She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 168 - A Surprise Gift~

Chapter 168 - A Surprise Gift~

Chapter 168 - A Surprise Gift~

A gift?

Henry narrowed his eyes. "What kind of gift is it?"

Could Nora have been stung by her conscience, so she was planning to give him some money? She had ultimately grown up with them, right? When she was still a child, she even used to look at him eagerly, hoping that he would hug her.

Henry's eyes were shining as if they were full of greed.

Nora, who didn't know what he had imagined on his own, handed him the other DNA test report that she had printed with the bank statements. She said, "I hope the gift is to your liking."

It was a document…

Could it be a company ownership transfer agreement? Had that daughter of his finally been stung by her conscience, and decided to transfer ownership of the tiny Idealian Pharmaceuticals in California to him?

With that in mind, Henry flipped open the document.

Wendy, who was standing next to Henry, also breathed a sigh of relief. They didn't have any savings, so they fully depended on the dividends to survive. After all these years, they had also become accustomed to spending extravagantly and couldn't get out of the habit right away. The lack of income during the last couple of months had suffocated them badly.

She said with a smile, "Nora, even though we aren't related by blood, it's still true that we've kept each other company for more than twenty years. On account of how you've called Henry your father all these years, thank you very much for your help this time~"

After speaking, she turned back to Henry and asked, "What's that, Henry?"

Henry was already frozen in place. He raised his head in disbelief and looked at Wendy.

When an excited Wendy asked him that question, at last, he couldn't hold himself back anymore. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her throat. He looked savage as he demanded, "Tell me, whose daughter is Angela?!"

Upon being suddenly questioned like that, Wendy was stunned. Then, as though she had just realized something, she hastily grabbed Henry's arms and said, "Let go of me first, Henry. Let go… Angela is your daughter, of course. Don't be fooled by that woman!"

Henry loosened his grip a little when he heard what she said.

Wendy pushed Henry away and took several steps back. Then, she looked at Nora menacingly and dropped all of her usual pretenses. "What did you say to Henry, Nora?"

Nora lowered her gaze and replied, "Nothing much. I just had an extra DNA test done, that's all. Of course, if the two of you doubt its authenticity, feel free to get another lab to redo it."

Then, her lips curled into a smile and she added, "Oh, I forgot that you guys are broke. I can pay for it at no cost to you."

She spoke casually and naturally, but also with certainty.

The test was done by Lily herself, so there was no way there would be any mistakes!

Henry looked at Wendy again. "Tell me, is Angela my daughter or not?! Wendy, you'd best not lie to me!"

Wendy swallowed hard. Now that things had come to this point, she knew that Henry would never believe her anymore. Besides, the result would still be the same anyway, even if they had the DNA test redone.

She ran a couple of steps toward the police and hid behind them. Then, she poked her head out and said, "That's right, Angela isn't your daughter! But this is all because you forced me into it!"

Henry was taken aback.

A sobbing Wendy said, "You abandoned me for money and prestige back then! After you married that little bitch, you said you would marry me once she died! But what happened after she died? What did you do? You started to fool around with a young and pretty woman! And never once brought up the topic of marrying me!"

A fierce look came over Wendy's eyes as she said, "You said that woman, Yvette Anderson, refused to let you touch her, so you were with me during the marriage, but what happened in the end? After using me to vent your sexual desires, you decided to deny responsibility? What makes you think you can do that, Henry? Did those few years of my youth all go to waste?"

Wendy started to cry as she spoke. She said, "I had no other choice. Since you refused to marry me, I couldn't just waste my youth like that. Besides, I just couldn't seem to ever get pregnant when I was with you, so I simply decided to go to another man instead… It was only after I became pregnant and drove you into a corner with the baby that you finally gave in!"

Henry flew into a rage and rushed forward to hit her. He shouted, "You bitch! How dare you lie to me and trick me into bringing up someone else's daughter for more than twenty years!"

Wendy clutched one of the policemen's arm and cried out, "Sir, someone's trying to kill me! You have to help me!"

Ford didn't move. However, the rest of the policemen held Henry back and said, "Talk it out if you have a problem with each other. Assaulting someone is against the law!"

Henry's chest heaved up and down in fury. "You! It's because of Angela that I didn't ask for any more children! I didn't think that you'd actually kept me from having any daughter of my own for the rest of my life!"

Wendy sneered, "I'm the cause of it? Given that body of yours, how can you possibly have any children? We've been together for so many years, but I've never been pregnant with your child. In contrast, I merely spent the night with another man once and I immediately became pregnant. Why don't you say it's because you're impotent instead?"


Henry, who had been accused of being impotent in front of a nationwide broadcast, had thoroughly embarrassed himself inside out!

He roared furiously, "Shut the hell up!"

Wendy, however, wasn't afraid. In fact, she even said arrogantly, "You're too old to ever have any children in the future, so I'd advise you to calm down. This way, I can still get Angela to continue providing for you as her father. If you continue to verbally abuse me, both my daughter and I won't acknowledge you as father and husband anymore!"

They would stop acknowledging him as father and husband…

Henry felt a sharp pain in his heart.

There weren't any fathers who didn't love their children in this world.

He had honestly really given all of his love to Angela, but in the end, the moment he thought of how she wasn't his daughter, he couldn't help but feel conflicted and agonized…

Wendy stepped forward and grabbed his arm. She said, "You'd better stop making a scene, Henry. Otherwise, everyone is going to see you as a joke! Just take it that this has never happened. Our family of three can still live like how we did in the past!"

Wendy's eyes flickered when she said that.

The villa in California was still under Henry's name!

Henry looked at her. A moment later, he closed his mouth.

The elderly were the most afraid of having no one to rely on in old age. He had given all his love to Angela. In that sense, Angela wouldn't treat him that badly in the future, either.

Even if she wasn't his biological daughter, he could only live with it now!

Henry felt tightness in his chest as if something was stuck there. Suddenly, he tasted something sweet in his throat, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Wendy hurriedly called an ambulance and sent him to the hospital.

The fiasco finally ended.

Roxanne and the cameraman tried to slip away during the chaos but were caught by Ford. He said, "For trespassing into private property without the owner's consent, damaging someone else's reputation through means of a live-stream, and infringing someone else's portrait rights, you are hereby arrested for multiple offenses. Please come with us to the police station!"

While the police were arresting them, Nora was thanking Caleb. She took the recorder pen and said, "It seems like my mother trusted your family very much."

Caleb smiled gently when he heard what she said. His melancholic eyes were deep and bottomless as he said, "I thought you would ask me who your biological father is."

Nora looked up at him and asked, "You know who he is?"