She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 130 - She's My Son's Mother, So You Don't Have To Bother Yourself Taking Care Of Her

Chapter 130 - She's My Son's Mother, So You Don't Have To Bother Yourself Taking Care Of Her

Chapter 130 - She's My Son's Mother, So You Don't Have To Bother Yourself Taking Care Of Her

The private room was in complete silence.

With a deep look in his eyes, Justin looked straight at Nora and asked, "What kind of difficulties?"

Nora couldn't figure out what the man was thinking, so she felt that she couldn't tell him everything at once. She had to take it slow. What if that domineering man took the two children away and refused to let her see them anymore after she told him the truth?

Nora had never been one to do things she wasn't confident about, especially when her children were involved. She lowered her gaze and said, "All mothers love their children. Maybe someone took the child from her when she had only just given birth? Or maybe she has been looking for the child all these years?"

Justin's jaw tightened. He asked, "Then can you tell me how she became pregnant with my child?"

How she became pregnant?

How would Nora possibly know?!

She shook her head. "Even you don't know how the child came about.. Maybe she doesn't know, either?"

Nora raised her head. Her almond-shaped eyes were very dark on her deathly pale countenance. However, her eyes glinted with a dark light as she said, "Of course, I'm not trying to make excuses for her. Since she has brought the baby into the world, it is her negligence as a mother that she failed to foresee what came next and failed to protect her child."

She had spent every day in pain and regret during the past five years.

Back then, she had immediately contacted her aunt abroad when she discovered that she was pregnant. Her aunt had wanted to come back to the States to take her right away, but because Nora was in the midst of developing a drug, she had been reluctant to leave. Thus, the two of them had agreed that her aunt would only come back for her during her ninth month of pregnancy.

Cold-hearted people like the Smiths would never help her to raise her children.

She had envisioned many different scenarios, but she had never expected that she would give birth prematurely. Neither did she expect Henry to be so vicious! How exactly had he brought himself to bury his own grandchild with his own hands?

After that, she had blamed herself and regretted her actions countless times, but it was all useless and to no avail.

Justin looked at her. Even though she was expressionless, she gave off an air of pain. He wanted to ask what exactly had happened back then, but he suddenly couldn't bring himself to ask any more.

From the way she doted on Pete so excessively, it was obvious that she wasn't someone who would abandon her son.

Moreover, she was Anti. Money was pretty much within easy reach for her. There was no way she would be interested in a mere 1.5 million dollars! Therefore, the woman who had called him anonymously that time wasn't her at all!

Unfortunately, he had really dug up a baby at the location that the woman had given to him and seen that the baby was on the brink of death. After that, he had also had a DNA paternity test done and verified that the baby was indeed his child. He then tried to trace Pete's mother's phone number, but by then, she had already disappeared off the face of the earth. All traces of her had been erased.

At that time, he had thought that the woman must be afraid that he would seek revenge on her. Even though he had never stopped looking for her all these years, he didn't put much effort into it anymore, either.

After all, she was Pete's mother. Was he really supposed to kill her after he found her?

But now that he thought about it again, how would someone who had the ability to escape his tracking efforts and leave him clueless after calling him possibly lack those 1.5 million dollars?


In the midst of his thoughts, his cell phone suddenly beeped. It was Lawrence sending him information on Caleb. Justin glanced at Nora—she was looking straight ahead blankly as if she was still stuck in her memories. He didn't bother her and opened the email instead.

The email contained all of Caleb's information.

Name: Caleb Gray

Age: 29

Height/Weight: 6'1", 154 lbs

Health: Frail and sickly

Justin frowned when he saw this.

No wonder he wasn't married yet despite being 29 years old. It was probably his 'frail and sickly' constitution that was holding him back.

He continued to read on. The further he read, the more grave his expression became.

Lawrence didn't dare to give him any subjective assumptions, so everything he sent was information that he had found during his investigation.

The Grays in California first made their fortune in Canada, but Caleb's father had returned to the States with his eldest brother 25 years ago and settled down in California.

Afterward, the Grays and Nora's mother, Yvette Anderson, were in frequent contact, so they decided to let their children marry each other.

As far as the Grays were concerned, as the second son, Caleb had never been involved with the Grays' domestic businesses and had grown up abroad the whole time as if he had been exiled.

He was very smart. He enrolled into college at the age of twelve, did his doctorate studies at fifteen, and became a pharmacist after that. However, he gave up being a pharmacist very quickly. One could say that he had left the industry to become a businessman.

His return to the States this time was because he had fallen out with the Grays in California. He planned to open a pharmaceutical factory in New York.

There didn't seem to be any problems with his life history, and he seemed very much like an unfavored second son of the family. The strange thing here, however, was that the Grays made overseas phone calls almost every other day.

Lawrence actually couldn't find out where they were calling.

However, ever since Caleb returned to the States, the Grays had stopped making overseas phone calls.

In addition, the Grays' very first business asset in California had also been a pharmaceutical factory. However, none of the other Grays had ever done anything related to medicine!

Something was definitely wrong here.

Nora had recovered while Justin was thinking. She glanced at Cherry again and asked with a smile, "Cherry… Pit, you'll be going to the Quinn School of Martial Arts tomorrow, right?"

She would be able to switch the children back once she was there.

After all, the little fellow had classes to attend!

Cherry's big cute eyes blinked and she nodded. "Uh-huh!"

But as soon as she said that, Justin said, "We're taking a day off tomorrow, so he won't be going over."

Cherry and Nora, "??"

Both of them looked at Justin, only to see him say without batting an eyelid, "I have to go to the main house tomorrow, so I'll be taking Pete there."

He hadn't spent enough time with his daughter yet. How could he let them switch back?

Once he sent Cherry to the Quinn School of Martial Arts, she wouldn't be coming back anymore!

Justin had already figured it out. He would take Cherry to the main house the next day and stay there for a few days. This way, Grandma and Mom would be able to spend some time with her. At the same time, he would also renovate the villa and set up a room for his daughter!

Nora's lip corners spasmed. "When will Pete be going to the Quinn School of Martial Arts, then?"

Justin glanced at her and said with a smile, "Next month, I suppose."


Nora gave Cherry a look that screamed "You're on your own". Then, she stood and said, "Okay. In that case, that's it for our chat today, Mr. Hunt!"

She walked to the door. As soon as she opened it, she saw Caleb standing nearby. His melancholic eyes looked over the moment the door opened. "Since the two of you are done with your talk, is it our turn now, Ms. Smith?"

Before Nora even said anything, Justin said, "You can just talk in this private room."

It was just as well that Nora couldn't be bothered to go somewhere else, either. Besides, the private room had likely already been paid for, so she nodded and said, "Okay, that works."

However, when Caleb entered the private room, he saw that Justin was still seated inside.

Caleb was taken aback for a moment. Then, he took a seat gracefully. His thin and moist lips looked rather bewitching on his overly pale face. He was good-looking and his eyes looked terribly innocent. He said, "Ms. Smith, about the marriage agreement…"

Before he could finish, however, he was interrupted by Justin's icy words.

"Mr. Gray, the marriage agreement has been voided. I won't be troubling you to take care of the mother of my child."

Nora, "???"