She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 405: Your Daughter Looks So Much Like You!

Chapter 405: Your Daughter Looks So Much Like You!

Chapter 405: Your Daughter Looks So Much Like You!

Joel did not understand why she would suddenly ask this, but he still said, "Type A."

Tanya was also an A.

Nora narrowed her eyes and asked again, "What about Hillary?"

Hearing her mention Hillary, Joel subconsciously looked at Tanya, who was following behind her. Seeing that Tanya was indeed frowning and seemed a little unhappy, Joel carefully replied, "Type AB."


Nora replied, but she was guessing in her heart. Joel had Type O blood while Hillary had Type AB blood. Therefore, there was a chance that Mia had Type A blood.

From this, she could not confirm her guess.

Indeed, she still had to do a DNA test.

With this in mind, she glanced at Tanya.

She did not tell Tanya about this immediately.

After all, over the years, they had been looking for her child together. She knew that it was devastating for any hope to be destroyed.

When she did the DNA report, if Mia was not Tanya's child, she would not mention it at all. However, if she was Tanya's daughter, everything would be fine.

With this thought in mind, she asked, "Shall we set off?"

"There's no rush."

Before Joel could speak, Justin said slowly, "Eat something before you leave. You've slept for so long. You should avoid getting low blood sugar."

Everyone was speechless.

Nora casually picked up a piece of chocolate. "No need. Let's go."

Nora was a little embarrassed to have the three children and three adults wait for her here.

Actually, she had set an alarm before she went to bed last night. After all, she was going out with them today. Thinking of this, she took out her phone and was about to see why the alarm didn't ring when she heard Pete say, "Mommy, the tyrant… Daddy asked me to turn off your alarm. He said that you'll only have the energy to play after you sleep enough."


Nora's lips twitched. She really could not be blamed.

There were too many people in the group, so everyone got into the huge van that the Hunts had driven over.

The van had three rows of seats. The most comfortable seats were definitely the two single chairs in the second row. The third and fourth rows fit the adults and their children well.

Joel glanced at Tanya and pointed at the single seat in the second row. "Sit here."

Mia was Joel's daughter. He was already very happy that Tanya could go out with them. He definitely wouldn't trouble Tanya to help take care of Mia.

Tanya nodded.

Then, Justin pointed at the single seat in the second row and said to Nora, "Sit here too."

He brought Pete and Cherry to sit at the back.

Therefore… a strange arrangement was made.

The two all-powerful men in New York had given up their seats for the two women, but they were sitting at the back as full-time nannies.

When the driver saw this, he was frightened.

He had never seen Mr. Hunt sitting in the back row! That was reserved for assistants and bodyguards!

Then, he looked at the two women sitting in the second row… After Nora got into the car, she ate a mouthful of chocolate sleepily and leaned against the window, looking very relaxed.

Tanya did not feel that there was anything wrong with sitting there like this. She also did not feel that there was anything wrong with letting the two men look after the children. She was still whispering to Nora.

The driver was speechless.

The corners of his mouth twitched. He did not expect Mr. Hunt and Mr. Smith to spoil their girlfriends so much!

The car started and drove to the amusement park.

Tanya and Nora were whispering about what they were going to play later. The two men in the backseat were also chatting harmoniously.

Joel asked, "Pete's identity and appearance have always been kept a secret. Don't tell me you're going to the amusement park today with a mask on?"

"There's no need," Justin said. "The amusement park was cleared today."

Only then did Joel suddenly realize that the Hunts owned the largest amusement park in New York!

He nodded. "Yes, we won't be disturbed like this."

He asked mischievously, "But Mr. Hunt, you didn't bring your 18 bodyguards with you today? That's not your style."

Justin smiled brightly, and the mole at the corner of his eye shone. His words had a hint of submission. "They're hiding in the dark. After all, we have two children with us. No one can take the risk lest there be an accident. Mr. Smith, you understand, right?"

With that, he looked behind the car. "After all, there are already seven or eight people in the two cars behind us, right?"

Joel said slowly, "I'm not afraid of anything. It's improbable for there to be any big scene outside. These seven or eight people are all here to protect Nora."

His meaning was clear. Nora had a high status in the Smiths!

The group went straight to the amusement park. Justin seemed to have long known that Nora would not be able to get up on time, so the van stopped at the restaurant inside the amusement park.

Justin explained, "Let's have lunch first before we go to play."

Joel replied, "That's what I was thinking."

Nora had not eaten breakfast. Moreover, it was already noon. How could she not eat?

The group entered the restaurant.

The amusement park was cleared of people, and there were no tourists in the restaurant either. They watched the amusement park facilities outside as they ate in the lobby.

When the food arrived, Nora subconsciously picked up her chopsticks and planned to eat in big bites, but Justin stopped her.

He said, "Eat slowly."

Nora was about to retort when Justin spoke again. "Be a good role model for the children."

Nora felt that it was really troublesome. However, when she met the gazes of the three children, she could only say, "…Alright."

After lunch, they went to the amusement park.

There was no need to queue up. They could do whatever they wanted.

Nora liked exciting things. She went on roller coasters, trapezes, and other thrilling rides. Cherry, Pete, and Justin accompanied her throughout.

However, Mia was timid and did not dare to play.

Tanya saw that she was too timid to reject and said, "I'm afraid of heights, so I won't play. Mia, will you accompany me?"

Mia heaved a sigh of relief and immediately held Tanya's hand tightly. "Okay."

So, the people split into two groups to play.

Watching Tanya and Mia leave, Nora suddenly said to Pete, "Pete, I'll give you a mission."

Pete asked in confusion, "What?"

Nora said, "Find an opportunity to help me collect some of Mia's DNA samples."

Pete did not ask why and directly replied, "No problem."

On the other hand, Tanya had brought Mia to the carousel. Joel also accompanied them. After the three of them got on the carousel, the staff beside them raised their cameras and took photos of them.

"Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, look over here!"

"Mrs. Smith, please hug your daughter!"


Tanya was stunned. She looked down at Mia in her arms and was about to explain when the staff looked at the camera and sighed. "Mrs. Smith, your daughter really looks like you!"