She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007: Five Years Later

Lets set him free.

Justin said after a moment of contemplation.

Nora looked half-amused. Really?

She didnt believe that the man trusted Trueman.

To be honest, even she didnt trust him either.

What if Trueman went crazy one day and told the whole world that she was the V16?

Sure enough, Justin then said, I will get my men to keep tabs on him.

The plan was to have someone tail him and report his whereabouts at all times. If he ever showed signs of reviving the mysterious organization, Justin would off him immediately.

Nora nodded.

Xander surprisingly also nodded, giving his approval for the plan.

Nora was a little surprised to see Xander nodding. The drowsy woman leaned against the car seat, upon which she heard the little guys voice.

Daddy Trueman has made a lot of mistakes, so its true that its inappropriate for him to stay with us. It would be awful if he led Cherry and Pete astray too.

They soon reached home in the car. After saying goodbye to Xander, Nora went to bed. However, Justin put his arms around her. Just as he was about to speak, Nora said, I finally know why Im always so sleepy.

Justin was taken aback. And why is that?

Because my plasma is the V16, all the nutrients in my body are constantly being absorbed at an insane rate, leading to my energy level always being low. This, in turn, causes my perpetual lethargy.

Nora looked at him and said seriously, So, if theres something you want to do, wait until Im up again.

A week later, after Truemans wounds stabilized, Nora performed cosmetic surgery on him. Before entering the operating room, Trueman, who looked like he was in a dilemma, asked, So, all I needed to do was to just request that you perform cosmetic surgery on me? Why did I splash acid on my face instead?

An expressionless Nora asked, Uh-huh. So, why did you do it?


Nora went on. Have you decided what kind of face you want?

Trueman answered, I want one that is more handsome, more arrogant, and more attractive than Justins. Oh, right, he has a beauty mark at the corner of his eye. Give me one too.

Nora looked troubled. I cant imagine a face more handsome than his.

F*ck! Is she showing off how much in love they are? Trueman thought.

Then, the girl yawned and said, Come on, hurry up and choose. Im going back to bed after the surgery.

She looked impatient.


When he came out of the operating theater, Trueman had bandages all over his face.

The st.i.tches in some places were to be removed in a months time while some could be removed after just two days.

However, when Trueman woke up, he found himself on a s.h.i.+p instead of the hospital ward. He became angry at once. Where are you taking me?

One of Justins subordinates looked at Trueman and replied, Mr. Hunt has instructed us to take you wherever youd like.

Trueman: !

He wanted to rage, but held himself back in the end.

He touched his face and asked, Compared with Justins, whose facial features look better?

Hey, answer me! Im asking you a question! Are you mute? Or are you blind?

Five years later.

In the playground of the top elementary school in New York.

It was already dark, but a few people were still jogging there.

I cant run anymore!

A sweet voice rang out as its owner panted heavily. A pretty little girl somewhat resembling Nora was bent over and gasping for breath.

Cheryl, did you ruin your body by playing games every day? You havent even run that much yet and youre already at your limit?

A voice that sounded a little heretical reached her. Alexander Yale jogged to the spot beside the girl and reached out to tug at her. Come on!

We must have already run eight laps by now, right?! Cheryl retorted.

Alexander curled his lips disdainfully. Pete can run for hours without panting, you know. Your physical fitness is too poor!

Cheryls eyes widened. Peter said that we should call him Peter Hunt! Pete is a nickname. He has already grown up!

No matter how old he is, hes not going to be older than me. Alexander ignored her and urged her again. Hurry up, Cherry!

My name is CHERYL SMITH!!

Cheryl couldnt help gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth.

Alexander grinned and then reached out to grab her hand. Alright, alright. Cmon, Ill pull you along as we run! You dont want Great-Grandma to say that you were brought up by Mom while Pete was brought up by Dad, and that Pete looks way stronger than you, right?

During the last few years, even though the family lived in harmony, there was no way that the elderly Mrs. Hunt would just let them be.

As Peter grew up, he became more and more outstanding. He took the college entrance examinations at the age of ten and achieved a perfect score. He had already been sent to college. Cheryl, however, was addicted to games. Although she was smart, she did not focus on her studies.

This led to Mrs. Hunt occasionally being sarcastic and saying things like children brought up by serious people were serious, whereas children brought up by certain people were oh-so-delicate

Cheryl was the darling of the family, but Mrs. Hunt was the only one who still preferred her grandsons to her granddaughter. Over the years, she had even started to accept Alexander, but she simply found Cherry an eyesore all the time

Upon hearing what Alexander said, Cheryl couldnt help but sigh. She gritted her teeth and said, Fine, well run one more lap. Just one, okay?!


Alexander grabbed her hand. The two were jogging when a strong beam of light shone at them. Then, the headmaster strode over. He pointed at them and yelled, Hey, you two! Yes, the two of you! Come here!

The two of you are still so young, but youre already being bad kids and trying to date like adults?

Alexander was stunned. Were not

Not what? Youre still holding hands, you know! What are your parents names? Get your parents here!!