She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 189 - A Quack Doctor's Misdiagnosis!

Chapter 189 - A Quack Doctor's Misdiagnosis!

Chapter 189 - A Quack Doctor's Misdiagnosis!

'Left with no other option', Cherry sat in front of Fatty with her cell phone and turned on the game again.

Fatty controlled his hero and rushed straight toward Cherry's hero again.

The two of them clashed in the middle of the arena. Cherry blinked and repeated the same trick. After allowing Fatty to reduce her HP to the barest minimum, she 'coincidentally' killed Fatty's hero instead!

Fatty jumped onto his feet. "Why am I dead again?"

Cherry blinked with her big round eyes. "Yeah, I didn't do anything, either. How did I fire a cannon? … Oh, I get it now!"

Fatty, "?"

Cherry said with a straight face, "It's because your mom will always be your mom. Sons can't just usurp the throne whenever they want to~"

Fatty, "!!"

Her words made Roger narrow his eyes a little. By the time Fatty rushed over again to ask for another round, Raymond had already become thoroughly anxious and irritable at his losses.

Within a matter of a mere few minutes, he had actually lost 2% of the company's shares and gone from owning 20% of the shares to 18%??

Raymond was so furious that he smacked the table. "One more time!"

Fatty nodded. He was about to set off when Roger grabbed his arm. Then, he looked at Justin and Cherry with a smile and said, "Nice one, Justin."

Justin raised his eyebrows. "I told you, there's no need to raise the stakes like that when the children are just fooling around. Look at how alarmed and anxious Uncle Raymond has become after he lost!"

His words made Raymond flush as red as a tomato. He pointed at Justin angrily and sputtered, "You, you, you…"

Justin's expression turned cold and he said nothing.

Cherry, however, said, "Daddy, I'm so scared! Is that grandpa having a stroke? His fingers keep shaking!"

Raymond, "?"

Even Justin couldn't help just smile. His anger from just now disappeared, and his voice was low and gentle as he replied, "No, Uncle Raymond is just being a sore loser. Forget it, you don't need to prepare the agreement anymore, Sean."

Raymond knew that Justin was provoking him the moment he heard what he said.

It was either he toughed it out and went along with Justin's words—but he would probably never be able to hold his head up high in front of the Hunts after that since he was the one who suggested the bet, yet also the one being a sore loser in the end—or he surrendered the shares!

Raymond was thick-skinned. Thinking that he could just redeem his reputation in the future, he was about to speak when the same young and tender voice said, "Why would he be a sore loser, Daddy? That grandpa was really amazing just now, and he even asked if you dared to bet with him. Is he the one who actually doesn't dare to? Also, can people just cancel their bets at will? Daddy taught me that I should always keep my word. Otherwise, it would be no different from a fart~!"

Raymond, "!!!"

Her words were too humiliating!

His words would be no different from a fart?!

He took a few deep breaths. There was no way he could part with the money, but the problem was that he would thoroughly embarrass himself… He couldn't quite stomach the aggravation.

At this point, Roger smiled and said, "That's impossible. It's just a few billion dollars. Dad, give it to him."

Raymond looked at Roger and exclaimed, "Roger!"

Roger's expression darkened. "Give it to him."

Raymond finally turned to Justin and said indignantly, "Prepare the agreement!"

Sean immediately nodded. "Yes, sir."

At the sight of him turning and leaving, Raymond said sarcastically, "Your assistant is terrible, Justin. How can he say that when you haven't even agreed?"

Sean ignored him. Instead, his footsteps toward the outside quickened as he got ready to print the papers.

To be honest, 2% of the shares were actually very important to them!

Justin, however, replied, "We're a family, Uncle Raymond. How would he possibly have the guts to disobey your instructions?"

Raymond, "??"

Was there even anyone who didn't know that no one could order about the few subordinates under Justin's command, except for Justin himself?

He was going too far by saying that!!!


While Cherry was provoking Raymond and his family at the Hunts', Pete was in school.

During class, a child raised his hand. "Ms. Lynn, my head hurts."

The teacher hurriedly walked over and asked, "What's wrong?"

The little fellow pointed to his head and replied, "It hurts."

Ms. Lynn had no choice but to let him rest at the side.

After class, everyone surrounded the boy with a headache.

"Jimmy, are you pretending to have a headache?"

The boy named Jimmy shook his head. "No, I'm not."

"But my mom said that your mom says you're just pretending to have a headache so that you can play truant!"

Jimmy's eyes reddened and he stood up. "That's not true! My head really hurts!"

"You're just pretending!"

"Yes, you're just pretending! Your mom said so in the kindergarten parents' group chat!"

Jimmy was so mad that he clenched his fists.

Mia came over and said softly, "Don't talk about Jimmy like that. I'm sure he's not pretending!"

Mia spoke very softly. Pete found the way she spoke very calming, so she was the only one with whom he was willing to play in the kindergarten.

Seeing that even she had spoken up, Pete glanced at Jimmy and sent a text message to Nora: 'Mommy, I have a classmate who keeps having a headache. What's going on?'


Jimmy's mother was complaining madly in the parents' group chat.

Jimmy's Mom: 'The teacher called me and said that Jimmy was having a headache again. Sigh, kids are so sly these days. It must be because I picked him up and brought him home the moment they called last time that he has learned to lie now.'

Brandon's Mom: 'Is he always having a headache? You'd best send him for a checkup.'

Jimmy's Mom: 'Is there even any need for a child to see a doctor because of headaches? I think he's fine. Besides, they'll definitely make him do a whole bunch of brain CT scans and MRI scans. Those will expose the child to radiation!'

Helen's Mom: 'Yes, kids nowadays are really smart. They know what works best for them and are always pretending.'

The messages from the group chat and Pete were so noisy that Nora couldn't sleep, so she picked up her phone. When she saw the messages, she sent one back to Pete.

Pete gave Nora a video call after seeing her reply. Then, he followed her instructions and gave Jimmy a checkup.

For example, he pressed the top of his head and asked, "Does it hurt here?"

After asking him a few questions, Nora's lazy voice came through the phone and she said, "I'm hanging up."

Then, she went to the group chat and sent a message.

Nora: 'Jimmy's mom, his situation is not promising. You should take him to the hospital for a lumbar puncture right away.'

The parents in the group chat, who were chatting about how their children were always playing tricks, were dumbfounded and all of them stopped talking.

A short while later, Jimmy's mother popped up.

Jimmy's Mom: '???'

Jimmy's Mom: 'Are you crazy? The most that's ever necessary when people have headaches are brain CT scans. Why would he need to do a lumbar puncture?'

Nora answered calmly: 'I am a doctor.'

Jimmy's Mom: 'Does being a doctor mean you can tell us to do things? We actually have a doctor in the group chat? The Golden Sunshine Kindergarten actually has parents who are doctors? Are you really lacking this bit of money for medical tests from me?'

The others echoed her:

'Yes, she's right. Hospitals keep prescribing this and that to patients these days. There are actually parents in this group chat who are so poor that they want to cheat others of this bit of money?'

'She must be a quack doctor, right?'

'Don't spout nonsense here just because you have a bit of knowledge. What does a lumbar puncture have to do with the brain?'

Jimmy's Mom: 'This is just a quack doctor's misdiagnosis! Get out of the group!'