Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 940 - Imagination Could Be Deadly

Chapter 940 - Imagination Could Be Deadly

Chapter 940 Imagination Could Be Deadly

“Elder Man Yi, even though we have concealed our chi, we still can’t hide it from you.” Elder Nangong smiled. The barbarians gasped.

‘Did this mean they admitted it?’

They were really peak cosmic system states?

All four of them?!

At this moment, with another flash of silver light, nearly a hundred beings from the Winged Race arrived. Lu Ze noticed they also had a lot of cosmic system states. There were four peak cosmic system states and seventy or so other cosmic system states. They also brought some star states and planetary states with them. Lu Ze saw Eddie and Brenda among the crowd.

They sensed the strange mood in the room.

Their leader had clear white wings with golden hair. She was extraordinarily beautiful. She asked with a tone of elegance, “What happened to you guys? Did something happen?”

But when she saw the four elders, she opened her mouth in shock.

The other three peak cosmic system states from the Winged Race sensed it immediately too.

They were stunned.

“Peak cosmic system states? You guys are peak cosmic system states?”

The other members of the Winged Race were astonished, especially Doris who went to the East Realm Gathering with them.

‘Aren’t they just level-7 cosmic system states before?’

‘Did they use a cheat or something?’ Right then, following the flash of another silver light, the Round Race appeared. They were a young race, but they were still a bit stronger than the Human Race.

The strongest representative they sent was a level-8 cosmic system state. They only had seven cosmic system states. The rest were four star states and two planetary states. The planetary states were Qiu Lun and Qiu Lin.

They also noticed the strange atmosphere too.

Their leader looked at everyone asked, “What is going on?”

He was just a level-8 cosmic system state, so he couldn’t sense Elder Nangong’s chi. Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “Qiu Ji, kid, you are the representative this time?”

Qiu Ji smiled and nodded. “Elder Man Yi, long time no see.”

Then, he asked, “Elder Man Yi, what happened?”

‘Did the blade demons stir up trouble again?’ Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “Nothing much. The human elders actually reached the peak cosmic system state recently. We are just a little surprised”


The Round Race was taken aback. They tried to sense Elder Nangong’s chi, only to realize they couldn’t at all.

Qiu Ji gasped. “Nangong, did you really break through to the peak cosmic system state?”

Elder Nangong smiled. “We were just lucky.”

Deep inside, he felt great. He won some glory for the Human Race this time.

A peak cosmic system state was a standard in cosmic system state civilizations. All of the developments represented the acceptability of the Human Race’s power.

Man Yi frowned and asked, “Nangong, kid, I remember you guys were forcefully brought to cosmic system state with the Elf Race’s tree of life? Your essence should be damaged now. How could you complete another breakthrough?”

The others looked over.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Elder Man Yi, I wonder whether you have heard about the absurdly talented prodigy of the Human Race.”

The other races stared at the scene until something dawned on them.

Man Yi asked, “Nangong, kid, are you saying Lu Ze’s master repaired your essence?!”

The other three races were deceived into thinking everything was attributable to Lu Ze’s master. When Elder Nangong relayed this excuse to Man Dali, he calculated the latter’s inability to keep the matter quiet.

This news was too important.

In fact, the three races felt that the reason why the Human Race could annihilate all of the Blade Demon Race’s cosmic system states was probably due to the backing of Lu Ze’s master.

Man Yi said, “To repair a cosmic system state’s essence, it has to be a near-cosmic-realm-state treasure or a cosmic realm state repairing it personally… Could it be…”

Everyone gasped. ‘Is Lu Ze’s master a cosmic realm state?’


‘At the very least, he is a peak cosmic cloud state?’

He must be extremely wealthy too.

Lu Ze: “…”

The girls: “…” They held back their laughter, trying hard to keep a straight face.

Elder doesn’t even need to find an excuse now. This barbarian master established it for them.

His imagination was too rich.

Imagination could be deadly.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Indeed. Ze’s master repaired our essence. Moreover, we have acc.u.mulated experience over all these years. That is what let us break through to the cosmic system state in a short while.”

The three races took in a cold breath.

Peak cosmic cloud state or even cosmic realm state!

The Human Race was this lucky.

Marther looked around. It appeared as though there was something he wanted to say.

She wanted Elder Nangong to introduce the mysterious master. It would be beneficial to be connected with a peak cosmic cloud state or a cosmic realm state.

But it was hard to voice it out.

The other cosmic system states all thought of the same thing, but they weren’t bold enough to demand it.

At this moment, Marther’s eyes lit up. “Little Nangong, where is that youth of yours? I heard Brenda said his talent was extremely great. I’m very curious to see that youth who was taken care of by that master.” The others immediately had the same idea.

They could form connections with the disciple first!

Man Yi smiled. “Yes, where is that youth? I’m very curious about that kid too.” He looked at the humans present and stopped at Lu Ze and the girls, as well as Liu Zhiyun.

He declared with surprise, “These little guys are cosmic system states too? The new generation of the Human Race has grown? Not bad…”

Before he could finish, he heard a few exclamations behind him.

“Lu Ze? A cosmic system state?” Man Yi: “???”