She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 27 - Pete The Little Princess

Chapter 27 - Pete The Little Princess

Chapter 27 - Pete The Little Princess

The look in Nora's eyes instantly sharpened when she heard this.

A girl going out and returning in different clothes—now, this was no doubt something serious.

Seeing that Mommy had become suspicious, Pete looked at Mrs. Lewis calmly and replied, "No, I'm not. Did you remember wrongly?"

Mrs. Lewis hesitated when she saw how sure he was. "Really?"

"Uh-huh." Pete then changed the subject. He imitated Cherry's way of speaking and said, "Go to bed, Mommy. I'm gonna go play games too!"

Her daughter was behaving a little weirdly, but Nora was simply too sleepy. Even her mind was in a total daze. She nodded and said, "Alright."

She would settle the scores with Justin again after she woke up.

Abducting her daughter from her place without even so much as a greeting was absolutely intolerable.

This time, she slept straight until noon the next day.

When Nora woke up, she saw a text message from Lisa saying that her aunt was awake and that she wanted her to visit her together with Cherry if she was free.

Nora went to wash up first. But when she came out, she instead saw Mrs. Lewis having a staredown with her daughter again.

Mrs. Lewis, who was holding a beautiful princess dress, was trying to coax Cherry into wearing it. She said, "Why don't you wear this, Cherry? You're visiting your elders, so you have to be appropriately dressed."

Pete was expressionless as he stared at the pink puffy dress. "…"

He felt that he would probably die of embarrassment if he put on the dress!

Nora frowned and asked softly, "Can you tell Mommy why you don't want to wear a princess dress today, baby?"

Although Cherry had boys' clothing, deep down, she was actually a little princess. She loved dressing up the most whenever she had to visit her elders.

Seeing that Nora had become a little suspicious, Pete could only grit his teeth and take the dress from Mrs. Lewis.

Because it was autumn, the dress even came with a pair of white leggings.

Pete was lost for words.

He entered the bedroom, put on the dress with much difficulty, and came back out after that. When he saw Nora's satisfied expression, he heaved a silent sigh.

For the sake of their reunion as a family, he was really doing so much!

When she saw how her daughter looked as if she couldn't even walk properly anymore after not having worn a princess dress for so long, Nora decided to just pick her up. Then, she walked out.

When she entered the hallway, she subconsciously hid her daughter's face.

Nora's mother had passed away just a year after she was born. She left behind only her last words that forbade her from behaving in a way that showed off her abilities. She was to keep a low profile and be plain and mediocre until she gained the ability to protect herself. Otherwise, she would be in danger.

She didn't know what kind of danger her mother was referring to, but she had always followed her instructions. This led to her forming a habit of being cautious and staying low-key.

The two of them went downstairs and took a cab to the hospital. When they arrived, they went straight to the VIP ward.

Irene, who had bandages around her head, was already awake. A checkup in the hospital had shown that she didn't suffer any damage to the brain at all. The operation had practically gone perfectly.

The troubled looks on Lisa and Will's faces a few days ago had already disappeared, and they were elated to see her. Lisa even rushed up to them and hugged Pete. "Are you Cherry? You're so cute and pretty!"

Pete was lost for words.

Amidst all the joy and happiness in the ward, a hostile voice suddenly reached them. "Tsk, disappearing during the operation because you were afraid of being held responsible, and then returning like a good person once the operation went smoothly. Nora, you're very scheming, indeed."

What accompanied the voice was a red-eyed Angela walking in. She had rather serious dark circles under her eyes filled with a hateful look.

The school had issued her a warning after Dr. Anti exposed her the day before, which cost her the title of Most Excellent Graduate in her college's School of Medicine this year.

She tried to incite discord between Nora and the Blacks and said hatefully, "All she did was just move her fingers a little and send an email to Anti, and all of you are already so grateful to her? If she really cared about Aunt Irene, she wouldn't have left during the operation!"

As the patient in question, Aunt Irene would definitely be sad, right?

As soon as the thought formed in Angela's mind, she heard Irene say, "Thanks for yesterday, Nora."

Nora chuckled and replied, "No problem at all."

The two exchanged a look. As if they had some kind of tacit understanding between them, both of them turned a deaf ear to Angela's words, which made her cheeks burn. She looked like a clown for trying to sow discord between them just now!

Mad and anxious, she was about to say something when Wendy asked, "Is this your daughter, Nora? She's so cute."

Nora frowned. She found her annoying.

At this point, Irene also asked, "Why are all of you here?"

The Smiths had never once expressed any concern when she was hospitalized, yet they were coming here so frequently these days. They were really getting in the way of her catching up with Nora.

A look of disdain flashed across Wendy's eyes.

Did Irene really think that she wanted to come to a place like a hospital? It was all because Nora refused to answer their calls, so they had to come to the hospital to look for her.

Henry, who was the last to enter, frowned and replied, "We're here to visit you, of course."

After speaking, he followed Wendy's gaze and looked at Pete. He put on a fake smile and said, "So, is this Cherry? Although her father may be a ruffian, she looks pretty cute."

Pete retorted, "My father is not a ruffian."

Angela scoffed and said, "You're right. Not even your mother knows who your father is. Maybe he's not a ruffian but an even more unbearable beggar? Or perhaps a criminal? In any case, based on your mother's looks back then, no man who's even slightly normal would ever take a fancy to her!"

Nora blocked Pete from them, rolled up her sleeves, and asked coldly, "Was the beating last time not enough?"

She didn't care about their mockery, but she was afraid that Cherry would be sad.

Thinking of the slap Nora had given her previously, Angela took a step back and hid behind Henry. "Dad, look at her! She wants to hit me even when you're here. She's too overbearing!"

Henry threatened angrily, "You just try laying a hand on her, Nora! You're really running riot, aren't you?!"

Wendy stepped forward to mediate between them. She said, "Don't be violent in front of children. Nora, when I saw Cherry, I couldn't help but wonder, if that little boy from back then is still alive, he'd probably also be very good-looking, won't he?"

When she said that, Nora suddenly looked at her.

All these years, she had repeatedly asked Henry where he had abandoned the child from back then. He had always kept mum about it, so why were they bringing it up today?

Sure enough, Henry took out the agreement again the next moment. "Aren't you looking for your son? Sign the ownership transfer agreement and I'll tell you where I abandoned that little bastard!"

Nora clenched her fists. A grave look appeared in her eyes.

Henry added forcefully, "You've been back in the States for a week, haven't you? You've also approached a few private investigators, but I believe they don't have any news, right? I'll tell you this—I'm the only one in this world who knows where your son is. If you really want your son back, then sign the agreement."

Nora's son was her weakness.

Nora took the pen from Henry without hesitation to sign the agreement.

At the sight, the eyes of Pete, who was next to her, widened in horror. "Mommy, don't!"

Nora turned to him and said, "Stop making a fuss, Cherry. If we can find your brother, I'm willing to give up everything I have, let alone the company."

He realized how much Mommy loved him.

Pete's eyes reddened and he hurriedly grabbed Nora's hand.