She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 158 - The DNA Test Results Are Out!

Chapter 158 - The DNA Test Results Are Out!

Chapter 158 - The DNA Test Results Are Out!

In the middle of Nora's thoughts, Henry suddenly swept the cups on the coffee table onto the ground!

The cups broke into pieces with a loud bang.

Henry, whose veins on his forehead were bulging, stood where he was and yelled, "Nora, I'm your father! This is something that'll never change! You can forget about abandoning me and getting rich on your own! You'll go to jail if you don't take care of me!"

Then, he looked back at Simon and said, "The Andersons have to give me an explanation regarding this today! Either you draft a contract for the Carefree Pills' dividends and give me the money immediately, or get my daughter's mentor change done first. Pick one!"

He sat back down on the sofa.

Simon frowned.

Henry flying into a rage all of a sudden, and his actions of slamming the coffee table and breaking the cups shocked Miranda and Rachel. However, Melissa and Mrs. Anderson remained as calm and steady as ever, seemingly used to such scenes.

Simon was about to say something when Nora's frosty voice rang out. "I'd advise you to calm down a little. Otherwise, not only will you not get any money, but you'll also have to pay for these cups!"

Henry sneered, "Why? Are you planning to become deadbeats and not give me any money? If so, I don't mind making this matter known to the public! I'll show everyone outside how the Andersons are hogging the Smiths' Carefree Pill!"

Nora asked lazily, "Who says the Carefree Pill belongs to my mother?"

As soon as she said that, everyone looked at her in shock.

Simon wanted to ask something, but Melissa held his hand and shook her head lightly.

Henry turned and glared at her menacingly. "What did you say?"

Nora looked at the cups on the floor and said, "The Carefree Pill belongs to the Andersons. What does it have to do with the Smiths?"

Henry jumped onto his feet. "How can that be? It obviously belongs to your mothe—"

"If my mother was the one who developed it, then why didn't you open a pharmaceutical factory all these years? Wouldn't you have made a fortune a long time ago?"

Nora spoke slowly and coolly, but her argument was a convincing one.

Both Simon and Melissa also looked at Henry hesitantly.

She was right. Why did Yvette hold on to the pill formula and keep it a secret from Henry?

Henry's expression changed a few times.

How would he know anything about Carefree Pills or whatever it was called?

The books in the study upstairs were all Yvette's. She had a lot of writings and drawings to do with a lot of different topics in there. After she had died, he couldn't be bothered to take care of them at all, let alone know what they were.

Besides, even though he and Yvette were husband and wife in name, nobody knew that they had never consummated their marriage before. He was more like a nominal father that Yvette had given her daughter!

He didn't understand why Yvette had taken a fancy to him, either…

Later, Yvette died. It should already be considered a blessing that he hadn't taken all those things as rubbish and thrown them away. How would he possibly know that they were actually so valuable…

In the middle of Henry's thoughts, Nora said, "I obviously found the formula at the Andersons'."

Henry understood now—Nora was planning to push him away!

He immediately shouted, "Nora! You unfilial daughter! How dare you lie!"

Nora looked as calm as ever. She said, "I'm the one who took out the formula, so naturally, I have the final say as to where I took it from. You claim that the formula belongs to the Smiths. In that case, do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim?"

Henry, "!!"

He had immediately gone upstairs and entered Yvette's study when he learned about the Carefree Pill. It was only then that he realized that it had long been cleaned out.

All the books had been burned.

Thus, he didn't have any evidence at all!

If he had the Carefree Pill's formula, he would've sold it to the Andersons' competitors a long time ago. Why would he still have to come all the way here to beg others for money?!

Henry said angrily, "That's just pure sophistry!"

"Really?" Nora took out her cell phone. "In that case, we can only call the police. Also, allow me to remind you that the cups you just broke are antiques from the 1600s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have to pay for them."

What she said daunted Henry. He frowned and said viciously, "Nora! You're blackmailing me!"

Nora raised her phone. "So, shall I call the police?"

Henry, "!!"

He felt exactly as aggrieved and frustrated in this instant as how smug he had been just now!

Simon and Melissa had also recovered and caught on. Simon stood and said, "The Carefree Pill is said to have been developed by Yvette, but we, the Andersons, actually developed it ourselves. Mr. Smith, you have to provide evidence when you come straight here to snatch things from others. Do you have any evidence? If not, what you're doing is tantamount to slander!"

Melissa's voice was gentle but stern. She said, "If you continue to pester us, we'll call the police, Mr. Smith."

At the sight of them becoming aggressive, Henry found himself at a loss at once. He exchanged a look with Wendy.

The wealthy families in New York were ultimately still a lot classier.

Henry was scared.

He coughed and said, "No matter who the Carefree Pill belongs to, we're ultimately still family. What's wrong with helping my second daughter to change a mentor?"

He looked at Nora again and said, "You'd rather help your cousin than your younger sister? Nora, how can you be so narrow-minded?"

Nora yawned as if she didn't hear him.

She pointed at the door. "Are you going to leave by yourself? Or do you want me to send you away?"

Upon seeing that being aggressive and unreasonable wasn't going to work anymore, Wendy decided to take a soft approach. She grabbed Nora's hand and said, "Nora, I know there are issues between us, but Mom treated you very well too. You can't just ignore your sister! Blood is thicker than water, Nora. The two of you are family!"

Nora, however, didn't bother listening to what she said at all. Instead, she held her wrist with a backhand and then, with a forceful pull, threw her out the door!

Then, Nora dusted off her hands and looked at Henry. There were a few gigantic words clearly written in her cat-like eyes: 'It's your turn now.'

Henry, "…"

In order to avoid being thrown out in such an embarrassing manner, Henry snorted and walked out himself. When he was passing by Nora, he stopped and said angrily, "I have legs; I can go by myself! Don't be too smug about this though, Nora! I'm your father. Just by this relationship alone, you'll never be able to get rid of me!"

The look in Nora's eyes was icy-cold.

She didn't say anything. Instead, she popped her wrist joints loudly, causing a frightened Henry to quicken his footsteps. Before he exited, he nevertheless couldn't stop himself from saying, "I won't give up so easily!"

After the two detestable people finally left, Nora went upstairs.

As soon as she entered her bedroom, her cell phone rang.

She looked down and saw that it was Lily. When she answered, Lily said, "Anti, the DNA test results are out!"

Nora looked up. Lily laughed and asked, "Is it you who's not your father's biological daughter, or is it your younger sister who isn't?"