She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 406: DNA Sample

Chapter 406: DNA Sample

Chapter 406: DNA Sample

After the staff finished speaking, Mia reached out and grabbed her clothes. She asked timidly, "Ms. Turner, is this okay?"

Tanya looked at her. For some reason, she did not explain. She just smiled. "…Okay."

Mia was excited to see that she didn't reject her.

Joel stared at them from the side. His eyes were calm, but the smile in his eyes was more warm and sincere than before.


A photo of the family of three was taken. The staff took the photo and stood up, handing it over.

On the carousel, Tanya sat in front with Mia in her arms while Joel sat in the back. The three of them looked very beautiful.

The staff said politely, "Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, the two of you are so loving. Little Miss Smith is also so cute. Your family of three is really fortunate."

Tanya looked at the staff awkwardly and was about to explain when Joel suddenly took out his wallet and handed some notes to the service staff. "You're a smooth-talker, feel free to say more."

The service staff took the tip. It was a thick stack and there were at least a few hundred dollars. He was instantly delighted and immediately said, "It's not that I'm a smooth-talker, I'm actually very bad at talking. It's just that I'm good at telling the truth! Mr. Smith, there's a bumper car over there. Do you want to bring Mrs. Smith and Little Miss there to play?"


Joel picked Mia up and held Tanya with his other hand as they walked toward the bumper car.

Tanya followed. She did not even have a chance to explain the entire time and could only accept the title of Mrs. Smith!

They had fun the entire day. Even though they only started in the afternoon, they still played all the games they wanted until sunset.

At night, the group ate dinner at the amusement park and watched the fireworks performance.

There was no vast crowd. The moment the fireworks bloomed, the three children gathered together and ran across the lawn of the viewing area, screaming with amazement.


"So beautiful!"

"It's so bright!"

Nora and Justin sat on the ground. When they looked up at the fireworks, Nora was a little stunned.

Actually, coming to the amusement park to play was a very boring thing for her.

No matter how exciting those games were, would they be as thrilling as riding a race car?

She was just accompanying the two children to play something boring. Seeing that they were happy, she endured it.

Time was actually the most precious thing to her.

As she spent most of her time sleeping, she preferred to finish all her tasks while she was awake.

However, as she sat there and watched the fireworks rise into the sky, and felt the breathing and company of the man beside her, she felt for the first time that it did not seem so bad to waste so much time.

On the other side, Joel and Tanya were following behind the three children. As they walked, Joel suddenly reached out and held Tanya's hand.

Tanya wanted to struggle, but the man's hand was too warm and she could not break free at all. She gave up and let Joel hold her hand.

The three children ran in front and occasionally turned back to see this scene. Cherry widened her eyes and said in disbelief, "God-mom, are you dating Uncle Joel?"

Tanya: "!!"

Her expression instantly turned cold. "Silly Cherry, what are you talking about?!"

Mia was shocked. "Cherry, don't talk to Ms. Turner like that. She'll be angry!"

Tanya didn't expect to have scared Mia. Just as she was about to comfort her and tell her that she wasn't angry, she saw Mia look at Joel. "Daddy, hurry up and kiss Ms. Turner. Kiss her and she'll be happy!"

Tanya: "!!!"

Her face turned red.

The man beside her chuckled softly, his voice rich and gentle. "Tanya, I only wish for time to stop. How good would it be if we could stay here forever?"

Tanya did not say anything, but Joel suddenly held her hand.

Happy days were always short. Soon, it was 8 PM. The sky had completely darkened, and they were going home.

Tanya's home was not in the same direction as the Smiths and Hunts, so they discussed and decided to let Joel take her home.

Mia was brought back by Justin with Pete.

When they separated at the door, Nora suddenly shouted, "Tanya."

Tanya, who was about to get into the car with Joel, stopped and turned to look at her. "What's wrong?"

Nora stretched out her arm. "Give me a hug?"

Tanya: "???"

The corners of her lips twitched. "It's not like I won't see you anymore. Why are you hugging me? Are you crazy? I'm not so affectionate with you!"

Nora did not care. She walked over and hugged her. "Don't you know that you might have to call me sister-in-law the next time we hug?"

Tanya: "!!!"

She turned around angrily and walked back to the car. However, she had only taken a few steps when she held her head with a cry.

Nora shrugged. "I'm sorry… Two strands of your hair were caught on my ring."

The corners of Tanya's mouth twitched. "I knew I shouldn't have given you such a pretentious hug. You made me lose two strands of hair!"

Nora retorted, "Don't worry. I'll be responsible if you become bald."

Tanya: "Pui, pui, pui! Don't you know how to talk? I have a lot of hair. How can I be bald?!"

With that, she got into Joel's car.

After the car left, Nora looked at the hair on her fingers. She raised her eyebrows and took out a bag, carefully putting the hair in it.

As soon as she was done, she met Justin's teasing eyes. He seemed to have seen through everything as his gaze swept past the hair in her hand before he said, "Nora, I didn't expect you to be so naughty."

Nora ignored him and placed the bag in her pocket. She lowered her head and gave Pete a look.

Pete nodded and gave her an "okay."

They got into the van and went home.

In the car, Pete suddenly said, "Let's play a game!"

After playing for the entire day, Mia and Cherry, who were already a little sleepy, looked at him excitedly. "What are we playing?"

Pete took out a cotton bud. "I'm playing house. I'm a doctor."

Cherry secretly said to Mia, "…Pete is so childish~ I stopped playing house when I was three!"

Mia said softly, "But this is the first time Pete has made such a request. Let's play along, okay? Otherwise, he'll be unhappy."

Cherry reluctantly said, "Alright!"

Therefore, the three children, who were slightly smarter than ordinary people, began playing house.

Pete said to Mia, "Mia, open your mouth. I want to take your saliva sample~"

Mia opened her mouth cooperatively.

Pete stirred the cotton bud and handed it to Nora. "It's done!"