She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008: Calling the Parents~

Cheryl said seriously, Sir, we really arent. The two of us are

Cheryl Smith! Youre exactly the one Ive been wanting to give a talking-to! You sleep during the cla.s.s and play games after the cla.s.s. We have already told you that cell phones are not allowed in school, yet you still bring it to cla.s.s! And now a student with poor grades like you is even misbehaving and dating! You must get your parents here and let us have a good talk with them!

Cherry: ??

Her big eyes blinked. But before she could speak, Alexanders voice turned cold. What do you mean by a student with poor grades?

The headmaster was surprised.

He looked at Alexander.

The ten-year-old boy was already as tall as the teacher. His height made him look thin, and his delicate facial features exuded youthfulness.

Alexander was well-known in school because he was simply too good-looking and even had excellent grades. Although n.o.body knew who his parents were, he had already become the schools beacon of hope.

The headmaster frowned. Alexander, tell me, was it Cheryl who seduced you? You should keep your distance from students with poor grades like her! Or she would spread it to you!

Cheryl was also well-known in school because she was pretty, though her academic performance was average. Additionally, she could always find various ways to smuggle her cell phone into the school, even though the school conducted rigorous checks all the time!

The girl was simply just so weird.

He looked at the form that Cheryl had filled inher brother was named Peter

He was a ten-year-old genius with a perfect score on the college entrance examination!

His speculation was that Cheryl and Peters parents were likely divorced, which was why the two children had different last names.

He couldnt help but point at Cheryl, his finger almost jabbing into Cheryls face as he said, Look at you. The two of you are obviously twins and even look pretty alike, but why is there such a huge difference between you and your brother? If you were even half as smart as your brother, you wouldnt be in this state as you are now!

Alexander couldnt bring himself to continue listening anymore. It was alright for him to say that his sisters grades were bad, but not others, especially if they were saying it so nastily. A wicked smile appeared on his face and he said, Does having good grades immediately make you excellent by default? But I find Cheryl extremely outstanding too. At the very least, no one is her match when it comes to gaming. If it werent for the age limit, shed be the national champion by now.

Ha, is playing games something to be proud of? National champion? Oh, come on Shes only ten years old; what kind of national champion can she be? The way I see it, she must have bewitched you so badly that youve lost your mind! To think you can even bring yourself to say such things!

The man said, Alexander, I know youre definitely innocent. Dont let her lead you astray. Alright, you can go. Cheryl, come with me! I must correct your ways properly today!

After speaking, he reached out to grab Cherrys arm.

But the next moment, Alexander stood between him and Cherry and said, No, its fine. I think my ways also need some correction.

Alexander folded his arms, his lip corners curling into a sneer. The look in his eyes was frosty and hostile, which made the headmaster panic.

He took a step back. What kind of look is that in your eyes? Alexander, are you thinking of being violent with me?

Alexanders voice turned even colder. Dont get handsy with Cheryl.

You The man didnt have such intentions at all; the ten-year-old Cheryl was just a child in his eyes. He just wanted to grab her arm to prevent her from escaping, that was all

Alexander was well aware of this, of course. Otherwise, he would have decked him long ago.

Nevertheless, the headmaster was furious. Fine, fine, being the hero and saving the damsel in distress, are you? Since you think Im not good enough to teach you get your parents here! I want to see them tomorrow!!

After speaking, the teacher turned around and left huffily.

After returning to the office, he thought about it and picked up the parent contact list.

As Cheryl was a girl, he contacted Nora. h.e.l.lo, is this Cheryls mom? Yes, Im the headmaster at Cheryls school. Please come to the school tomorrow afternoon.

After hanging up the phone, he called Alexanders father. Yes, thats right. Three oclock tomorrow!

Nora, who saw Justin receiving a call right after she ended hers with the headmaster: ?