She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 374 - The Villain Slings An Accusation First?

Chapter 374 - The Villain Slings An Accusation First?

Chapter 374: The Villain Slings An Accusation First?


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Cord blood?

Nora was slightly taken aback to hear that. She said, “My cord blood is still around?”

Lisa nodded. “Yes. Mom says that back then, when Aunt Yvette… when your mom gave birth to you, she had insisted on banking your cord blood. To be honest, this wasn’t a popular practice in the country at that time and wasn’t widely promoted in hospitals, either, so it was very expensive. However, she was very stubborn about it and said that you would need it in the future. Mom had said that you definitely won’t, so she mustn’t say that…”

Lisa had also been a little surprised when she heard about it from Irene.

Banking cord blood was just a sort of insurance. Nobody would wish for it to come into use.

After all, once one needed it, it would mean that they had blood disorders.

So, how could Nora’s mother say such a thing back then?

While she was thinking about it, she saw Nora’s eyes brighten. The woman’s lips slowly curled into a smile and she said, “What a coincidence. I just so happen to need it.”

Lisa: “?”

She was stunned. Suddenly, her eyes reddened and she said, “Nora, could it be that you… you…”

No wonder Nora had lost so much weight and was always so lethargic. On top of that, she wasn’t in good spirits and was so pale that it looked as if all the blood had drained from her face. Did she have a blood disorder?

While her imagination was running wild, Nora said, “I’m not sick. I just need it for something, that’s all.”

Lisa: “??”

Before she could figure it out, Nora had already picked up her cell phone and called Lily. She asked, “Where are you?”

Lily replied, “I’m arranging your operation schedule. There are a few that I can do, so I’ve fended them off for you. What’s up?”

Nora said, “… Find some time to go to California. Go to the hospital and take my cord blood from the cord blood bank, and then do another DNA test.”

“?? You actually still have your cord blood? My god, your mother is so amazing. Did she expect that you’ll need it?”

Nora narrowed her eyes. “Perhaps.”

Otherwise, why would Yvette insist on banking her cord blood back then?

These days, she kept feeling like there was a purpose behind all her mother’s arrangements.

She couldn’t help but think of what Morris had said in the police station. Was her mother really involved with the so-called ‘mysterious organization’? And even participated in their human experiments?

The look in Nora’s eyes turned a little cold at the thought, and even her tone became a little impatient. She said, “Go as soon as you can.”

Lily, who heard the change in her emotions, was so scared that she didn’t dare to say any more. She immediately replied respectfully, “Okay, I will leave for California right away. I’ll be able to produce the newest DNA test results by tomorrow at the latest.”


Nora hung up. She rubbed her temples and suppressed her irritability. Then, she looked at Lisa. She was about to speak when a voice suddenly reached them.

“Nora! You’re awake? Oh, Nora’s little cousin! You’re here again!”

She and Lisa turned in unison to see Louis walking in from outside.

His blond hair was exceptionally glaring. His eyes on his handsome face lit up a little at the sight of Lisa.

As for Lisa, she reacted like a mouse that had just seen a cat and didn’t even dare to look straight at him. She looked at Nora as if she was complaining and said, “Nora, d-didn’t you say that he won’t be here?”

Nora: “?”

Before she could speak, Louis had come up to them. He said, “Yeah, I originally wasn’t planning to come back tonight, either. But Lucy called me and said that Nora was asking whether I would be home tonight, so I turned down Chester when he asked me out and specially came back!”

Lisa: “!!”

Nora: “!!!!”

Nora wanted to say something, but Lisa had already jumped up and said, “Nora, I… I suddenly remembered that I have a paper that I need to write. It’s very urgent, so I’m leaving first! Mom was very worried about you, but now that I see that you’re doing well, both Mom and I will be relieved!”

Then, she turned and fled toward the door. “Tell us if someone bullies you. I’ll leave first!”

Nora: “…”

She was planning to have a chat with Lisa that night, but unexpectedly, she had left just like that?

She stepped forward, intending to see her off. But as soon as she did, Louis said enthusiastically, “You don’t have to lower yourself to do something like that. Let me do it! I’ll see her off!”

After saying that, he chased after Lisa and said, “Nora’s little cousin, shall I drive you back to school?”

Lisa’s voice traveled over after that. “N-no, you don’t have to.”

“You don’t have to stand on ceremony! C’mon, get in the car.”

“We’re not that familiar with each other. I’ll just hail a cab. Thanks.”

Louis’s annoying voice traveled over. “Why wouldn’t we be familiar with each other? You took my first kiss, you know!”

Panic entered Lisa’s voice. “W-what nonsense are you saying? Stop that!”

Louis laughed and said, “No, I can’t. I have something to ask you. Will you get in the car and we can talk while we drive there, or shall I ask you right here while you hail a cab?”

“You, you, you…” Lisa stuttered forever but still got in the car silently in the end. Shortly after, the sound of the engine being started up rang out, and they left.

Nora, who had listened to their affairs in the living room for a while: “…”

Just what exactly did Louis do to Lisa the night before?!

She shook her head and went upstairs.

After thinking about it, she still decided to knock on Maureen’s door in the end.

Maureen’s eyes were still red when she opened the door. Obviously, she had been crying. Nora was about to say a few words to comfort her when Maureen gave her a wry smile and said, “Say, Nora, do you think everything will be fine if Warren and I move out?”

Although Warren loved and respected Ian like a father, and although Warren and Joel got along very well, Maureen really couldn’t stand it here anymore, after being bullied by Yvonne again and again.

It wasn’t like her family was poor, either, so why should she let someone else bully her here?

Nora wanted to say something, but Maureen said, “Never mind, ignore what I said. Warren and Joel are so close. Neither would Brandon want to leave Mia… I can’t do something like that just for myself…”

Nora fell silent.

Warren came back at this point.

He was carrying a matcha cake. As soon as he went up the stairs, he said, “Oh, Nora is here too? I just so happened to buy a matcha cake. It’s Maureen’s favorite. You guys can eat it together… Dear, what’s wrong? Why are your eyes red?”

Maureen turned away. Then, she forced a smile and said, “It’s nothing. Something got in my eyes…”

Warren went up to her and circled around her. “What got into your eyes? What’s the matter? Did someone bully you?”

As soon as he said that, Maureen’s eyes immediately reddened.

She was about to say something when Yvonne opened the door and came out. She sighed and said, “It’s just a dress, Maureen. If you like it that much, then I’ll just let you have it, okay?”

She lowered her head and her eyes reddened. “Joel has already confiscated my rights to manage the house anyway.. I don’t have a place in this family anymore.”