Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 936 - Their Eyes

Chapter 936 - Their Eyes

Chapter 936 Their Eyes

The three races: “…”

The room went dead silent.

Man Dazhuang’s mouth twitched. “What did you say, Nangong?” All the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race were killed?!

How was it possible?!

The four elders felt great to witness their shocked expressions.

This was what you get for underestimating the Human Race!

Did you really think we were only kidding?

Elder Nangong smiled. “Are you three still stunned? I said we have killed all the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race. Now, there are no blade demon authorities who can defend their territory. We can plunder and steal their resources.”

The three races: “…”

They looked at the elders in disbelief.

Their hearts were beating fast.

They were allies of the Human Race. Hence, they had also been in contact with the Blade Demon Race.

For the past millennia, the blade demons were far stronger than the humans.

But now…

All the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race were eliminated!

This was like a dream!

Now, the entire resources of the blade demon civilization were just left behind without someone to guard them.

It was a beautiful and tasty cake that was ripe for the taking

Marther’s voice trembled. “Brother Nangong, are you serious? Are you really not playing around?”

Man Dazhuang and Qiu Li also gawked at Elder Nangong, fearing he would soon take back the words.

Elder Nangong’s face turned serious. “This is true, of course. You guys know how many eyes would befall that territory after the top powers of the race are all eliminated. The Human Race has the closest proximity. Hence, the word hasn’t gotten out yet. However, if we do the taking alone, our power won’t be sufficient. Since there are benefits, then, of course, we are going to share them with our allies.”

He smiled before putting out the offer again. “How about it? Are you guys in?”

The three blurted out, “Of course!”

All of them answered without hesitation this time.

What a joke!

They would be stupid to refuse.

Elder Nangong smiled. “In that case, let’s talk about how we will divide our portions.”

The three representatives glanced at each other.

Man Dazhuang smiled. “This is a big issue. I have to notify the race leader.” Marther smiled as well. “I have to notify our king too.”

Qiu Li said, “I need to ask our grand elder.”

Elder Nangong wasn’t surprised. He simply returned the smile and nodded.

The four races had collaborated like this many times before, just like the exploration of the ruins with the Round Race last time.

They had been getting along well all because of the fair rules they adhere to.

Barbarian Ancestral Planet, Barbarian G.o.d Planet.

In the Barbarian G.o.d Palace, Man Dazhuang left the silver platform.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his excited face. “Oh s.h.i.+t, the Human Race really earned big this time!”

He charged out of the room.

The main stadium of the Barbarian G.o.d Palace had doors that were tens of meters tall. There were five armored barbarian race statues inside.


These statues were stationary. They didn’t seem to be alive, but there was terrifying chi emanating from them.

Before the statue, there was a huge figure sitting there and cultivating.

Man Dazhuang appeared at the gates. His face turned pious as he slowly walked over.

He bowed and relayed softly, “Race Leader, I have urgent news to report.”

The race leader slowly opened his eyes.

There seemed to be stars within his deep blue eyes.

There were wrinkles on his st.u.r.dy-looking face as well.

The leader responded warmly, “Dazhuang, what is it that is so urgent?”

Man Dazhuang answered with excitement, “The Human Race has slain all the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race…”


The leader of the Barbarian Race exclaimed.

He jumped up from his cus.h.i.+on and looked at Man Dazhuang in disbelief.

Man Dazhuang’s mouth twitched. He knew his race leader too well.

Each generation of race leader also carried the role of a grand priest, making them responsible for sacrifices to the Barbarian G.o.d Ancestor.

Their chi didn’t usually fluctuate.

But in times of major events, this old man was more emotional than anyone.

The leader of the Barbarian Race rushed him to explain everything. “What happened? Tell me the details!”

Man Dazhuang shrugged his neck and looked at the statues. “Leader… We are forbidden to speak loudly in the palace.”

The leader glared at him. “Nonsense! I’m the grand priest. I have not violated anything. Don’t give me that bulls.h.i.+t, kid, alright? Our ancestors are magnanimous. How could they reproach us for something minor? Are you feeling itchy because I have not beaten you up for so long?!” Man Dazhuang s.h.i.+vered. The leader’s cultivation level was at peak cosmic system state, but his combat power after tens of thousands of years of acc.u.mulation had barely reached the cosmic cloud state.

He was no match at all!

Even if he could beat the leader, he still didn’t dare to fight back.

Man Dazhuang quickly said, “Nangong and his companions made an emergency call to us three races. They informed us about the death of the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race. You know how a civilization without cosmic system states would garner attention. Hence, the humans want us to partic.i.p.ate in taking the resources. How much the Barbarian Race will receive will be decided by you.”

The leader of the Barbarian Race frowned. “Nangong and those kids? That weak Human Race has developed to this stage already?”

His eyes looked into s.p.a.ce as he reminisced when those four kids went to the planet of the Barbarian G.o.d, wanting to form an alliance. Man Dazhuang saw his reaction and grinned. “I didn’t understand why you would form an alliance with such a weak race, but now, it seems your decision is always correct.” Their race didn’t do anything, but they could still earn much.

This was major!

Man Dazhuang smiled. “By the way, Leader, why did you decide to form an alliance with the humans though?”

At first glance, there really wasn’t anything special about the Human Race. Their weak strength wasn’t something worthy of noting.

The Barbarian Race had cosmic cloud states even before. Even though they only had cosmic system states now, they were still considered formidable among cosmic cloud state civilizations.

The gap between the two races was worlds apart.

The leader smiled. “Their eyes.”

“Their eyes?” Man Dazhuang didn’t expect the answer.

The leader smiled but didn’t explain it further.

He could still remember the four kids struggling in hards.h.i.+p and seeking a brighter future. Their firm eyes revealed their desire to lead the Human Race to prosperity.

He smiled. “Did those kids explain how they killed the cosmic system states?”

Man Dazhuang was dumbfounded. He shook his head. “We were all so shocked that we forgot to ask about that matter.”

The leaders smiled. “Let’s go and discuss how we will divide things.”

At the same time, the Winged Race and Round Race also notified their leaders.

Planet Shenwu, Cultivation Building. Lu Ze opened his eyes. His G.o.d art and divine art had all reached perfect mastery. Hence, he focused fully on improving his cultivation level.

He looked at the time. He should be eating dinner now.

In the resting room, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were feeding red orbs to Ying Ying.

After dinner, Lu Ze smiled.

“Okay, it’s time to hunt. Otherwise, we won’t have enough cultivation resources.” The girls answered lifelessly, “Yes…”