She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 271 - How Can You Get Violent?

Chapter 271 - How Can You Get Violent?

Chapter 271 - How Can You Get Violent?

"What is Mr. Hunt doing, Ms. Smith? It doesn't look like there's anyone he'll talk to over there, right?"


While Yvonne was watching, someone asked curiously,

"The people there are all young rich good-for-nothings totally different from Mr. Hunt. Why would he go there…?"

"Is it because he thinks their behavior is too inappropriate?"

"That must be it. What kind of place do they think this is? That group of good-for-nothings and that woman should look at where they are first before they hook up with one another! Mr. Hunt values his grandmother the most. He must have become angry!"


Nora was completely unaware that she had become the focus of the women's discussion.

She merely watched the men swarming toward her and raised her eyebrows, feeling like something wasn't quite right.

No matter how frivolous they were, they weren't people who didn't take time and place into consideration, so why were they doing this to her? Moreover, her belief was that she did have a rather powerful aura around her. Lily always said she was an impressive person, and just a glare from her was enough to scare Lily. When she was abroad, all the men had also kept their distance from her despite her good looks, so why would such a thing happen the moment she returned to the States?

She narrowed her eyes.

Next to her were also people trying to talk to her.

"Do you know who I am, Ms. Smith? If you have time, I think we can have a chat…"

"I met you first, Ms. Smith. Even if we are to line up to chat with you, shouldn't I be the first?"

"Do you like Hermès, Ms. Smith? Shall I take you to Hermès for some shopping?"

"Hermès is so tacky! I have a villa in the suburbs. Shall I take you to visit it?"

Their speech became more and more explicit. Even Sheril and Melissa frowned when they heard them. Why did they look like rich young men lavishing attention on and flattering a famous courtesan?!

They were looking down on Nora too much!

Melissa reprimanded them. "Which families are you children from?! Stop fooling about!"

However, they instead laughed and said jokingly, "We aren't fooling about. I meant what I said… You're the Andersons, right? How about letting Ms. Smith have dinner with me so that we can discuss a partnership between our hospital and Harmonia Pharmacy?"

"Ms. Smith seemed unwell, so I wanted to help. Which part of what I'm doing looks like I'm fooling about…"

Sheril was so mad that even her cheeks had turned red. "All of you are too much! Nora doesn't need your help! She doesn't even want to pay any attention to any of you at all, so please step aside! We are going to rest!"

"You're not the one who decides whether your cousin Nora wants to pay any attention to us or not. It only counts if she says it…"

"That's right. Ms. Smith, although you already have a child, I don't mind at all. After all, young but mature women are more charming…"


The look in Nora's eyes turned cold, and anger roiled in her cat-like eyes.

If it weren't because this was Mrs. Hunt's birthday party, she would have beat them up a long time ago, yet they were actually pushing their luck this far?

In that case, they couldn't blame her for what came next.

She lowered her head and flexed her wrists. Then, she said to the masked Cherry, "Go to the side."

Her four words alone made Cherry step back in silence. She hid behind Melissa with practiced movements and hugged her leg.

"Don't be scared, Cherry…" said Melissa.

Cherry replied in her adorable voice, "I'm not scared, Grand-Aunt. I just think it's so pitiful…"

Melissa's eyes reddened. "It's okay, your mother is not pitiful. She still has us, we won't let anyone bully or humiliate her!"

Cherry: "?"

She blinked her big dark eyes and said, "What I meant was that those people are so pitiful. To think they are blind enough to offend Mommy. Mommy is really angry now, and the consequences are serious when that happens!"

Melissa: "?"

As soon as she said that, a shadow flashed across in front of her.

Nora had already suddenly thrown a punch at the face of the man closest to her, who was also the one who had said the most awful things out of the lot!

Melissa: "!!"

Sheril was also dumbfounded.

The man who had been punched was even more dumbstruck. He had never expected the other party to suddenly attack while they were still talking.

However, just as Nora's fist was about to connect with the man's face, a large and strong hand suddenly reached over and grabbed her fist, stopping her movements.

The very next moment, a low and deep voice reached them. "You're not allowed to hit him."

That voice…

Everyone turned their heads in unison to see Justin standing beside Nora. He was holding Nora's hand, thereby stopping her actions.

Everyone: "??"

Everyone in the entire party hall looked over.

The man who had almost been hit immediately said, "It's fortunate that you came here in time, Mr. Hunt. Otherwise, I would have been beaten up! How can a great beauty like you hit someone?"

The others also echoed him.

"Yeah, what kind of occasion do you think this is? How can you hit him?"

"All he did was say a few words. Aren't you being too crass if you get violent?!"

"That woman is too savage, Mr. Hunt! Her behavior is outrageous!"

In the distance.

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief at the sight.

As expected, Justin had become angry.

That woman sure was stupid, though. Even though they were in public, instead of trying to defuse the situation, she actually had the guts to get violent?

A woman like her wasn't fit to be seen in public!

Rachel couldn't even hide the gloating look on her face. She said, "Did you see that? I told you, women from small places are just too reckless. She's offended Mr. Hunt!"

Their friends also said very cooperatively, "Exactly. This is Mrs. Hunt's birthday party, how can she get violent?"

"Here I was, thinking that she was some kind of impressive person because she's wearing the Blue Enchantress. I didn't expect her to actually behave in such a low-class manner!"

"A gentleman resolves problems through words instead of violence. Doesn't she have even the most basic common sense?"

Justin's actions also shocked Sheril and Melissa. Melissa frowned and defended Nora. She said, "They were the ones who provoked Nora first, Justin."

Sheril nodded.

Cherry also nodded repeatedly.

But unexpectedly, as soon as she said that, Justin said sternly, "Even so, she's still not allowed to hit anyone."

Melissa: "??"

She was a little angry.

She didn't expect that in order to prevent an embarrassing situation, Justin actually didn't even care that Nora had suffered injustice.

The man who had almost been hit became even more triumphant. He said, "That's right! If you're unhappy, then we can just talk about it. What is the meaning of resorting to violence? You're too much!"

He looked at Justin again. "It's okay, though, Mr. Hunt. I'll let the matter pass as long as she apologizes to me. I won't hold it against her…"

It was only after he spoke that he realized that Justin wasn't looking at him at all. Instead, he was looking at Nora.

Nora's brows were raised. She asked with a hint of displeasure, "Why can't I hit him?"

That woman was actually countering with a question of her own?

The man immediately sneered, "Because you should see where you are…"

It was a shame that before he could finish, Justin had already said, "Because force goes both ways. What if it hurts your hand?"

Everyone: "????"