She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 270 - The Strongest Socialite?

Chapter 270 - The Strongest Socialite?

Chapter 270 - The Strongest Socialite?

Justin was a key figure. Although his appearance had come out of the blue, he nevertheless attracted everyone's attention.

Everyone looked at him.

Yvonne's eyes lit up the moment her gaze landed on him.

Justin was undoubtedly the most attractive man in New York. He was also the goal that she had set for herself ever since she was a child. The reason why she had never had a boyfriend all these years was that she had made strict demands of herself using what Justin's woman would do as a benchmark.

Even when news of him suddenly having a child reached the Smiths five years ago, she had only hidden herself in her room and secretly cried, but still forgave him in the end.

After all, men were all Casanovas that couldn't control their lower bodies.

She had also thought of treating the child well after she married Justin. An illegitimate child definitely wouldn't be able to inherit the Hunts, but she could still have hers and Justin's future son treat him a little better. Giving him a little more money and assets would also highlight how magnanimous she was.

But Justin's delay in going to the Smiths to propose marriage had made her a little anxious in recent years. After all, she was already 25 years old. The engagement, marriage, and other procedures would take at least two years. By then, she would be old!

Although Justin had already said that he wouldn't marry her when he was eighteen, he had still stayed single for so many years. In addition, the illegitimate child's mother had never once made an appearance, either. It was said that Justin disliked her so much that he never even once mentioned her.

Therefore, she believed that Justin must be waiting for his child to grow up first.

Was he worried that she would abuse his child?

Yvonne wasn't that kind of person, but she couldn't say that to Justin, so she could only continue to wait for him helplessly at the Smiths.

It was only at the annual parties that she could even take a few looks at him from a distance. Even when she went forward to say hi to him, his eyes never seemed to ever stay on her.

She was already the most outstanding woman in New York, though. If even she couldn't catch Justin's fancy, then it was impossible that anyone else could!

She stood where she was calmly. Her friends beside her were already exclaiming.

"It's Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith! Oh my goodness, is his sudden appearance in the party hall because of you?"

"Isn't that obvious? Of course, it's because of Ms. Smith! Do you think he'll show up because of you? Look, Mr. Hunt is coming over!"

"… Mr. Hunt is so handsome. Quick, go to him, Ms. Smith!"

Yvonne didn't speak, but her eyes were shining brighter and brighter.

She took a step forward and gazed at Justin with rosy cheeks. Then, the crowd watched as Justin walked past Yvonne and headed straight toward where Nora was a short distance away.

Yvonne's expression froze instantly.

She clenched her fists tightly.

Her friends were even more shocked.

"Where is Mr. Hunt going?"

"But Ms. Smith is here! Could it be that he isn't…"

Someone gave the woman speaking a push. Only then did she realize that she had said the wrong thing, and she hastily shut up. The rest said, "Mr. Hunt must have something he needs to do! There are simply too many people at the party today, so maybe he has some instructions he needs to give, or maybe he saw a business partner and is going over to say hi!"

"That's right. Situations like this aren't appropriate for romance, either. After all, work takes top priority…"

Their words made Yvonne bite her lip. But when she saw Justin going nearer and nearer to where Nora was, her heart suddenly sank.

Rachel knew that Nora was Justin's girlfriend, but she wasn't optimistic about the two of them. She leaned toward Yvonne and whispered, "I'm sure Mr. Hunt is just fooling around with Nora… Don't mind them."

Fooling around…

Yvonne clenched her fists, though she kept a calm and gentle look on her face. "Well, it has nothing to do with me."

"How can you not have anything to do with it?" Rachel kept trying to incite her. She said, "Considering Nora Smith's background and the fact that she got herself pregnant before marriage, there's absolutely no way Mr. Hunt would publicly admit that they are dating. It would be too embarrassing otherwise! They definitely won't get married! In fact, you only need to turn a blind eye, and the title of Mrs. Hunt will still be yours sooner or later, Ms. Smith!"

Turn a blind eye…

Not only must she tolerate him having a child, but she also had to tolerate him keeping a lover out there?

On top of that, apart from being a little more beautiful than most, that lover of his was utterly worthless!

Yvonne's expression turned even more awful.

Warren suddenly came over at this point. At the sight of her, he said cryptically, "You're here, Yvonne…"

A surprised Yvonne followed him to the side.

Warren lowered his voice and asked, "Why do you look kinda unhappy?"

His words made Yvonne glance at where Nora was again. She suddenly lowered her head and asked, "How did Nora Smith manage to borrow the Blue Enchantress, Warren?"

Warren was chagrined at her question. He replied, "Justin must have done it. That's the only way she could have borrowed the gown… If I had known, I would have asked Joel to do it instead!"

Yvonne bit her lip, and her eyes reddened.

Warren immediately asked, "What's the matter?"

Yvonne lowered her head. "We ran into each other at the hall entrance just now… She said that I'm not a real Smith…"

Her words immediately misled Warren. He asked incredulously, "She mocked you just because of a dress? What makes her think she can mock you like that? Even an adopted daughter of the Smiths is better than her! The Andersons have already fallen into decline a long time ago. Besides, she isn't even an Anderson because her last name is Smith… It's so off-putting how we have the same last name."

Yvonne didn't speak.

Warren sneered, "It's okay. Don't worry, I've already taken revenge for you!"

Yvonne was startled. "What?"

A smiling Warren said, "Why do you think so many rich second-generation heirs dared to hit on her so blatantly at a party like this?"

Yvonne was dumbfounded. When she turned and looked over again, she saw a few more people gathering around Nora.

No matter what, it was too inappropriate for a woman to be surrounded by several men trying to woo her, especially when the things they said were so explicit—or at least, that was how everyone saw it.

She asked in surprise, "You're the one behind it?"

Warren raised his chin triumphantly. "Well, not really. A whole group of people was attracted to her looks as soon as she came in. They were originally planning to ask about it discreetly, but I said that… she's a socialite."

Yvonne, "!!"

No wonder those men had the audacity to rush over so rudely!

Warren sneered, "They don't know that she is Justin's girlfriend. Neither can Justin acknowledge their relationship at an occasion like this, so he can only stew in silence and vent his anger on her now! Any man would be mad when their woman becomes involved with so many men in public, right?"

He raised his eyebrows. "Just wait and see. Mr. Hunt is definitely going over to deal with her. Who knows, he may even throw her out!"

Yvonne didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his words.. Yet, when she thought about it, it didn't seem entirely impossible, either. Her eyes lit up a little and she looked over…