "Yes."

Quinn swallowed in disbelief and looked down at "Cherry" again.

He looked so much like Cherry… Could it be that…

Upon noticing how hesitant and contemplative he looked, Justin took the initiative to explain. He said, "Mr. Quinn, Pete is my son and should, by right, join the Irvin School of Martial Arts. But when I thought about it, I found that my teacher's martial arts aren't suitable for Pete because they're too feminine. The Quinn School of Martial Arts' style is more masculine and more presentable, so I hope you can accept my son as a disciple."

The Irvin School of Martial Arts' style tended to be more feminine and the disciples also often used insidious tricks when they fought. They were famous for being unpredictable, insidious, sly, and taking the enemy by surprise.

On the other hand, the Quinn School of Martial Arts practiced the path of masculinity. The disciples' strength and speed were all trained through sheer hard work and most of them were men.

Pete was already rather abnormal. If he became even more feminine… Justin was really afraid that he would grow up wrong. He'd better take the path of masculinity and train his psyche instead. This way, he might be able to straighten him out.

But when Justin said that, he instead noticed Quinn staring at his son with an unfathomable expression.

His brows drew together and his deep-set eyes shone with determination and resolution. He said, "Mr. Quinn, if you're still reluctant, then I'll challenge the school. You can decide the rules. If I manage to win by chance, please accept Pete as a disciple."

The Quinn School of Martial Arts had an unwritten rule—if someone succeeded in their challenge to the school, then they would satisfy a condition set by the other party as long as it didn't go against one's morals.

In the past century, no one had ever succeeded in challenging the school. This went to show the Quinn School of Martial Arts' position in the world of martial arts.

Next to him, Howard was dumbfounded when he heard what he said. Did he know where they were right now?!

This was the Quinn School of Martial Arts! They could drown him with just sheer numbers!

Justin was really doing so much for the sake of that little good-for-nothing! But given that tiny form of his, how could Mr. Quinn possibly accept him as a disciple?

Yet as soon as he thought so, he saw Quinn acting as if he hadn't heard Justin at all. He merely asked emphatically, "Are you sure he's a boy? Does he have a little willy?"

Justin was bewildered.

What kind of weird question was that?

Pete's expression also darkened. He introduced himself and said, "Grandpa Quinn, my name is Peter Hunt. You can call me Pete. I'm male and a b-o-y!"

He practically squeezed the word 'boy' through his gritted teeth.

When he said that…


Quinn raised his head to the sky and chortled. The way he looked at Pete was as if he had just found a rare treasure. He didn't expect to find the son that Nora had been searching for these last five years!

Moreover, one could tell at a glance that the child had an excellent form that was very suitable for practicing martial arts!

He said to Justin, "I'll take your son in. We'll start practicing today. You can go now!"

Justin was bewildered.

Hesitation flickered in his deep-set eyes.

Seeing him motionless, Quinn frowned. He asked roughly, "What? You don't trust me?"

"No, that's not what I mean."

Justin took a step back.

Quinn was a well-known figure in the world of martial arts. There was no way he would pick on a child. If he said that he was taking him as a disciple, then that meant that he was really doing it.

Quinn grabbed Pete by his clothes and was about to eagerly take him in with him when Howard stepped forward. He said, "Mr. Quinn, my name is Howard. I've been admiring you for a very long time. I'm also here to join the Quinn School of Martial Arts!"

Quinn looked back and glanced at him. He scanned him up and down before showing a touch of disdain. "What makes you think you can join us?"

Howard was taken aback.

Seeing that he couldn't answer him at all, Quinn turned and walked in.

A disciple of the school was about to close the door when Howard suddenly shouted crestfallenly, "Mr. Quinn, why would you rather accept that weakling instead of me?"

The disciple curled his lip and slammed the door shut. Hmph, did he think it was so easy to enter their school?

Howard was lost for words.

He touched his hooked nose with a puzzled look on his fierce countenance. "Why would Mr. Quinn possibly be interested in Pete? And, he even asked if he has a… Cough, surely he isn't mentally ill, is he?"

Justin glanced at him in disgust. "I think you're the one who's mentally ill."

Howard nevertheless humbly sought his advice. He said, "No matter how stupid I am, I can't possibly be stupider than Chester. But I really don't understand Mr. Quinn's actions. Can you tell me why?"

Justin turned and walked ahead, leaving behind only four mysterious words: "Think about it yourself."

To be honest, he didn't know, either!

In the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

In the middle of the spacious hall, Quinn looked at Pete greedily and said, "Hurry up and acknowledge me as your teacher, Nora's son! After that, we'll be teacher and disciple!"

He was very anxious, lest what was already in the bag… uh, his little disciple disappear!

Pete stared at him. Then, he nodded and said, "But can you agree not to tell Mommy for now? Cherry and I have already agreed to give Mommy a surprise."

There were still two days left before Great-Grandma woke up.

Pete hoped that his mother could interact a little more with the tyrant again. What if she suddenly finds some positive aspects about him?

Quinn touched his beard and said, "No, I can't."

Pete replied calmly, "Oh. In that case, I won't acknowledge you as my teacher."


Quinn frowned. "Hmph, do you think you can threaten me with that? Even if you don't acknowledge me as your teacher, just by the fact that I found you, Sleepyhead will still agree to let Cherry acknowledge me as her teacher just to express her gratitude!"

A puzzled Pete asked, "Who's Sleepyhead?"

"Your mom."

Pete was rendered speechless. He suspected that the old man was actually cursing.

After a stalemate of about ten minutes, footsteps could be heard coming from the door again. Then, Cherry's voice rang out outside, "Grandpa Quinn, I'm here!"

Quinn immediately raced outside. When he saw Nora, he exclaimed excitedly, "Nora! I'll tell you a secret if you let Cherry acknowledge me as her teacher!"