Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1022 - Candlelight’s Large-scale Auction

Chapter 1022 - Candlelight’s Large-scale Auction

Chapter 1022: Candlelight’s Large-scale Auction





Chapter 1022 – Candlelight’s Large-scale Auction

“Two hundred?! She is insane!”

“With that much money, I’d rather buy a Level 40 Dark-Gold Weapon!”

Everyone inside the hall looked towards the woman who had placed the latest bid. What they saw, however, stunned them.

The woman who placed the bid was Level 41.

Among the crowd in the hall, there were only a handful of players who had reached Level 40. Meanwhile, every one of these players was an expert from a powerful Guild such as Cleansed Rue from the Hundred Flowers Palace and Cold Autumn from the Secret Pavilion. Even among their own Guilds, these people were top-ranking personnel. Even so, they were relatively far from Level 41, yet this woman had surpa.s.sed them.

More importantly, such a powerful expert did not wear a Guild Emblem on her person, which was truly surprising.

Alluring Summer? Who is she?

When she saw the woman, who was no less attractive than herself, Cleansed Rue was astonished.

She had practically memorized all of the well-known experts’ names in Star-Moon Kingdom. She also knew about many powerful experts, who hid from the public eye, in the various large Guilds.

However, logically, it was impossible for an ordinary expert to be able to reach Level 41 at this stage of the game, much less an independent player.

Cleansed Rue wasn’t the only one surprised by Alluring Summer’s presence. Even Cold Autumn was shocked.

The Secret Pavilion’s information network was extensive. However, despite his search, he found no information relating to Alluring Summer.

Not only did this woman feel dangerous, but she was also clearly wealthy.

Logically, a person like this should not be able to hide from the public. The Secret Pavilion’s records even included the notable achievements players from some cities had accomplished, yet they included nothing about Alluring Summer. This was too strange.

To Cleansed Rue and Cold Autumn, 200 Gold was not much money. However, neither of them was a fool. At this point, the Advanced Mana Armor Kit’s price was already way above its actual value. Hence, in the end, they decided to let Alluring Summer have it.

Following which, the auction for the Advanced Mana Armor Kits became a bidding compet.i.tion between these three players.

In the end, however, Alluring Summer purchased the second and third armor kit for 200 Gold each, astounding everyone who took part.

It would’ve been fine if a Guild player had purchased the armor kits for such a high price. After all, large Guilds like the Hundred Flowers Palace and the Secret Pavilion had many members. Naturally, they could get their hands on a lot of money. To ordinary players, however, 200 Gold was undoubtedly astronomical. Even expert players could not produce that much money.

Yet, an independent expert like Alluring Summer had spent 600 Gold on just three Advanced Mana Armor Kits. Her wealth invoked questions about her origins. Moreover, judging by the woman’s expression, it did not seem as if she particularly minded spending 600 Gold. For a time, everyone was concerned about Alluring Summer’s ident.i.ty. They were very curious about this woman’s ident.i.ty.

Some large Guild representatives even messaged Alluring Summer secretly, stating that they wished to recruit her into their Guilds and that they were willing to offer any benefits that she wanted. However, without exception, Alluring Summer deleted every message. She showed no interest whatsoever in these Guilds.

After Alluring Summer bought the first three Advanced Mana Armor Kits, Cleansed Rue and Cold Autumn split the remaining seven. In the end, the other Guilds and players had wasted a trip to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Just when everyone thought that the auction was over and was about to leave the premise, a voice resounded through the hall once more, arousing everyone’s excitement.

“Our auction for today has officially come to an end. In four days, Candlelight will hold its first large-scale auction. This will be the venue for that auction, as well. However, the auction will not be limited to the Advanced Mana Armor Kits. Many other valuable items will be available. Bronze Mounts will be among those items! As for the grand finale, we will be auctioning entrance slots to the Holy City of t.i.tan! We hope that you all will spread the news of our upcoming auction!”

As the announcement faded, everyone in the hall had chills.

Although they had no idea what the Holy City of t.i.tan was, they knew what Bronze Mounts were.

Many top-tier experts in G.o.d’s Domain had already reached Level 40. This hinted that the era of Mounts had officially begun. Unfortunately, they weren’t easy to obtain.

Ordinary players had a hard time obtaining Common Mounts, not to mention Bronze Mounts. Any Guild that had their own would prioritize their own experts. A Guild would never sell their Bronze Mounts.

Yet, the Candlelight Trading Firm had publicly declared that it would sell Bronze Mounts in its large-scale auction. How could they not be excited?

After the announcement, many independent experts started to consider joining the compet.i.tion for the Bronze Mounts.

After all, even ordinary experts only found one if they were lucky. However, if it were only a matter Coins, then independent experts had a chance. At this moment, some independent experts were even considering to purchase Coins with Credits.

Bronze Mounts were different from Common Mounts. Not only were they faster, but they could also a.s.sist players in battle. This small difference might not be much to ordinary players, but to experts, it was extremely important. More often than not, that small difference could decide whether or not they could solo a powerful monster. Moreover, if they had the a.s.sistance of a Bronze Mount, their survivability and hunting capabilities in the fields would increase significantly. Hence, even if they had to spend a lot of Credits to get their own Bronze Mount, they would do so. This was the equivalent of investing into one’s business.

What? Is Zero Wing that desperate for money? They’re even selling the t.i.tan City slots?

The announcement surprised Cold Autumn. The majority of the players present might not know what the Holy City of t.i.tan was, but he knew. After all, Pantheon had exposed the truth about the Holy City to G.o.d’s Domain’s various super powers. So, he understood how valuable the slots to t.i.tan City were.

What an interesting Guild. Everyone believes that Zero Wing will succ.u.mb to Blackwater’s attack. It seems that they have underestimated Zero Wing’s foundations.

Cleansed Rue smiled upon hearing this announcement, her interest in Candlelight’s large-scale auction growing.

After the auction, players left the Candlelight Trading Firm, one after another. However, once outside the Shop, they found that a group of Level 39 expert players radiating killing intent had surrounded the trading firm’s entrance. Every one of these players wore Blackwater’s Guild Emblem. Seeing this, ordinary players moved out of these players’ way, afraid of attracting their attention.

Suddenly, a tall, robust man wearing silver battle armor stepped into Alluring Summer’s way and asked sternly, “Are you the one who purchased the Advanced Mana Armor Kits?”