Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 948 - I Thought There Were No Beasts?

Chapter 948 - I Thought There Were No Beasts?

Chapter 948 I Thought There Were No Beasts?

The girls were speechless seeing how happy Lu Ze was at the drumstick.

Ying Ying was asleep. How could he do that?

Nangong Jing looked at him with contempt. “You seized the little girl’s food while she’s asleep.”

Lu Ze answered, “Even though Ying Ying is asleep, I seized it with my capabilities. Is there a problem? She’s a cosmic realm state when she’s awake. I can’t beat her.”

The girls: “…”

Why did he sound so righteous?!

At this moment, Lu Ze finished the drumstick and teased, “That was delicious!”

He smiled. “Okay, let’s feed her.”

Although he could steal her food, he still needed to feed her as it concerned her growth.

Lu Li rolled her eyes. “Are you a kid?”

Thereafter, they started feeding Ying Ying.

After they were done, Lin Ling came out of their rooms. The girls smiled.

Nangong Jing charged up and hugged Lin Ling. “Lin Ling, congratulations on reaching the cosmic system state!”

Lin Ling blushed and broke free from Nangong Jing’s paws while looking at Qiuyue Hesha vigilantly.

These two elder sisters liked to bully them.

Lu Ze rubbed her head gently. “Lin Ling, breaking through to the cosmic system state is a major thing.”

Her combat power now should be around level-7 cosmic system state. She could stall beasts better now.

Lin Ling smiled.

Lu Ze looked at Alice. “Alice, your sister Ling broke through to the cosmic system state today. Cook some more food to celebrate?”

Lin Ling: “…”

She looked seriously at Lu Ze. He only said this, so he could eat food.

Lin Ling’s chest palpitated.

Alice nodded.

After breakfast, they went back to cultivate until the night. Then, they went into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

They appeared in the forest and concealed their chi.

Lin Ling calmly said, “My spirit eye G.o.d art is much stronger now. I’ll see if I can find the hiding beasts under the sand.”

The group was excited. That would mean their skill would go up quite a bit.

Lin Ling’s eyes glowed as she looked. She frowned and uttered, “I didn’t find anything special within a thousand-kilometer walk.”

Lu Ze answered, “Then, let’s go somewhere else.”

Every period of distance, they would stop, and Lin Ling would use her spirit eye G.o.d art to check the surroundings.

Half an hour later, Lin Ling pointed in a direction. “There’s a spirit force gathered there. It doesn’t seem to be very strong.”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. “Keep being vigilant. Let’s go over it.”

Everyone became serious as they took out their weapons.

When they were near the region, the sand suddenly erupted.

Twelve huge figures appeared behind them. The strongest was a level-4 cosmic system state sand beetle.

Lu Ze smiled and exclaimed, “Attack!”

Lu Ze charged up towards the level-4 beetle. Nangong Jing charged towards the other level-4 beetles.

Lin Ling held her spear and charged towards the rest of the beetles with Alice’s fire clones.

A few seconds later, Lu Ze killed his opponent and then helped Nangong Jing kill hers.

The rest of the beetles were easily finished off.

The group was slightly tired, but this was so much better than using up all their energy when they first came here.

Lin Ling could easily dodge the beetle’s attacks now. She didn’t even get injured this time.

Nangong Jing giggled. “Great job Lin Ling! Now I don’t have to worry.” The rest of them smiled too.

With her power, she could even barely stall a level-4 cosmic system state for a while.

At this moment, the bodies turned to dust.

There was another earth crystal and earth G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze said, “It seems we’re very lucky today. We got so much in the first round.”

The others rejoiced too.

They soon headed off hunting again.

Same rules, they would get Lin Ling to search for prey in a new area.

The desert was extremely large, and their speed was greatly suppressed. They also needed to dodge bosses that could appear at any time. After six hours, Lu Ze and the girls had hunted six waves of beetles. This skill was twice as much as before.

Among the beasts, six level-4 cosmic system state sand beetles were slain. There were 30 drops of red and purple liquid. Lu Ze used two a day. This was enough for half a month.

Nangong Jing and the group could only use level-3 liquids as their bodies weren’t strong enough.

Lu Li and Alice could barely use the level-2 liquid.

They also acquired another chi concealing G.o.d art orb, two sand G.o.d art orb, and a crystal. This huge harvest made all of them smile.

When they came to the next region, Lin Ling scanned the surroundings and said, “There’s no prey here.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s go somewhere else then.”

They headed off in a random direction.

A few hundred kilometers later, the sand suddenly erupted. Their bodies felt tense as a huge mouth opened in the sand and engulfed them.

Back in the room, everyone looked at Lin Ling.

Nangong Jing curiously asked, “Lin Ling, didn’t you say there were no beasts? What was that?”

Lin Ling answered, “My spirit eye G.o.d art didn’t detect it.”

Lu Ze interestingly uttered, “That beast was very strong. It might be a level-8 cosmic system state. It probably had stronger chi stealth G.o.d art. That’s why Lin Ling couldn’t see it.”

There was nothing Lin Ling could do.

Qiuyue Hesha answered, “Think of the better part. Lin Ling’s G.o.d art can’t help us completely avoid danger, but it can help us find weak beasts to hunt.”

“We killed six waves today. This had never happened before.”

Lu Li said, “We’re going to die once every day anyways. As long as we get enough loot, it’s worth it.”