Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 941 - They're Actually A Cosmic Realm State Race, Right?

Chapter 941 - They're Actually A Cosmic Realm State Race, Right?

Chapter 941 They’re Actually A Cosmic Realm State Race, Right?

Man Yi looked around and saw Man Dali, including Man Kun and Man Xiu, who looked at the humans as though they saw a ghost.

Some of the youths of the Winged Race and Round Race also had the same reactions.

It was as though they saw something unbelievable.

Those planetary state prodigies who knew Lu Ze were completely dumbfounded.

‘This guy was a cosmic system state already?!’

‘This must be a joke, right?’

‘This was too absurd!’

‘It had only been a year though!’

The last time they saw him, he was only a planetary state.

The other three races who didn’t know Lu Ze realized what was going on.

That human prodigy Lu Ze was now a cosmic system state?! Their skins crawled.

This was too terrifying.

Lu Ze felt awkward being the center of attention.

Elder Nangong pointed at him and introduced, “Fellow elders, this kid is Lu Ze. He is the strongest prodigy of the Human Race!’

Elder Nangong announced it with pride.

The other three elders and the star states were also proud.

Lu Ze’s talent was the cream of the crop, even in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm.

Prodigies of a cosmic cloud state civilization probably couldn’t even compare to Lu Ze.

Man Yi and his group looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Lu Ze’s cultivation level was too outrageous.

Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “He’s indeed the worthy disciple selected by the master. Otherwise, how could he reach the cosmic system state so quickly?”

Marther smiled. “Little Nangong, if Lu Ze wasn’t talented enough, perhaps that master wouldn’t favor him that much. It’s all because of how talented Lu Ze is.”

The others agreed.

‘Why aren’t they lucky enough to have a prodigy that a great master would favor?’

Elder Nangong smiled. “Elder Marther, the kid is just lucky.”

Man Yi shook his head. “Okay, we didn’t come here to chat. Get ready to move.”

Lu Ze wasn’t their prodigy, so they could only admire him. Luckily, they were allies with the Human Race, so they could still gain some benefits.

Elder Nangong nodded. His face turned serious. “Our human fleets are ready. The important resource locations are marked. We just need everyone to protect the transport s.h.i.+ps and annihilate the rest of the Blade Demon Race.” The others nodded.

Elder Nangong added, “There are thousands of precious resource points in the blade demon region. There are over a hundred most abundant ones. We can divide those. Peak cosmic system states and level-8 cosmic system states, protect a fleet. The others, follow the peak and level-8 cosmic system states. How about it?”

Man Yi smiled. “You humans know the blade demons the best. You guys should decide. We brought six peak cosmic system states and ten level-8 cosmic system states. We can protect a total of 16 fleets.”

Marther smiled. “We have four peak cosmic system states and eight level-8 cosmic system states. We can protect 12 fleets.” Qiu Ji’s mouth twitched. “Our race isn’t strong. I’m the lone level-8 cosmic system state. I can only protect one fleet.”

The Round Race was a budding race too. Only their leader was a peak cosmic system state, but he needed to provide protection.

Elder Nangong smiled. “The Human Race can protect five fleets. In that case, there would be 34 fleets secured in total. We need to hurry and excavate the wealthiest sites.”


Man Yi asked, “You four have peak cosmic system state power, so you can only guard four. Why did you say five?” Elder Nangong explained, “Lu Ze’s combat power is pretty much equivalent to a level-8 cosmic system state. He can guard one of the fleets.”


The three races were taken aback once more.

Lu Ze stood quietly. ‘A level-8 cosmic system state combat power?’

‘His cultivation level is only at level-1 cosmic system state though?!’ ‘How is this possible?’

Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “Nangong, are you serious?”

Elder Nangong nodded and smiled. “Ze is our strongest prodigy. If I’m not confident, how could I let him take the risk?”

Those guarding the s.h.i.+p might be ambushed. They wouldn’t be able to survive until the reinforcements arrive if they weren’t strong enough.

The other three races understood this, but having a level-8 cosmic system state combat power at level-1 cosmic system state was ludicrous.

‘Did the Elf Race Princess possess such insane ability too?’

Maybe the Human Race only pretended to be weak.

They were a cosmic realm state race, right?

Elder Nangong smiled. “Do you guys have any more questions?”

Man Yi grinned. “We are good.”

“The Winged Race is good too.”

“The Round Race is good as well.”

Elder Nangong nodded and smiled. “Seek support if you can’t beat the attacks.”

The others nodded.

After everyone split up, they went to the surface.

Elder Nangong brought everyone to the transporter s.h.i.+ps of the Shenwu Army. There were packed fleets waiting.

Elder Nangong said genuinely, “These are our human soldiers. I hope everyone can protect them.”

The others nodded. Following such, each picked a fleet and entered the main s.h.i.+p.

Lu Ze and the girls chose to board the same fleet of course. Other than them, two level-7 cosmic system states from the Barbarian Race – Man Kun and Man Xiu-two level-7 cosmic system states from the Winged Race-Eddie and Brenda-including a level-6 cosmic system state from the Round Race-Qiu Lunand Qiu Lin joined the party.

All the other three races sent over their prodigies who knew Lu Ze clearly, so they could get along better.

Lu Ze didn’t mind. He was friends with them. That wouldn’t change even if their cultivation level differed. Whether he was inferior or superior to them was immaterial. It was meaningless to him anyway. He didn’t have friends just to profit off them.

He provided all his own resources.

As everyone boarded the fleets, they soon took off.