She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 104 - Don't Hold Up Daddy's Birthday Celebrations

Chapter 104 - Don't Hold Up Daddy's Birthday Celebrations

Chapter 104 - Don't Hold Up Daddy's Birthday Celebrations

"Daddy?" Melissa was taken aback. "What Daddy?"

Nora replied frankly, "It's Cherry's father."

Melissa became even more confused. "He's in New York?"

When she was checking Nora's background back then, it was said that her premarital pregnancy had come about due to illicit sexual conduct. However, Melissa didn't think that she was a loose woman, so she must have been deceived instead.

Therefore, she subconsciously thought that Cherry's father must be a bad person.

And now, despite everything he had done, he had come to New York to look for them?

While she was lost in thought, Nora took Cherry's hand and went out. Melissa watched the two of them from the back.

The lazy and sloppy adult held her hands behind her head and dragged her feet when she walked, while the child automatically grasped the corner of her clothes and skipped alongside her obediently.

Neither of them were walking properly in the traditional sense, yet they formed an inexplicably harmonious and heartwarming sight.

Nora was still driving the Andersons' jeep today. Her movements were neat and snappy as she got into the car. She got Cherry to sit properly in the backseat. After putting on the seatbelt, she stepped on the gas pedal and the car zoomed out.

Her driving was a little daredevil, but Cherry wasn't afraid.

She reduced the half-hour-long journey to just fifteen minutes.

The Hunts owned a large manor, but it was said to house a few generations of the Hunts, so Justin lived elsewhere with his son instead.

Soon, Nora's car arrived at the guardhouse. Visitors were usually required to register at the guardhouse, but as soon as she slowed down, the guard immediately said, "Ms. Smith, Mr. Hunt has already notified us that you're coming today. Please proceed."

Nora raised her brows. Surprise flashed across her eyes. She hadn't expected Justin to be so considerate.

But when one thought about it, it made sense. It must be very crowded and busy when a golden boy high up in the air like him held a birthday party, so he must have already given the guards the guest list a long time ago, right?

Otherwise, it would be too much trouble to register the visitors and call the host one by one.

With that in mind, she drove into the villa complex.

The villa complex was very big and the environment very beautiful.

The last time Nora was here, was when she had learned that Pete was her son. Pete had brought her here to look for Cherry. It was very late that night and she hadn't been in any mood to appreciate the surroundings that time either.

As she looked around, she noticed that there was even a small stream inside. The villa complex was built next to hills and rivers, so the surroundings were very unique and distinctive. In addition, there were only a few villas inside, each situated very far away from the other, so it was very quiet and peaceful there.

When she turned the corner, someone suddenly rushed to the front of the car.


Nora slammed on the brakes. Inertia caused her body to lean forward a little. When she sat up straight to see who exactly it was being so reckless, someone knocked fiercely on the car window by the side.

She turned to the side to see a few big and muscular men standing there and beckoning to her.

A few people stood in front of and behind the car, trapping her and leaving her nowhere to go.

Nora frowned unhappily. She rolled down the window, casually rested an arm on the door, and asked lazily, "What is it?"

The man standing by the window had a long scar on his face and looked very fierce and menacing. He roared, "Get out of the car!"

Nora, "?"

Tsk. Were they trying to scare her?

She didn't move. Her cat-like eyes were downcast as she asked, "Is something the matter?"

Scarface was about to say something when someone beside him sighed in admiration and commented, "Hey, that chick is gorgeous!"

As soon as he said that, malicious looks suddenly appeared in the other men's eyes and they stared at Nora greedily.

Scarface frowned and ordered in a low voice, "Our target is the Hunts' little mister. Don't create any unnecessary trouble! If women are what you want, you can get any woman you want after we finish the job and get our money!"

He was likely the leader of the group. After he said that, no one made any more movements, though they continued to stare at Nora.

Nora, however, frowned and asked, "Is your target the Hunts' little mister?"

"Yes!" Scarface looked through the window at the backseat. He said, "If you know what's good for you, then hand him over! We don't want to do anything more than that, so we can let you go! Otherwise, neither you nor he will live!"

'Neither you nor he will live'…

A sharp look suddenly flared up in Nora's eyes.

Like what she had thought, they were indeed here for her son.

Scarface was just paid to do whatever the person who hired him wanted. Someone had offered an astronomical sum for the Hunts' little mister's life. Although it was a difficult mission, it paid more than others.

After finishing the job, they wouldn't have to worry about making ends meet for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, he had brought his men with him and lay here in ambush.

They had already destroyed the surveillance cameras in the neighborhood a few days ago and had also waited here for a very long time. However, as expected of a rich man, Mr. Hunt had bodyguards with him all the time. On top of that, the little mister was never left alone and always had at least three or four bodyguards with him.

They only either went to the Hunt Corporation or the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

How would they possibly have the guts to go to either of those places?

As such, they could only wait for an opportunity here, and now, he was finally alone!

Scarface looked at Cherry and curled his lip disdainfully.

The Hunts' little mister sure was cautious. The moment he was alone, he dressed up like a little girl. If it weren't because he had seen photos of him, he probably wouldn't even have recognized him!

As for the charming female driver, he didn't take her seriously at all.

At last, he was about to complete his mission. At the thought of the money he was going to get, Scarface moved toward the car excitedly. However, it was at this moment that someone suddenly held him down by the shoulder.

Nora calmly said to the person in the car, "Cherry, close your eyes and sing."

"Okay, Mommy."

Cherry, who was seated in the backseat, had long been accustomed to this. She stretched out her chubby fingers and covered her eyes. Then, she began to sing.

"Mary had a little man, little man, little man~

"Mary had a little man, he was so handsome~"




"Ouch! That hurt!"

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The chaotic sounds outside rang out together with Cherry's nursery rhymes. The little fellow couldn't help but peek through her fingers, but every time she looked over, she would make eye contact with Nora's vigilant eyes.

Cherry immediately looked ahead of her obediently. She didn't dare to peek anymore.

At the same time, she also became a lot more well-behaved.

Sigh, Mommy was just too ferocious.

Those baddies were just too pitiful~

By the time she finished the nursery rhyme, the seven to eight large and muscular men outside were all sprawled on the ground.

Scarface, who hurt all over, couldn't get up at all. He stared at the woman in astoundment. "Who are you?"

Given her skills, there was no way she was a nobody in the scene.

Nora grabbed Scarface's collar. Instead of answering, she asked, "What's your name?"

"B-Ben Loris."

Nora asked, "Where do you live? Who do you have in your family?"

Scarface answered her questions one by one. Nora picked up her cell phone, tapped a few times on it randomly, and hacked into the public security system. Then, she found his personal information.

She held up the cell phone to Scarface and showed it to him. At once, he was terrified. "What do you want? It's a rule in our line of work to leave family members out of this!"

However, Nora's lips curled into a smile and she said, "Remember, if anything happens to little Mr. Hunt, no matter who did it, I'll come only for you."

Scarface, "!!"

Nora dusted her hands off and looked at Cherry. "Let's go.. Don't hold up your father's birthday celebrations."