She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 188 - I'm Going, Then!

Chapter 188 - I'm Going, Then!

Chapter 188 - I'm Going, Then!

A lot of people—most of them the Hunts' collateral and direct descendants—had come for the Hunts' family dinner. By repeatedly using phrases such as "Do you dare to do it or not" in front of so many people, Raymond was obviously leaving Justin no way out.

Should he refuse the bet at a time like this, it would be tantamount to him showing signs of cowardice!

Raymond was certain that Justin would agree to it—after all, that was the only option he had.

Sure enough, after a short silence, Justin slowly replied, "Let's do it."

Raymond and Roger exchanged a look and smirked.

How dare Pete attend the dinner! Mrs. Hunt was also too biased. Pete was just a five-year-old boy who hadn't even grown up, yet she was giving him the family heirloom! She was too much!

They were bent on making Pete make a fool out of himself today!

Mrs. Hunt wanted to stop them again, but Justin gave her a comforting look, which made the old lady close her mouth.

Fatty became even more excited when he heard their conversation. He selected the hero that he was the most skilled at playing as, and asked Cherry, "Which hero are you playing as, Pete? You can just pick any of them."

Cherry nodded, selected the little girl hero that she always played as, and replied, "I'm picking this one. What about you?"

Fatty answered, "I'm playing as this guy!"

"Pfft!" Cherry broke into a grin and laughed. As soon as she turned on the game, she transformed into her irritable little girl persona and started to diss her opponent. She said, "Okay. C'mon sonny, I'm going to beat you so bad today that your mom won't even recognize you!"

Fatty was taken aback. "Who do you think you're calling 'sonny'?"

"Your hero, of course. Isn't he my hero's son?"


Fatty, who had been taken advantage of for no reason whatsoever, was furious. He controlled his hero in the game and made him go straight to Cherry.

Cherry, who looked like she was in high spirits, had a triumphant look on her face.

She deliberately acted as if she was playing the game for the first time, making her hero walkabout left and right awkwardly as if she didn't even know how to use the controls. "Oh no, why is she walking away?!" Cherry said.

Fatty was overjoyed. He chased after Cherry's hero and started to attack her.

Cherry didn't fight back in the early stages of the round. Instead, she deliberately made her hero sway left and right, making Fatty burst out laughing. "Dummy Pete, you're so stupid! Can't you even walk? I'm gonna teach you how to behave today!"

Cherry put on a feint in the first half and didn't fire even a single shot. She kept her HP under control and allowed Fatty to deplete it to the lowest it could go.

After that, she seemed to understand something and became so scared that she started to run toward her defensive tower.

Fatty chased after her.

She had only a little HP left! As long as he could make contact with Cherry, there would be absolutely no problem at all.

It would be fine even if he had to defend against her defensive tower.

Yet, as if Cherry had suddenly pressed something wrong by accident, she pressed the button for her first skill. Her hero immediately did a tuck-and-roll and moved to the left, causing Fatty to miss!

Right at this point, the sound indicating a kill rang out on the phone!

'Pete Hunt' had killed 'The Unbeatable And Most Handsome'!

"He lost so quickly?"

A triumphant Raymond said, "You're too lousy, Pete. Even if this is your first time playing, you still lost too quickly. It hasn't even been a minute, you know?"

Roger also smirked and said, "A bet's a bet, Justin. That ring…"

Justin looked at them, dark light flickering in his eyes. In front of all the Hunts, his lips slowly parted and he asked, "The children are fooling around. Are you sure that the bet just now is valid?"

Raymond chuckled at once and said, "You mustn't go back on your word, Justin. You're a man, right? Besides, you're even the man overseeing the Hunt Corporation. You have to keep your word; you can't renege on it!"

Justin raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure, Uncle Raymond?"

"Yes, I am."

As soon as Raymond said that, Justin sighed and said, "In that case, I will graciously accept 1% of the company shares from you."

He turned and looked at Sean, who was standing behind him, and instructed, "Prepare the share transfer agreement and let Uncle Raymond sign it later."

"Yes, sir."

Raymond was stunned.

Roger, who was also dumbfounded, subconsciously said, "Rather than us transferring shares to you, Justin, you should be giving us the ring instead. After all, Fatty is the one who won just now…"

However, he suddenly realized something at this point, and he looked at the children. He was dumbstruck when he saw Fatty's reaction.

Fatty's cell phone screen dimmed at this point.

Fatty was still dumbfounded. What had just happened?

When he looked back up, he saw Cherry patting her little chest. She looked at him and remarked, "Whew, that was so close…"

Fatty understood now—he must have been unlucky just now! He had been so close to killing her hero!

He demanded angrily, "Again!"

"… That's not really good, is it?" asked Cherry.

Fatty panicked. "What's so bad about it?"

Cherry sighed. "What I mean is that the stakes aren't really good. I've already won, so I'm not going to play anymore!"

Fatty, "!"

He was so mad that he ran to Roger and said, "Daddy, let's bet on it again! Grandpa, take out another 1%!"

1% of the shares equated to billions of dollars!

Raymond, who had panicked after losing the huge sum of money, said anxiously, "No, no, no…"

When an indignant Fatty turned around, he immediately saw Cherry making faces at him. On top of that, she even looked as if she had just given herself a huge fright. The little fellow put on a pretense and said, "Pete was so scared just now, Daddy! I don't know what happened, either. How come Fatty died just like that? I was only left with the barest of HP!"

Justin, "…"

What was one supposed to do when their daughter suddenly started putting on a show with them?

Pamper her and go along with her, of course!

Justin stretched out his big hand, ruffled her hair, and said with a doting smile, "Pete is so awesome. To think you've actually won 1% of the company's shares for Daddy. You're so good at the game even though this is your first time playing it!"

Cherry grinned at him.

Their conversation made Raymond's face flush completely red.

As though a gambler's mindset, the loss of billions of dollars just now made him anxious and irritable. He looked at Fatty and asked, "Are you sure you can beat him if you go at it again?"

Fatty nodded, "Yes, I am! I was so close just now!"

"Okay! Grandpa will trust you once more!" Raymond looked straight at Justin and said, "One more time!"

Cherry buried her head into Justin's shoulder and said, "Pete doesn't wanna, Daddy! It's too scary! Pete is scared!"

Justin, "…"

He ruffled her hair and spoke gently as he appeased her. "Okay, okay. We won't play anymore…"

However, the more he refused to play, the more determined to continue Raymond became, so he said, "Are you stopping, Justin? Surely you can't just leave after you win, right? It doesn't work that way!"

Raymond, whose eyes were all red, stood and stared at him. "The bet between the children only involves a few billion dollars. I'm staking billions of dollars on this while you only need to offer up Mom's ring. It's not like you're too scared to bet, right?"

Seemingly driven into a corner, Justin could only pat Cherry on the shoulder and say, "Let's play another round, Pete?"

"But Daddy, I'm scared!"

"Don't be scared. Just close your eyes and mess around."

Cherry looked up at him 'timidly' and said, "Sigh, I thought you said that it's not good to gamble, Daddy… I'm going, then."