She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 159 - A Second Test!

Chapter 159 - A Second Test!

Chapter 159 - A Second Test!

Nora was taken aback by Lily's words.

She was already mentally prepared prior to the DNA test that she might not be Henry's daughter, but… When the truth was truly presented to her, apart from feeling a little surprised, she was actually more relieved than anything else.

Nora cast her eyes down and looked out the window.

She suddenly felt rather relieved.

It was human nature to want to be close to your parents.

Her mother had died early, so her father was her only kin in the world. In spite of that, her father had never hugged or kissed her even once in her entire life.

There were times where she found herself very envious when she looked at Henry carrying Angela dotingly.

In fact, she would even become very depressed and shut herself off from the world for a while during that time.

The little Nora couldn't help but wonder at that time if it was because she was too unlikeable. Was that why her father disliked her?

Later, she had closed off her heart and never opened it to outsiders ever again.

Everyone who knew her said that she was callous, but that was because no one had ever taught her what love was.

In her world, she had always been alone.

But as it turned out, it had never been her fault. It wasn't because she was not likable enough that Henry didn't like her; rather, it was because he wasn't her father.

Nora raised her eyes. Suddenly, she lowered her head and looked at the strands of hair that she had tugged off Henry's head when she was kicking him and Wendy out just now. The corners of her lips suddenly curled into a smile.

"In that case, let's check them all."

Although it was already confirmed, it was still better to have her DNA compared with Henry's, just in case.

Perhaps because she knew that she was eager to know the result, Lily replied, "Okay. I'll arrange for someone to pick it up right away."

Even the fastest express courier wouldn't be as fast as someone actually doing it themselves.

She had always had all her DNA tests done outside of the States.

Ten minutes later, someone came and collected the hair samples. They took the earliest flight overnight and went straight to where Lily was. Ten hours later, the samples reached Lily.

She forwent sleep to do the DNA test. Another four hours later, she had gotten the DNA test results!

Henry and Wendy stood outside the Andersons' villa after they were kicked out. They glared furiously at the villa and stamped their feet.

Wendy couldn't stop herself from provoking Henry. She said, "Honestly, Nora is so… How can she do such an about-face the moment she made it big?"

Henry, who was red in the face with anger, gnashed his teeth in fury. The veins on his forehead were bulging as he said, "That unfilial daughter! I… I'm going to sue her!"

Wendy frowned. "Will the authorities really do anything about it, though? Also, do we still have the money to hire the best lawyer?"

Henry was irritated by her questions.

At this point, Miranda and Rachel also left the Andersons. The Woods' car was parked outside the villa, but Miranda and Rachel didn't get in the car after they exited the villa. Instead, they went over to Henry and Wendy.

Miranda sighed and said, "That younger sister of mine is just so cruel! The Andersons are indeed too unkind about this!"

Rachel pursed her lips and said, "Exactly. Does Nora really think she's a daughter of the Andersons? A woman who has no shame and became pregnant before marriage is even abandoning her father now? That's unforgivable!"

Henry and Wendy, who weren't expecting them to say that, were momentarily dumbfounded.

Wendy was the first to recover. She stepped forward, took Miranda's arm, and said, "The two of us are really pitiful. Not only did we painstakingly raise her into an adult, but Nora was in poor health when she was a child, so we even frequently sent her to the hospital… I didn't expect her to be so rebellious. We only reprimanded her a little after she made us sad, but she's become so distant and alienated! Sigh!"

Miranda immediately replied, "That won't do."

Next to her, Rachel also chimed in. "Look at how pitiful the two of them are, Mom. Why don't you help them out?"

Miranda hesitated when she heard her suggestion. She said, "But that's your aunt, after all…"

Rachel straightened her back and said, "It's only right to be on the side of justice rather than one's family, Mom. You know that, right? C'mon, help them out!"

Miranda sighed. "Oh, alright. I happen to have a friend here…"

The night passed peacefully for everyone.

Melissa was still worried before she went to bed. She said, "Your father seems like a real piece of work to me, Nora. Will they kick up another fuss?"

Nora, however, replied openly, "There's always a solution to a problem, Aunt Melissa. Don't worry."

Melissa nodded and went downstairs. She complained to Mrs. Anderson, "Yvette was such a proud woman back then. Why did she have to pick such a shameless scoundrel like him?"

Mrs. Anderson heaved a huge sigh. "Everything is predestined in one's life!"

Simon also heaved a deep sigh. The three of them looked at each other and then, they raised their heads and looked at Nora's bedroom upstairs in the end.

Melissa sighed. "Not only did her mother die when she was young, but her father doesn't love her, either. The most pitiful one here is actually Nora. Her father embarrassed her so badly today and even ranted at others. Nora must be very sad!"

Simon nodded. "Yeah. How was she when you talked to her just now?"

Melissa replied, "Nora is a sensible girl. She has always been one who's afraid to report anything but good news. Even when you ask her how she's doing at home, all she says is that everything is fine. How would she possibly show us her pain? She's probably crying upstairs now."

Simon and Mrs. Anderson's hearts ached for her at once.

However, Nora, whom the trio had mistaken to be secretly crying, had already taken a shower and was asleep in the bed with her son in her arms.

The night passed peacefully.

It was the weekend the next day, so Pete didn't have to go to school.

Nora was also finally able to sleep in. However, she was awakened by the noise downstairs.

She frowned and got up. As soon as she stepped out of her room, she heard Simon's angry shout from downstairs.

"We're not accepting any interviews!"

Melissa was reprimanding the other party. She threatened, "I'm calling the security guards if all of you don't leave!"

A female stranger was talking to them. "Hello, good day. An attitude like that won't solve anything at all. I'm Roxanne, a reporter. Ms. Smith's father called me and told me that she's refusing to acknowledge them as family after a wealthy family took her in. We're here to mediate!"

Simon shouted, "Turn off the camera first!"

Roxanne said, "Don't be so agitated, sir. This is a live broadcast; the more agitated you are, the more people will feel that you're in the wrong! Let's calm down. Why don't you tell me what has really happened first? All of you are family. There's no grudge or feud among family that cannot be mediated."

Melissa frowned. "We don't need mediation."

Roxanne spoke calmly and unhurriedly. "You're not Ms. Smith, so you cannot represent her. May I know where Ms. Smith is?"

Henry's voice came over at this point.. He said, "She must be still sleeping! That daughter of mine has been fat and lazy since she was a child. She never gets out of bed until the sun is shining brightly in the sky!"