She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 131 - Mother And Daughter Meet Each Other

Chapter 131 - Mother And Daughter Meet Each Other

Chapter 131 - Mother And Daughter Meet Each Other

Caleb was also stunned. He looked at Justin in disbelief and then at Nora before he asked hesitantly, "The mother of his child?"

Nora's expression turned solemn.

Had Justin discovered the truth?

While she was wondering about it, Justin glanced at her and said casually, "Ms. Smith and Pete get along very well. Pete also considers her his Mommy."

Nora breathed a sigh of relief. So, that was what he meant… That guy could totally scare someone to death with his words.

Caleb also heaved an obvious sigh of relief. He lowered his gaze and said with a smile, "Mr. Hunt is certainly fond of cracking jokes.. Those who didn't know any better would've thought that Ms. Smith's child was yours…"

He was clearly trying to provoke Justin with his words.

Had Nora's child not been Justin's, he would definitely have pulled a long face. However, Justin instead said with a smile, "If I start a family with Ms. Smith, I will definitely treat her daughter like my own."

Cherry, who was in his arms, pursed her lips in contempt when she heard what he said. Who was it that deleted her from his Facebook account?!

Caleb, who didn't seem to expect that he would say that, was a little stunned. After a brief moment, he looked at Nora and asked, "What about you, Ms. Smith?"

Nora also wanted to reject Caleb. Now that she had a ready excuse, she might as well just use it.

Thus, she said, "Yes, I've been fond of Mr. Hunt for a long time now. Besides, my marriage agreement with the Grays has already been canceled a long time ago in California."

There was a melancholic look in Caleb's eyes. He heaved a heavy sigh and said, "Alright, then. I originally only took out the marriage agreement to help you out of that situation anyway… It's better to make friends than enemies. Your mother was also good friends with the Grays back then, and I can't just kick you while you're down now, either."

Then, he added, "But it is ultimately the Grays who did something wrong first. How about this? Let's take it that I owe you a favor. I will definitely repay it if I have a chance to in the future."

Nora had originally thought that Caleb had come all the way to New York with the marriage agreement because of her. Little did she expect that he would let go so easily.

She immediately felt guilty for harboring such petty thoughts about him just now. She hastily waved and said, "It's not the Grays' fault. I was the one who got pregnant before the marriage. It's understandable that the Grays would want to break off the engagement."

Caleb, however, shook his head and said, "You didn't know how you became pregnant, either. It wasn't right of the Grays to abandon you under those circumstances. You don't have to say any more, Ms. Smith. If there's anything you need my help with in the future, just let me know."

"… Okay."

Caleb smiled again and said, "I'll head off first, then."

Seeing him turn to leave, Nora called out to him, "Please wait a moment, Mr. Gray."

Caleb looked back at her with his clear and gentle eyes.

The way he looked was as if she was a scumbag.

Nora coughed and said, "Can you rip up the marriage agreement?"

Caleb smiled and said, "I was originally intending to keep it, but since you've asked, I'll just return it to you."

He took out the marriage agreement again and handed it to Nora. "I went to California once when I came back to the States this time. My father had taken out the marriage agreement to burn it up, but I happened to see it, so I kept it instead."

Nora examined the marriage agreement—it was identical to the one she had torn up. She balled up the marriage agreement and placed it in her pocket.

Justin narrowed his eyes when he saw what she did.

As expected, Anti really was a careful person. She knew that she mustn't leave any traces of it behind, so she must be planning to destroy it completely at home instead.

Caleb smiled.

He had actually arrived at the same conclusion as Justin's and thought that she was intending to bring it home and destroy it there.

Cherry, who was in Justin's arms, was the only one who couldn't help but face-palm. Mommy was simply too lazy. She wasn't even willing to spend the energy to tear up the marriage agreement, let alone having to take a few steps to toss it into the trash?

If she was that free, she would definitely rather sleep for a few more seconds instead.



At the kindergarten.

Pete went to school in a dress. The other children surrounded him as soon as he entered the classroom.

"Cherry, your live-stream yesterday was so exciting!"

"Boss, did you see the virtual gift I sent you? It's a whole $150,000, you know! I took really long to save that amount of money!"

"Me too! Me too! I also sent you $15,000!"

"And me! And me! I also sent you $15,000!"


While everyone was talking, tiny little Mia whispered, "Cherry, I also sent you $150,000!"

Pete found the others awfully noisy and annoying, but Mia spoke in a timid manner. Her voice was melodious and pleasant to the ear, so he was a little more patient toward her than toward the others.

He nodded at Mia. Then, he walked toward his seat expressionlessly and coolly, took out his Mathematical Olympiad worksheets, and started working on it.

Seth was about to come over and talk to Cherry, but as soon as he approached, he noticed that Pete was doing his Mathematical Olympiad assignments. He glanced at it silently and was shocked.

The problems that Cherry was solving were much more complex than his. On top of that, they were two grades higher!

He looked at Cherry with a complicated look on his face and silently moved away.

The teachers had also noticed Cherry's unusual behavior, but given how Mrs. Lowe had abused her the day before, it was normal that she would be down in the dumps today.

Thus, they sympathized with her very much and gave her extra meat during mealtime! They also removed all the vegetables that she didn't like.

Pete, who had never experienced such warmth from others, fell silent.

He looked at the kindergarten with his cool and distant eyes, feeling as if something had been set free in his heart.

A small hand grabbed his at this point. Right after that, Mia's timid voice reached him. "Are you a boy today, Cherry?"

Pete was taken aback. He asked, "How did you know that?"

Mia, who was a little embarrassed, replied, "It's because you're always very lively and never quiet when you're a girl. But when you're a boy, that's when I can get an opportunity to talk to you~"

Pete, "…"

While he was in a daze, Mia suddenly came near, leaned into his ear, and said, "Don't be scared, Cherry. Daddy told me that they're gonna change our dance teacher. It seems like something has happened to the Lowes. Did you notice? Sinead the Doggy isn't even in school today."

Pete, "?"

Was Cherry very scared of the dance teacher?

It was really ticklish how the girl was leaning into his ear to speak, though.

While the two were talking, Ms. Lynn came in with a woman. She said, "This is our new dance teacher~ Her name is Tanya Turner, and she's even more famous than Mrs. Lowe. She'll be teaching everyone how to dance in the future! Please clap for her, everyone!"

Pete applauded with the rest of the children.

Soon, it was time for dance lessons. When Tanya was teaching the children how to dance, she noticed a small and petite child who had a look of envy on her face outside the classroom.

For some reason, even though there were so many children in the kindergarten, Tanya found this child especially heartwarming at first sight.

She walked over to her and squatted down. Just as she was about to speak, Mia suddenly closed her eyes and fainted!