She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 373 - Nora, Your Cord Blood Still Exists

Chapter 373 - Nora, Your Cord Blood Still Exists

Chapter 373: Nora, Your Cord Blood Still Exists

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Yvonne sounded just like she was giving someone orders.

This stunned the manager for a moment, but it seemed like he was already accustomed to the atmosphere among the Smiths, so he subconsciously replied, “Okay, Ms. Yvonne.”

But after he did, even he himself was dumbfounded.

Maureen and Nora were also taken aback.

Both of them looked at Yvonne.

Maureen said shrilly, “D-didn’t you not want that dress? Isn’t that why you recommended it to Nora?”

Yvonne lowered her gaze and said with a smile, “You may have misunderstood, Maureen. I’ve always liked red dresses. It’s not like you don’t know that. I just thought the dress suited Nora very much today, so I wanted to let her have it. But since she doesn’t want it, shouldn’t we pick the clothes in accordance with the order?”

Maureen immediately flushed.

She really liked the dress very much because it had the nicest design out of all the styles she had seen in recent years!

She had indeed wanted to let Nora have it just now, too. After all, she had only just returned to the Smiths, so she didn’t look like she had any appropriate clothes.

But Nora had unexpectedly given it to her instead. That was why she had accepted it.

How did something that was supposed to already be in the bag disappear just like that?

An upset Maureen looked at Yvonne again.

She was aggressive, and there was none of the pretenses and hypocrisy she used to have on her face right now. It seemed like something had triggered her, and even her facial expression looked a little savage. She had the words ‘I just want to make you unhappy’ blatantly written all over her face!

Maureen’s temper got the better of her and she started to argue. She said, “What’s the meaning of this, Yvonne? Are you targeting me on purpose?”

Yvonne kept her expression under control and said, “How am I targeting you, Maureen? You’re obviously the one fighting with me over the clothes, aren’t you?”

Maureen: “?”

She yelled furiously, “Just who exactly is fighting with whom? Let’s make things clear today! I have been married to Warren for seven years. There are four seasons a year, so this is the 28th time I’m picking clothes now. When have I ever not given in to you?! But what about you? All the red dresses you chose have all become moldy in your closet, haven’t they? How many times have you ever worn red clothes? You clearly know that red is my favorite color! The way I see it, you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?”

With a smile on her face, Yvonne said smugly, “I told you, Maureen. I like red, too.”

As soon as she said that, Nora interrupted her indifferently and said, “But red doesn’t suit you. Your looks are too tame to pull off the color.”

Yvonne’s looks were ladylike and delicate.

However, long red dresses usually needed to be matched with bright and vivid looks.

This was something that everyone knew, but no one had ever said it to her face!

For a moment there, Yvonne flushed bright red!

She looked at Nora furiously, and then at Maureen. She became so angry that she didn’t bother putting on a pretense anymore. She yelled, “I can just like collecting red clothes, can’t I?

“So what even if I don’t wear them and put them all in the closet?

“As the eldest daughter of the Smiths, surely I have the right to be a little willful, right?”

Nora: “!!”

Maureen: “!!!”

The two looked at each other. Neither of them had expected Yvonne to actually fall out with them openly. Also, she looked just like a shrew at the moment.

Maureen frowned and warned, “Don’t go too far, Yvonne!”

Yvonne scoffed, “Am I the one who shouldn’t go too far, or is it someone else who should practice some self-awareness as an outsider living under someone else’s roof? Maureen, do you really think you’re one of the masters of the household just because you and Warren are living here? The Smiths have already parted ways and formed their own families long ago! My dad is the real master of the Smiths! You’re all just people who have left the main family! All of you are just! Taking! Up! Temporary! Residence! Here!”

She deliberately emphasized ‘temporary’, making Maureen flush.

Lucy couldn’t bear to listen anymore. She said, “Ms. Yvonne, we’re all family. Why go so far? Besides, Mr. Warren and Mr. Joel are very close!”

Warren lived in the manor because he got along well with Joel, and felt that this was his home.

Yvonne looked at her viciously. “Do I have to do what you say or get Joel’s permission when I’m ordering clothes in my own home? Am I the one disregarding familial ties, or is she the one who’s being ungrateful?!

“Dad isn’t dead yet, yet all of you already dare to act like you’re the masters of the house, and step beyond your boundaries as a servant and slight me? Seems like I should get someone to have a good talk with the people at our ancestral home!”

The arrogant woman’s words became more and more awful. She said, “Joel isn’t Dad’s adopted son, either. I’m Dad’s one and only lawful daughter! All of you are bullying me because Dad is sick, so no one can defend me, right?”

Lucy was rendered speechless by her.

Yvonne, however, dragged her to the door and said, “Since that’s the case, you can come with me to our ancestral home! Let’s go to my granduncles there and see what they say about this!”

Lucy immediately pleaded for mercy. “Spare me, Ms. Yvonne! I was wrong!”

Should they really go to the ancestral home, wouldn’t everyone say that Joel was being disrespectful to his elders?!

He was the successor that Ian had chosen, yet as soon as Ian fell into a coma, he started to bully and oppress his daughter?

Lucy didn’t care whether it was embarrassing for her or not. She tried to appease Yvonne and said, “Ms. Yvonne, this matter isn’t that serious. It’s just a piece of clothing, isn’t it…?”

She looked at Maureen for help after she spoke.

Lucy had watched both Joel and Warren grow up, and was especially close with both brothers. Thus, she also got along well with Maureen.

Maureen didn’t have the heart to implicate an old-time servant who had been serving the family for so long just because of this.

She suppressed her grievances and said, “Fine, I’ll let you have the dress!”

After saying that, she turned and went straight upstairs while saying, “I won’t order anything this year.”

She could buy ready-made clothes even if she didn’t custom-make anything anyway, so why should she let others bully her here?

Satisfied, Yvonne sat on the main sofa. Then, without looking at Nora, she said to the manager, “I want this, this, this… and also this. Make them all in my size.”

“… Yes, ma’am,” said the manager.

After ordering the clothes, Yvonne turned and went upstairs. When she passed by Nora, she said, “This is my father’s home, after all.”

Nora: “…”

She had also lost interest in choosing clothes, so she waved and sent the manager out.

There was no one left in the living room. In this instant, she finally understood all those things that Maureen had said previously, and also finally understood how much injustice she had suffered over the years.

While she was thinking about it, Lucy led Lisa in and said, “Ms. Nora, your cousin is here.”

Nora put her thoughts away and stood up.

Lisa had already rushed straight up to her. She took her hand and said, “At last, Nora!”

Nora smiled at her.

Lisa looked at her carefully. It was only when she found that she hadn’t suffered any injustice that she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she smiled and said, “By the way, my mom wants me to pass you a message.. She says that your cord blood is still in the cord blood bank in the hospital.”