Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 947 - That Could Happen?

Chapter 947 - That Could Happen?

Chapter 947 That Could Happen?

Inside the main s.h.i.+p, the Shenwu Army soldiers were either doing their jobs or resting. When this light appeared, they were dazed, and everyone rejoiced.

They were too familiar with this phenomenon.

The commander instantly roared, “Quick! I don’t know which young duke broke through. Everyone get ready. Other than those of necessary positions, everyone else, go cultivate! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Cherish it!”

He grinned. “He’s indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. We’re benefitting so much from this. When we get back, how are those other legions going to compare with us!”

The commander sat down immediately and closed his eyes to cultivate.

In the resting area, Barbarian Race Suite. Man Kun was cultivating.

His target was to become a cosmic cloud state and return the Barbarian Race to its former glory.

Hope seemed slim. Talent and hard work were both necessary.

He initially thought his talent wasn’t bad, but after seeing Lu Ze, he didn’t feel too good.

Now, he felt his talent was just ordinary. It was only after Lu Ze gave him the golden fruit wine that his talent became slightly better.

He didn’t want to compare with Lu Ze anymore. Mortals couldn’t compare with such monsters.

After his barbarian king’s body progressed, he became more confident.

Of course, he still needed to work hard.

Now, he was either cultivating or on the path to cultivating

At this moment, Man Kun felt this invisible wave. For some reason, he suddenly felt he had a better understanding of the secrets of the universe.

He opened his eyes in shock.

What was going on?

When he saw this endless glamour and light, and even managed to see the truth to the universe surging up his mind, Man Kun exclaimed, “What is this?”

He had never seen anything like this. He felt tense… It seemed to be good, but it wasn’t certain. He still needed to stay vigilant.

Man Kun charged up into the lobby.

Man Xiu and the two race elders charged out as well.

Man Kun asked, “Elder Man Da, what is going on?”

Man Xiu was also shocked and confused.

Man Da looked at the light with disbelief.

“This… is impossible. No way… how could this level of a phenomenon appear here?”

He looked at the other level-7 cosmic system state elder.

Both of them saw in disbelief and shock from each other’s eyes.

They had lived for ten thousand years and knew much more than Man Kun and Man Xiu.

This was a phenomenon.

And, it contained such terrifying universal origin knowledge. Even when the Barbarian Race was at their prime, they didn’t have a prodigy who could create such a phenomenon! They were certain that other cosmic cloud state civilizations didn’t have such prodigies either.

Perhaps only the Elf Race would have such a prodigy? Yet, they saw one here. Man Kun exclaimed, “Phenomenon??? This is a phenomenon???”

They knew that it was, but was a phenomenon this terrifying?

The two elders’ mouths twitched as they saw Man Kun and Man Xiu doubting life.

This difference was indeed a bit huge.

Man Da patted Man Kun’s shoulder and said, “Kun, your talent is already very great. If you work hard, there are still hopes of becoming a cosmic cloud state. You don’t need to compare with Lu Ze and the girls.”

To be able to create such a phenomenon, one could imagine how terrifying their talents were.

The other elder sighed. “No wonder he’s a prodigy favored by a cosmic realm state being. This is too terrifying. The two of them had lived for ten thousand years and yet, might not be able to beat Lu Ze who only lived 20 years.

After some silence, Man Da said, “Go cultivate. This phenomenon is quite a good fortune for us. Grasp it.”

The two prodigies nodded. It seemed they should follow Ze to improve.

Just these few days, all these things had benefited them a lot. Man Kun nodded. “Okay.”

They went back to their rooms.

At the same time, the Winged Race and Round Race had pretty much the same situation. They also went back to their rooms to cultivate.

Ten hours later, the light slowly started to recede.

Lu Ze opened his eyes. Spirit flames were burning inside. He looked to the side. The girls had finished their cultivation. Lin Ling was still cultivating. Her chi wasn’t too stable. She just broke through to the cosmic system state and needed some time to stabilize her cultivation level.

The group got up and left the room.

Outside, they smiled. Alice said, “Sister Ling reached the cosmic system state. Our combat power became stronger again.”

Lu Li smiled. “Mhm, we’ll be safer in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.”

Nangong Jing hugged the two and smiled. “Now, you two are the only ones who haven’t reached the cosmic system state. You need to work hard.”

The two girls twisted around and avoided Nangong Jing’s hand. Lu Li exclaimed, “Sister Jing! Why are you like Lu Ze, a lewd wolf!”

Lu Ze: “???”

What did he do? He was just standing on the side.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Let’s go feed Ying Ying.”

The group nodded. Alice and Lu Li broke free from Nangong Jing’s claws.

They went to Ying Ying’s room. When they saw her, their faces became strange.

They saw Ying Ying’s blanket become messy, and there was a big drumstick in her hands.

Lu Ze wondered. “Is she sleepwalking? She can take out food while asleep? She’s truly a foodie.”

The girls rolled their eyes. “You’re the only one who has no right to say that!” Qiuyue Hesha urged. “I wonder who taught Ying Ying to be like this?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

When he saw the drumstick, he suddenly had a bold idea.

Ying Ying had always been taking his food. Today, he will get it back.

Lu Ze tried to take it out but Ying Ying was clutching very tightly. He used all his power and still couldn’t move it at all.

Lu Ze: “???”

She was that protective of her food even while asleep? Lu Ze sneered. Naive little Ying Ying. Could this stop him?

Lu Ze used a wind blade to split the drumstick. Ying Ying was just holding the bone while Lu Ze cut off all the meat.

He finally won once!