Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1021 - Astronomically Priced Armor Kit

Chapter 1021 - Astronomically Priced Armor Kit

Chapter 1021: Astronomically Priced Armor Kit





Chapter 1021 – Astronomically Priced Armor Kit

“I can’t wait to see what the Candlelight Trading Firm plans to do now!”

As several players felt triumphant, thinking that their actions would damage the Candlelight Trading Firm’s business, they noticed that the player traffic entering the firm gradually began to increase, rather than decrease.

Moreover, among these players, there were even members from various large Guilds.

A flood of advanced horse carriages also began to stop near the Shop’s entrance.

“Quick! Quick! If we’re late, they will sell out!”

One after another, Guild players alighted from the carriages.

“What’s going on?” The independent players who had been banned from the Shop realized that something was off, but they had no idea what was wrong.

Although they wanted to enter the Shop to investigate the situation, no matter how hard they tried, they could not take one step into the building. They could only stare at the establishment from outside.

“Fellow brother, do you know what’s going on inside the Candlelight Trading Firm?”

“It seems that Candlelight has revealed a new product in the first-floor hall. After hearing what a friend told me, I stopped what I was doing and hurried over immediately. The new product is called the Advanced Mana Armor Kit, and I heard that its Attributes trump the Intermediate version. However, the production volume is much lower. Hence, Candlelight intends to hold an auction in a few minutes. If I can get my hands on one, I’ll definitely make a fortune by reselling it later!”

“Advanced Mana Armor Kit?”

The several players that s.h.i.+ Feng had chased out were stupefied.

They had been tasked to observe the Candlelight Trading Firm and to cause some trouble while they were at it.

Yet, as soon as they had been kicked out of the Shop, the Candlelight Trading firm began to sell the Advanced Mana Armor Kit…

Everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom and the several surrounding countries knew about the Mana Armor Kits. However, due to their rarity, very few players could actually get their hands on them. For the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, only Zero Wing’s members had reliable access to them with their Guild Contribution Points. Even then, elite members were only allowed to purchase one kit, while only core members were allowed to purchase three.

Because of this, the various large Guilds were forced to purchase the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits from Zero Wing’s members secretly and at a high price. Moreover, only their Guilds’ top-tier experts qualified to use the kits.

Now that Zero Wing was selling the superior Advanced Mana Armor Kit, it would cause an uproar throughout Star-Moon Kingdom. It was no wonder why the various large Guilds had frantically dispatched their representatives to Candlelight. Even the large Guilds, who had come to White River City to grind abyssal monsters, surged into the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Thinking up to this point, these spies contacted Blackwater’s upper echelons immediately, hoping these upper echelons would send representatives to purchase the kits. If they could make it in time for the auction, the Guild might decide to forego their punishment.

However, as soon as they began to contact their upper echelons, they heard a cheer from inside the Candlelight Trading Firm. Following which, a loud, clear voice echoed down the street.

“Welcome, everyone, to the Candlelight Trading Firm! The auction for the Advanced Mana Armor Kits will now begin!”

When the announcement ended, some new arrivals rushed into the Shop with eager smiles.

Upon hearing news of the Advanced Mana Armor Kits’ auction, they immediately teleported to White River City and rushed over in an advanced horse carriage. Had they waited a minute longer, they might have lost their chance to purchase the armor kits.

At this moment, the several incognito Blackwater members were stunned. They no longer had a way to explain themselves to their superiors. Even if someone from White River City’s Blackwater Trading Firm headed this way now, they wouldn’t arrive for at least another ten minutes. By then, the auction would be over…

As for having their Guild send them money, although the funds would arrive in time, they couldn’t enter the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Meanwhile, inside the Candlelight Trading Firm, the various Guild members and independent players began to yell out their bids.

The Advanced Mana Armor Kit’s starting bid was 10 Gold. Everyone was surprised; no one had expected the Candlelight to sell these kits so cheaply. Even the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits cost more than 10 Gold per piece.

Every player here had seen the Advanced Mana Armor Kit’s Attributes for themselves.

If a player equipped three of the kits, the kits could increase their Basic Attributes by roughly 10%. This might not be a lot to Tier 1 players, but once players reached Tier 2 or above, the boost would be ma.s.sive.

When everyone thought about how they could use the Advanced Mana Armor Kit after reaching their Tier 4 and Tier 5, the pa.s.sionate light in their eyes blazed as they looked upon the kits.

This time, a total of ten armor kits were up for auction, with each lot containing one kit. The various large Guilds inwardly cursed the Candlelight Trading Firm for this despicable decision.

The benefits of a single Advanced Mana Armor Kit were barely noticeable. If one wanted the most benefits out of the kits, they had to collect three of them. In other words, if one managed to obtain two kits in this auction, they would have to purchase the third kit, regardless of the cost. The compet.i.tion in this auction would be fierce.

Although the starting price of a single kit was 10 Gold, shortly after the auction began, the price quickly soared, surpa.s.sing everyone’s imaginations.

“Fifty Gold! The Hundred Flowers Palace wants it!” Cleansed Rue, who wore vermillion red mage robes, declared softly.

Everyone instantly s.h.i.+fted their gaze towards Cleansed Rue, gasping.

However, their shock was not due to Cleansed Rue’s beauty or elegance, but her bid.

With 50 Gold Coins, one could purchase a relatively valuable piece of Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment…

Suddenly, an indifferent youth emerged from the crowd and said, “What arrogance from the Hundred Flowers Palace. Isn’t your offer just a measly 50 Gold? The Secret Pavilion bids 100 Gold!”

This youth was none other than the Secret Pavilion’s genius newcomer, Cold Autumn. The youth had already reached Level 40 and was fully geared in Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. Many Guild members were stunned when they saw Cold Autumn.

“One hundred and ten Gold!” Cleansed Rue unhurriedly announced.

She must obtain the Advanced Mana Armor Kit. If Zero Wing had only held the auction after some promotion, the Hundred Flowers Palace might not have had a chance to purchase the armor kitt. This auction was too sudden. As a result, not many Guilds had made it in time. She, on the other hand, just happened to be in White River City to purchase Land for a Guild Residence. Hence, she had plenty of Coins on hand. She definitely had what it took to compete with the Secret Pavilion.

However, Cold Autumn did not give up as he shouted his next bid.

Within a short moment, the Advanced Mana Armor Kit’s price rose to 150 Gold, causing most players to give up on the item.

Although the Advanced Mana Armor Kit was impressive, one would only have around a 10% increase to their Basic Attributes after gathering three kits. It was not worth that much money.

Just as everyone thought that the Advanced Mana Armor Kit would go to the Hundred Flowers Palace, a woman wearing green mage robes raised her hand and called out, “I bid 200 Gold!”