She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 103 - The Birthday Gift For Daddy

Chapter 103 - The Birthday Gift For Daddy

Chapter 103 - The Birthday Gift For Daddy

Cherry blinked and asked, "Do I need to put on a disguise, Mommy?"

At her question, Nora fell silent for a while.

She originally intended to put some makeup on her so that no one would recognize her.

However, when she thought of how Justin had blushed during dinner the night before when he realized that he had taken a sip of her drink… She couldn't help but think that he wasn't actually that scary, right…?

Besides, the unsettling feeling she had the night before made her want to know what exactly the source of danger was. Also, why had her mother left such words behind before she died?

She had a vague feeling that her premarital pregnancy back then was related to what had happened to her mother.

After the incident, she had conducted some investigations. In her memory, she had never been in contact with Justin before. How exactly she became pregnant was also a mystery in itself.

To be honest, it was meaningless to hide the truth from Justin.

In that case, she might as well be honest with him. As for why Justin hated Pete's mother so much, there must be some kind of misunderstanding involved.

She was a frank and open person. Everything would be fine once properly explained.

Having thought so, Nora replied, "… No, it's okay."

Cherry's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"That's awesome!"

Cherry picked up her cell phone and said, "I'm going to tell Pete that our family is gonna be reunited soon!"

Seeing the little fellow about to run off happily, Nora suddenly asked, "Have you prepared a birthday present for Daddy?"

Cherry paused and turned around. "Do kids have to prepare gifts for adults?"

Nora, "?"

Who was the one who kept saying she wasn't a three-year-old anymore?

Just as she was thinking about it, a grinning Cherry said, "Don't worry, Mommy! I got it ready a long time ago! I've already drafted my speech. Daddy will definitely love the praises I'm gonna sing of him!"


So, her birthday gift for him was also a crazy bout of flattery?

Excellent! This was indeed very fair!

Nora didn't pay her any more attention. Instead, she turned and went downstairs while she said, "Go and change. I'll wait for you downstairs."


It was Saturday that day, so she didn't have to go to school.

Tanya had moved to a hotel that the TV program production team had prepared for her after she picked up Cherry from school the day before, so that filming would be more convenient.

Sheril had cooped herself up in the pharmaceutical factory's laboratory again. As for Logan, he usually stayed out all night every day and rarely returned… Lastly, the elderly Mrs. Anderson was currently napping.

Therefore, the house was deserted.

When Nora went downstairs, she saw a forlorn Melissa seated on the sofa. Even though she was lost in thought, it was deeply ingrained in her to keep her back straight and pay attention to her form at all times, much like a noblewoman who had undergone strict training in olden times.

Nora walked over to her. "How did it go, Aunt Melissa?"

Melissa regained her senses and sighed. Then, she replied, "Miranda has returned to her parents' place."

She went back to her parents' place?

Nora instantly understood what had happened. "Is it because Uncle Farrell lectured her?"

Melissa nodded.

As the head of the Woods, Farrell was no muddleheaded man.

It was all thanks to Farrell that the Woods had steadily developed to where they were today. After all, times changed and developed quickly; many old-timer wealthy families that couldn't keep up had all been eventually phased out.

He was well aware of Miranda's character a long time ago.

At first, when Miranda had gone home with a red and swollen cheek and complained in tears about Nora hitting her, Farrell had believed her. However, when Melissa went over to apologize, she explained that it was only because Miranda had hit her that Nora also gave her a slap out of anger. That was when he immediately understood what had happened.

When he looked at Miranda again and saw the guilty look in her eyes, Farrell immediately reprimanded her.

However, instead of being contrite, Miranda started to make a scene like a shrew. "Farrell! We've been married for so many years! Even if I haven't made any grand contributions to the household, I've still given my life to this home! Yet the two of you are ganging up on me? It's because you think the Sonnets are inferior to the Woods, isn't it? So, you look down on me, don't you? Then fine, I'll leave!"

After saying that, she left.

Afterwards, Farrell told Melissa to go back home first. He also said that having Miranda return to her parents' place to calm down a little wasn't a bad thing either.

The two of them were husband and wife, and already had a son and a daughter after all. Farrell would never ignore Miranda for real.

Melissa heaved a sigh and said, "Farrell had an important meeting this morning, so he's working overtime now. When I talked to him just now, he said that Miranda has to admit her wrongdoings before he would bring her back home."

The troubled woman rubbed her temples.

What was wrong with living in harmony as a family? Why must she insist on fighting among themselves?

She was just thinking about it when she suddenly heard footsteps outside the door. Along with the servant's shout of "Mrs. Wood is here, ma'am", Miranda rushed into the room.

She was terribly furious, but when she entered and immediately spotted Nora, she paused slightly and her eyes flickered. Then, she stood a slight distance away and started yelling angrily at Melissa. "Well done, you troublemaker! Will you only be happy when our family is broken up and in pieces?!"

Melissa frowned. "Haven't you admitted to your wrongdoings yet, Miranda?"

"Why should I admit to any wrongdoings?" Miranda was so angry that she wanted to hit someone. However, when she saw Nora's thin but tall figure, she kept a safe distance and shouted, "It must be your doing that Farrell hasn't come to bring me back home yet, right? Do you think the Woods will be yours just because I'm not there?

"Melissa, you're so shameless! You're already a married woman, yet you keep meddling in your brother and sister-in-law's affairs! If one didn't know any better, they'd have thought that there's something going on between you and your brother!"

"That's enough!" Melissa shouted sharply, her usual gentleness nowhere in sight. She said, "Even if you're dying to shame me, shouldn't you consider Rachel's feelings? She's a daughter of the Woods! How is she going to find a husband if outsiders hear you saying that?! Are you trying to embarrass the Woods?!"

Melissa rarely reprimanded anyone. This was the first time she was talking to her like this.

Miranda was stunned for a moment, but she quickly regained her senses. She stamped her foot angrily and retorted, "The Woods? You're an Anderson now, so what does the Woods have to do with you? Do you think you can tell me what to do when you aren't even a Wood anymore? Also, I'm here today to tell you something!"

Miranda raised her chin and said, "You and Farrell have always looked down on me just because the Sonnets are inferior to the Woods, haven't you? Hah, but Farrell has decided to give up the opportunity to invest with the Lowes. The Sonnets have fully taken over the investment spot he vacated! We've already bought over the spot just now!"

Her words stunned Melissa. "What?"

At the sight of how shocked she was, Miranda said triumphantly, "You egged your brother to give up investing just to fight with me, and ended up giving us the moneymaking opportunity in vain! Melissa, are you very angry now?

"Just you wait. When the Sonnets strike it rich, Farrell will definitely regret what he's done! When that happens, he'll finally understand where his real family is!"

"Melissa, when the Sonnets make it big, both you and your brother will have to lead your lives trying to please me!"

Miranda turned and left immediately after leaving behind her forceful and sonorous statements. She didn't give anyone a chance to refute her at all, leaving behind only Nora and Melissa who looked at each other wordlessly.

A moment later, the thudding of footsteps reached them and Cherry walked down the stairs with her short little legs.. She stretched out her arms and dived toward Nora. "Mommy, I've gotten dressed! We can go to Daddy now!"