She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 169 - She Must Be My Daughter

Chapter 169 - She Must Be My Daughter

Chapter 169 - She Must Be My Daughter

Caleb smiled and shook his head. "I don't."

Nora uttered an 'oh'. She wasn't particularly bothered.

A puzzled Caleb asked, "Don't you want to know?"

Nora replied detachedly, "It doesn't matter to me."

It really didn't matter to her.

Having grown up in a family like that ever since she was a child, kinship wasn't something indispensable for her.

To her, the greatest value her mother had was that she had given birth to her, and also left her with so much material she could study and learn from.

Her father…

That word had been associated with Henry since she was a child. Even though he wasn't her father anymore, she didn't feel much affection for the word.

Nora put the recorder pen away safely into her pocket. Then, she looked at Caleb and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Caleb sighed and said, "Back then, your mother asked us to take care of you. You can say that all this was because the Grays were negligent."

Caleb also had a look of approval and appreciation on his countenance when he talked about Yvette.

While they were talking, Ford suddenly walked over. His expression was as stern as ever as if he never smiled or laughed. He interrupted their conversation and said, "Ms. Smith, Mr. Gray. We need the two of you to give your statements for investigative purposes."


Nora was taken aback.

Caleb also couldn't help but ask, "It's just trespassing on private property. Why do we have to give statements for it?"

Ford looked firm and determined, and his facial features were chiseled and defined. He spoke politely but with a commandeering air as if he was someone who had held a high position for a long time. He said, "Please go through the motions with us."

Nora felt that he wasn't someone to be messed with.

She nodded.

Caleb didn't refuse, either. Thus, the two of them were asked to go down to the police station together. They were also assigned to different rooms.

Nora sat casually in the dark room. Her big boss-like demeanor made the few policemen stare at one another.

Most people would shiver in fear in the police station, but why was that woman looking as if she was at a tourist attraction?

Also, was it really necessary to bring them back to take their statements for something as trivial as trespassing into private property? They didn't dare to voice that out loud, though, and could only sneak glances at Ford.

That man's identity wasn't simple. The whole police station had to obey his orders!

Nora looked around curiously.

"What are you looking at, Ms. Smith?" asked Ford.

"At your dark little room here. It really does shut out all the light. I can probably sleep really well here."


Although Nora slept a lot, the quality of her sleep had always been rather poor. Therefore, Cherry never dared to disturb her when she was sleeping.

There wasn't any light in the interrogation room at all, which surprisingly made it a great place for sleeping.

Ford kept quiet for a while before he asked, "Do you know anything about your mother, Ms. Smith?"

Nora's eyebrows raised slightly at the question.

She suddenly asked, "Are you a special ops officer?"

Ford was taken aback, but he didn't speak.

Nora's fingers tapped lightly against the chair. She said, "All the other policemen act in accordance to your will, so you're likely very highly ranked. However, it's not quite appropriate for such a high-ranking officer to handle disputes over trespassing of private property. So, you came to my home because of this?"

Ford's jaw tightened. A short while later, he stood up.

He subconsciously straightened his back when he got up. His posture was tall and straight, and his entire self seemed as sharp as a razor. It was as though there was nothing that could stand in his way.

His voice was deep and steady. He said, "My name is Morris Ford."

"… Hello, Captain Ford."

Morris said, "We're investigating a case from more than twenty years ago. The case is related to your mother, so I'd like to know more about her through you. Please cooperate with us, Ms. Smith."

Nora's eyes flickered a little.

It was just like what she had thought!

Her mother had suddenly left the Andersons back then. She broke up with Ian Smith, went to California all by herself, and never contacted her family ever since. There must be a reason for all that!

She asked, "Can I ask what kind of case it is?"

Morris shook his head. "I'm sorry, but this is a Class S case, you're not authorized to know anything about it."


Nora kept quiet for a while. At last, she said, "I don't know anything at all."

Her mother had left her a lot of things, but there was nothing among them that challenged the boundaries of the law except for the Imperial League…

Morris scrutinized her, seemingly trying to judge whether what she had just said was true or false.

The man had an extremely sharp gaze. No one could lie while he was staring straight at them. However, the young woman in front of him was calm, and her almond-shaped eyes were so clear that one could see right to the bottom of them. It instead made one unable to read her thoughts.

For the first time, Morris couldn't see through the truth of something and someone.

After thinking for a while, he said, "In that case, please sign the statement, Ms. Smith. You can leave after that."

After saying that, he went next door.

Caleb was in the room next door.

After signing the statement, Nora walked out of the police station. After waiting outside for a while, Caleb finally came out. There was some hesitancy on his countenance as he said, "That man is so strange. He keeps asking about Aunt Yvette, but I was unfortunately only three or four years old at that time. How would I know anything about her…"

Nora's eyes flickered a little when she heard what he said.

At this point, Caleb's cell phone suddenly rang. He smiled at Nora and picked up the call. At once, his expression darkened and a chilly glint flashed in his dark eyes. He said, "I'll come over right away."

After hanging up, he looked at Nora and said, "I have something on, so I'll leave first, Ms. Smith."

Nora nodded.

At the same time.

In the hospital.

Joel Smith hurried over when he heard from the nurse. He was panting rather hard. When he entered the ward, he saw that his uncle, who was usually in low spirits and looked half-dead all the time, was actually seated there looking somewhat anxious at the moment.

Joel asked, "What's the matter, Uncle Ian?"

After a long silence, Ian finally said, "Joel, she must be my daughter."

Joel was taken aback. "Who?"

Ian's hand was trembling somewhat as he answered, "Nora Smith."

He had watched the entire live-stream.

Therefore, he knew that Yvette's company in California back then was named Idealian Pharmaceuticals.

Ideals… Dreams… And Ian…


Was it because Yvette had also missed him that she also dreamed of him?!

An agitated Ian grabbed Joel's hand and said, "Go and investigate her! Investigate all of Nora's past. If possible, have a DNA test done for us!"

Joel held his hand and said, "Calm down, Uncle Ian. I'll have her investigated right away."

Ian nodded.

Then, Joel suddenly said, "I can investigate her background, Uncle Ian, but you must promise me that you'll live on properly. It's only if you're alive that you'll get to know the answers to your questions."

The light came back into Ian's originally muted eyes when he heard him.


At the Woods.

Miranda and Rachel had watched the entire live-stream and seen the plot twist at the end.

Miranda smacked the table angrily. "Henry Smith is so useless!"

Rachel also curled her lip in distaste and said, "We spent all that money and got them Roxanne in vain… Fortunately, though, we've already paid her to keep quiet, so she won't sell us out."

However, as soon as she said that, the door was suddenly pushed open.