She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 26 - A Single-Celled Organism

Chapter 26 - A Single-Celled Organism

Chapter 26 - A Single-Celled Organism


One was big and tall while the other was small and short. The two stared at each other for a full two or three seconds before the shocked Cherry subconsciously tried to close the door.

Pete had told her that they mustn't acknowledge each other before Mommy and Daddy fell in love with each other. Otherwise, it would trigger a terrible battle for custody!

However, the man reached out and held the door open. He asked in surprise, "Why are you here, Pete?"

Cherry was terribly alarmed.

Justin's expression was dark and overcast.

He bent over, picked up Cherry, and ordered, "Come upstairs with me!"

But Daddy will discover what's going on when we go up and run into Pete!

Cherry struggled and shouted, "Let me go! Mommy, help!"

Mrs. Lewis, who heard her cries, rushed out of the kitchen to see Justin entering the elevator with Cherry in his arms.

Shocked, she ran over to the bedroom in a panic and woke Nora who was in a deep sleep. "Nora! Wake up! Something has happened! Mr. Hunt took Cherry!"

Nora was in a deep sleep, but she instantly woke up when Mrs. Lewis shook her awake.

She got up and went straight out after putting on her slippers. She didn't even have the time to change.

At this point, Cherry had already been brought upstairs.

After they entered the presidential suite, as she watched her angry and handsome father walk toward the study with her in his arms, she thought to herself, We're finished! We're finished!

Because her father was holding her tightly, she couldn't even inform Pete about what was going on.

They would definitely be exposed now.


Justin stopped in his tracks as he opened the door to the study.

To prevent her father from scolding and disciplining her, the quick-witted Cherry decided to take the initiative to admit her mistake first. She said weakly, "I'm sorry, Daddy. Cherr—"

Before she could say "Cherry didn't mean to keep it from you", she saw that… The study was actually empty?

After a short pause, the words at the tip of her tongue turned into "—y Pit didn't mean it."

Her large eyes were full of confusion.

Where was Pete? Where had he gone?

His son's soft and tender voice made Justin's anger slowly fade away, and he couldn't bring himself to lecture him anymore.

He gently put Cherry down and held her shoulders tightly as he said, "Don't leave the top floor so casually, no matter what happens, Pete."

He was trembling.

As the heir to the number one family in the States, a lot of people had their eyes on the Hunts.

Justin had been kidnapped before when he was a child and had only managed to return alive after going through hell. The events had almost traumatized him. That was why he had worked so hard all these years to protect and hide his son from the public eye.

But how few many times had Pete met Nora Smith? Yet he had sneaked downstairs! And, the most frightening thing was that he didn't even notice it!

What if she had ill intentions, or what if someone were to kidnap him on the way downstairs? The consequences… He didn't even dare to think about it!

Sensing her father's inexplicable fear, Cherry suddenly hugged him and patted him comfortingly on the shoulder. "I won't do it anymore, Daddy."

The soft and tiny figure in his arms made Justin stiffen again.

This was the first time in all these years that his son had been so affectionate to him.

Justin's turbulent emotions gradually calmed down as he took in the faint milk-like scent on her. He sighed deeply and, as a compromise, said, "If you really like Miss Smith that much, we can let her come up here to spend some time with you."

Cherry was at a loss for words.

Seeing that she had successfully glossed over the issue with her dad, Cherry looked at the half-completed workbook on the desk and wondered, where's Pete?

Meanwhile, Chester, whom the other two had neglected, was currently on the sofa in the living room and doubting his life choices.

Two minutes ago, he was playing games with his team leader when he suddenly heard Justin's angry voice and his nephew's calls for help.

As his sidekick in the game, Chester absolutely had to stick up for him. Thus, even though he was terribly afraid of the tyrant, he had still rushed over, intending to save Pete from 'danger'. This way, Pete would probably scold him a little less often in the game, right?

But in the end, what he saw was that Pete was currently safe and sound while doing his homework?

He had suspected that his eyes were deceiving him at that time, and he even deliberately rubbed his eyes. But when he looked over again, he found that his nephew was still sitting right there.

He picked up the phone again after that. The game's voice chat was still connected, and he could clearly hear his team leader calling for help: "Stupid Daddy, let me go! I'm gonna look for Mommy! I don't wanna go upstairs!"


Then, he saw his nephew put down the pen and rush out without a word.

About twenty seconds later, the door was pushed open. Justin walked in with Pete and the two of them entered the study again.

Chester rubbed his eyes again.

The child that Justin was carrying did indeed look exactly like his nephew.

And, her conversation with Justin was also still being transmitted to his cell phone through the game's voice chat… But if the person who had been playing games with him all this time was his nephew, then who was it doing homework here just now?


His nephew had changed into another outfit in the span of twenty seconds?

He stood up blankly and walked out with his cell phone. As soon as he went out, he ran into the family doctor. He grabbed the doctor's hand right away and said in a troubled voice, "Please give me a checkup, Doc. Why am I hallucinating when I'm still so young? Do I have some kind of mental illness? I don't want to die yet!"

The doctor was rendered speechless. It seemed like he had suddenly become terribly busy.


Pete was in the stairwell and going down the stairs.

Through the glass on the door to the stairwell, he saw his father enter the suite with Cherry in his arms, and he became relieved right away.

It was fortunate that Uncle Chester had arrived in time. Otherwise, everything would really be exposed.

He waited there for a while until Cherry sent him a voice message. After the two little ones exchanged information with each other, a troubled Cherry asked, "Uncle Chester saw both you and me just now. Will he realize something?"

Pete replied, "No."


Pete pursed his lips and replied, "He's a single-celled organism. He can't imagine anything that complicated."

None of them knew that he had a younger twin sister. Had he not bumped into Cherry, he wouldn't have understood why Mommy had acted so familiarly with him.

Even the tyrant had never once imagined anything like that, let alone his simple-minded uncle?

Pete put down his phone and walked downstairs.

He had only just taken a step down when he heard hurried footsteps. Right after that, Nora came rushing up.

She looked terribly angry as if she wanted to fight someone to the death. When she saw him, relief came over her and she asked, "Are you on your way back, Cherry?"

Pete nodded. "Yeah."

Nora hesitated for a moment but didn't say much in the end. She turned around to head back down and said, "Let's go home first."

Then, she took Pete's hand and went downstairs.

On the way back, she felt as if her daughter had become a lot quieter than before.

After returning to the room, Nora scanned Pete up and down. She stared at him and asked, "Are you sure Justin didn't do anything to you, Cherry?"

Seeing how Mommy was so nervous, Pete nodded.

At this point, Mrs.. Lewis came over. She frowned and asked, "Why are you in a different set of pajamas, Cherry?"