Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 937 - There's Good Stuff!

Chapter 937 - There's Good Stuff!

Chapter 937 There’s Good Stuff!

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

After venturing into the fifth map, the void dimension opened up a portal to the fifth map too.

The group had their fun before proceeding to the fifth portal and landing in the desert.

They concealed their chi and set out to look for monsters.

Half an hour later, a rumbling sound echoed throughout the desert…

Powerful chi soared. There were twelve opponents. Two of them were level-4 cosmic system states and the rest were level-1 to level-3 cosmic system states.

The surrounding sand formed sand blades and tore through s.p.a.ce. They hacked at Lu Ze and the girls. Lu Ze and the girls were prepared for those types of ambush since yesterday.

They immediately used their G.o.d arts and divine arts.

There were more sand beetles than before.

Their faces tensed up.

Nangong Jing turned golden. “Ze, I’ll stop a level-4 cosmic system state beetle with the fox demon for you. Hurry up and kill the other one.”

Qiuyue Hesha immediately used seduction G.o.d art and interfered with the chi of the level-4 cosmic system state beetle, as well as the other weaker beetles.

Her energy was being rapidly depleted as she smiled at Lu Ze. “Little brother Lu Ze, there are too many monsters. I can’t maintain this for too long.”

Lu Li used her Eternal Darkness Mist and forced out the hidden sand beetles to reveal themselves. She said with a serious face, “Then, Alice and I will help in impeding the other beetles.”

Alice nodded as she sent out fire clones. They charged towards the beetles.

Lin Ling’s eyes glowed as she scanned the opponent. “I’ll help Alice and Li.” She held her wind spear and disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze flew towards the other level-4 cosmic system state beetle. After the previous battle, he finally learned how the beetles attacked.

He rapidly dodged their sand blades while closing in on them.


The sand beetle swung its limbs and struck towards Lu Ze.

Sand spun around it and covered its body, acting like an armor.

Lu Ze used stone transformation divine art.

His stone transformation divine art was stronger than Qiuyue Hesha’s. He directed it on the beetle. Immediately, the beetle stiffened.

Lu Ze instantly rushed over with his fist burning with spirit flames.

Complex runes appeared in the flame as a terrifying wave spread across all directions.

“Die!” The spirit flames formed a fist as Lu Ze punched towards the sand beetle’s hideous mouthpiece.


The spirit flame fist turned into a beam.

At this moment, the sand beetle struggled and closed its mouth.


The spirit flame fist struck its head, and an explosion rang throughout the dimension. A revolting howl could be heard too. Yellowish goo shot out. Lu Ze didn’t stop as he used the stone transformation divine art again. Qiuyue Hesha also used the stone transformation divine art. Her spirit force was consumed even faster.

But as Lu Ze’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s stone transformation divine arts were both applied to the sand beetle, its body stiffened even more.

After the shockwave receded, the beetle’s mouth was revealed to be dislocated. Yellow goo was dripping from it.

The sand beetle struggled to break free, but Lu Ze grinned wickedly.

His gloves enhanced the Earth Shocking Blow as a terrifying power surged once again.

The green wind spun around his body as he instantly neared the beetle.

Lu Ze bombarded the beetle with punches.

‘Rumble….’ A few seconds later, the beetle’s head was pulverized under his rain of attacks.


Lu Ze watched the body fall. Before he could breathe out, there was another explosion.

Lu Ze turned around and saw Nangong Jing being flung away by the other level-4 cosmic system state. She was covered in blood.

.Nangong Jing’s combat power wasn’t weak. With the gloves equipped, she was strong even among level-7 cosmic system states. However, the level-4 cosmic system state beetle had a level-8 cosmic system state combat power. Even with Qiuyue Hesha present, it was too difficult for her to stall it. She was heavily injured with just one strike.

The beetle roared and formed an energy ball. It threw it towards Nangong Jing.

Lu Ze used his Green Shadow Chant at full power and appeared before the energy ball to slap it away.

The energy ball was pushed a few hundred kilometers away. It exploded.

A 10-kilometer-deep hole appeared in the desert.

A cosmic system state attack could only leave this much damage. One could imagine how tough the sand was in this desert.

Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing. “Are you okay?”

Nangong Jing panted, and her serious injuries recovered rapidly under green and white light. She shook her head. “I’m fine. I just used a lot of energy.”

Lu Ze grinned. “I’ll get revenge for you.”

Nangong Jing nodded.

Lu Ze burned his spirit force once again as he shot at the other level-4 cosmic system state beetle.

The beetle also charged at Lu Ze with sand surrounding its body.

These armors made with sand were st.u.r.dy, but they forgot to cover their heads.

Lu Ze, Qiuyue Hesha, and Nangong Jing all used stone transformation divine art.

The beetle immediately froze midair.

Lu Ze approached it and threw another barrage of spirit flame punches.


Its head was blasted apart.

After getting supercharged twice, Lu Ze’s face turned pale too. His body felt like jelly.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha felt their drained spirit force. Theirs was weaker than Lu Ze’s. Hence, they could barely fly in the air. There was still another pile of sand beetles not yet dealt with yet.

Lin Ling and Alice were barely holding on.

In just a few seconds, Lin Ling was covered in wounds. There was only one fire clone left as well.

A level-3 cosmic system state beetle went in front of Lin Ling and hacked.

Lu Ze appeared before the beetle and punched its head. He flashed, and in less than a second, he eliminated all the remaining beetles. After the battle, Lu Ze and the girls staggered to the ground. They looked at each other and saw their pale faces. Nevertheless, they put on a smile.

Lu Ze said, “This is the limit. If we encounter more beetles, we would probably die.”

The girls nodded. Lu Ze smiled. “But at least we have more resources than yesterday.” The beetles had turned to dust, leaving drops behind.

They glanced at them.

They were surprised because other than the red and purple droplets, there was a yellow orb and yellow crystal.