She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 45 - She Mustn't Let It Pass Her By!

Chapter 45 - She Mustn't Let It Pass Her By!

Chapter 45 - She Mustn't Let It Pass Her By!

When Nora opened her eyes, Cherry was no longer by her side. She was likely playing downstairs.

She took a look around the room after she got up. It was twice as large as her bedroom in the Smith residence in California and was decorated in white and gray tones. One could vaguely see that her mother had been a strong woman.

After washing up, she walked to the study that came with the room and found that it was very clean. From the details, one could see how thoughtful the Andersons were.

Nora picked up a book—it was about biological sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. It was no wonder her mother had founded Idealian Pharmaceuticals.

Someone suddenly knocked lightly on her bedroom door. Nora opened the door and immediately heard an anxious Melissa say, "Nora, something's gone wrong in the hospital!"

Nora raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

"Mr. Hunt called just now and said that Mrs. Hunt still hasn't woken up. He asked you to give him a call once you wake up."

Nora was rendered speechless.

Here she was, thinking that something terrible had really happened.

She called Justin. When the call connected, the man's low and deep voice was as if a musical instrument striking her eardrums. He said, "Miss Smith, my grandmother still hasn't woken up."

"Sorry," Nora coughed and said, "I forgot to tell you yesterday that the patient is too weak, so she'll only regain consciousness this weekend."

It was indeed her mistake not to inform the patient's family about the details.

Justin fell silent for a moment.

Nora thought of the dispute that had taken place in the hallway when she was busy checking the old lady's condition the day before, and she asked, "Will it cause you any trouble?"

"Those are just trivial matters." Justin paused. Then, he suddenly asked, "Don't you have to come over and take a look today, Miss Smith?"

Nora asked straightforwardly, "Is your son in the hospital?"

"…No, he isn't."

Nora immediately replied, "Oh. It's pointless even if I go over. It's fine as long as the patient's vitals are all normal. I trust that the doctors in Hospital Finest would be more professional than me when it comes to nursing care."

Hospital Finest was directly affiliated with the number one family. The family was strong and powerful, and the wages and work benefits they offered were extremely attractive. 40% of the renowned experts in the country were working in Hospital Finest.


In the hospital, Justin looked through the glass window on the door at the old lady in the ICU ward. His lips were pursed tightly and there was a bit of doubt in his eyes.

Why had she asked about his son first? It was as if she would have come over, had Pete been here.

Justin had a dark and sullen look on his countenance after he hung up.

When Howard noticed his expression, he asked hesitantly, "Is Grandaunt alright, Justin?"

Justin snorted and replied, "She's fine."

Howard nodded. Although he hated Pete and felt that he wasn't worthy of being Justin's son, in his heart, Howard still hoped that his grandaunt would wake up earlier.

Suddenly, he noticed that Justin was frowning as if he was thinking about the biggest problem in the world. After a short internal struggle, Justin finally looked at him and asked, "What might be the reason behind a woman showing great interest in Pete?"

Howard answered, "It must definitely be because she wants to marry you and be his stepmother!"

A hesitant Justin asked, "But what if she's very cold and distant toward me?"

Howard scratched his head. Then, the brawny but simple-minded man grinned and said, "Uh… Surely she isn't thinking of becoming your daughter-in-law? Even though Pete isn't strong enough, he's inherited your good features. He won't starve to death if he becomes someone's pretty boy in the future."


Seeing the cold look almost capable of freezing someone in Justin's eyes, Howard rubbed his nose and asked carefully, "Justin, if you're free today, can you take me to the Quinn School of Martial Arts?"

Justin turned and walked out.

Howard followed after him and asked, "Where are you going, Justin?"

"To pick up Pete and go to the Quinn School of Martial Arts."

At the Andersons.

After Nora hung up, she opened her email inbox and saw an investigation report and message that Solo had sent:

"Anti, Justin is surprisingly easy to investigate. Hacking into his computer was a walk in the park. I've attached a document with all his information from his childhood to the present. His everyday whereabouts are listed clearly. There's something very strange, though. Apart from his son's name—Peter Hunt—everything else about him is securely hidden. I couldn't find anything at all."

Nora was rendered speechless.

She opened the file and looked up the month when she had gotten inexplicably pregnant five years ago, only to find that Justin hadn't been to California at that time.

She closed her mailbox somewhat disappointedly.

Was what happened yesterday really just an illusion?

No, she had to find a way to meet Justin's son.

She knew it sounded rather crazy, but after five years of fruitless searching, she didn't want to pass up any possibilities.

"Mommy! Didn't you say that you're taking me to Grandpa Quinn's today?" Cherry, who was wearing a princess dress, ran into the room.

Nora saw the text messages that Quinn had sent early in the morning. She knew that the old man was probably all out of patience by now, yet he still didn't call her for the fear that he would end up disturbing her.

That was exactly the kind of person Quinn was. On the surface, he seemed like a cheeky old man who scolded her for being lazy and sleeping every day, yet he was also afraid of disturbing her rest.

The corners of Nora's lips curled upward slightly and she made a video call to Quinn.

Quinn picked up almost right away. He reprimanded her loudly, "Are you a pig? How can you sleep until this time of the day? It's already afternoon! If I had known that's how you were going to be, I would have sent someone to pick up Cherry long ago!"

Nora ignored him. Instead, she pointed the phone camera at Cherry.

When they were abroad, they had often made video calls to each other. Cherry waved and said adorably, "Grandpa Quinn, Mommy and I will visit you right away!"

"Good, good." Quinn stroked his gray beard and said, "Let's hang up and stop wasting time then. Hurry over now!"

Nora took Cherry with her and went downstairs. After greeting Melissa and chatting a little with the elderly Mrs. Anderson, she learned that Simon would be discharged in another two days. After that, she took the Andersons' car and went to the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Half an hour later, at the Quinn School of Martial Arts entrance.

Justin stood there with his hands behind his back as he looked at the ancient gates. The words "Quinn's Martial Arts Hall" were written on the signboard above.

Howard, who was standing behind him, glanced at Pete with disdain.

Pete had a straight face on and resembled Justin quite a bit when he mimicked him.

But no matter how hard he tried to mimic him, he was still nothing but a little good-for-nothing. Howard had heard that not only was he mentally ill, but his grades had even dropped again and again in the exams held by the Hunts.

In their generation, Justin had always been far ahead in the lead!

Would Mr. Quinn even take an interest in someone like him?

He curled his lip. When he heard footsteps coming toward them, he hurriedly stood up straight.

Quinn came out with his hands behind his back. He didn't look very happy to see Justin. He asked, "What are you doing here? Is Irvin dead yet?"

Justin bowed respectfully and replied, "Mr. Quinn, I'm not here by my teacher's request this time. Rather, I'd like you to take my son as your disciple."

Quinn curled his lip and scoffed, "I'm not interested in your son at al—"

He had only just said that when he became instantly stunned upon spotting Pete. He exclaimed, "Cherry?!"