Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 905

Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Fifth Map

The black furball stiffened. It squeaked again before shooting demonic flames at Lu Ze once more.

Lu Ze dodged while recovering. In a few seconds, he had healed most of his injuries. Then, he disappeared from the spot and charged into the flames. He punched with his spirit flame fist.

The black furball struggled to dodge his strike, but it couldn’t escape it at all.


In a second, they clashed about a few hundred times.

Lu Ze appeared above the black furball and struck its body heavily, leaving a dent on the beast. The resulting force burrowed further in the ground.


Lu Ze moved to the crater and stomped on the black furball’s tail. Then, his punches rained down on the ball-like beast.

‘As a cold-hearted jungler!

He wasn’t swayed by its cute appearance.




Deafening sounds reverberated across the dimension. This time, the previously sizable crater widened even more, reaching a few thousand-kilometer radius.

A few seconds later, the black furball was crushed into a pancake and remained stuck at the bottom of the pit, lying dead.

Lu Ze panted as the black furball turned to dust.

It was indeed tiring to fight two overlords in a row. Luckily, he was capable of doing so, even though he barely managed to finish off the beasts.

All the overlords were gone now. It was harvesting season!

Nangong Jing and the other girls flew over. Their faces appeared pale from exhaustion.

Lu Li held Lu Ze and smiled. “Lu Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze looked at her and immediately recalled her betrayal yesterday. His mouth twitched. “I’m fine.”

With her presence, he wouldn’t be able to play around and take advantage of the other girls.

Alice called out excitedly, “Senior, Senior, over here. That cow had completely turned to dust, and the orbs appeared.”

The group made their way over. On top of the usual orbs, a gray crystal could be found.

Lu Ze pointed out, “There is another item.”

Qiuyue Hesha remarked, “I wonder what it is.”

Lu Ze collected the resources and said, “We’ll know once we are out.”

After all, they wouldn’t be able to check them inside the dimension.

The group then returned to the crater. Like the cow overlord, a black crystal was lying on top of the usual drops.

Alice said, “Another item.”

Lu Ze guessed, “Perhaps there would be a higher chance for more items since they are overlords.”

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze ordered, “Let’s find the black furball’s


A day later, while Lu Ze was searching, a powerful chi unexpectedly rose up. His mouth twitched.

Once again, Alice did it. Maybe, she was the reincarnation of Lady Luck! Lu Ze went to her location. She was standing before a black forest. Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha accompanied her.

Lu Li and Nangong Jing were on their way. The two of them were moving at a rapid rate.

Alice smiled upon seeing him. “Senior, I located the place again!”

Lu Ze patted her head. “Alice is really amazing!”

Lin Ling began to doubt herself. Even with her spirit eye G.o.d art, she couldn’t find a single lair. With the vastness of the dimension, her abilities were limited to the region.

‘But, what about Alice?’

Alice located the places one after another by sheer luck at an alarming speed…

As Lin Ling pondered on her inadequacy, Lu Li and Nangong Jing arrived.

The group went into the forest. The trees were ten meters tall, but the leaves were all black.

As they ventured deeper, they discovered there were no other forests except the area they were currently were in the underground region.

This forest wasn’t vast. Soon enough, they reached the center, only to come across an open s.p.a.ce spanning a few hundred meters. In the middle of the region, they saw a bird’s nest adorned with black leaves.

Lu Ze was taken aback. ‘That black furball was actually a bird?!’

He couldn’t tell at all. It probably ate too much and ended up rotund.

There was a black crystal floating in the center. The group rejoiced, “Another crystal!”

Lu Ze took it. “We have four crystals now. Perhaps we can all receive a piece of equipment.”

The girls looked at each other and shook their heads. Lu Li said, “If it is not a weapon, then you should use it.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “You definitely should. Little brother Lu Ze is the strongest. If you become stronger, then our hunting bouts would become easier.”

Nangong Jing grinned. “We will just cheer you on from the back.”

Lu Ze flicked her forehead. “Your head is up in the clouds. You are also fighting monsters with me.”

Nangong Jing held her forehead. “Ze, you’re bullying me again!”

She hadn’t experienced this treatment for a long time.

Qiuyue Hesha found it amusing. “Since we got what we want here, let’s leave.”

Alice urged, “Let’s go to the cow overlord’s lair.”

With a clear target, they reached the stone plain in half a day and found the cave.

As expected, the gray ripples were gone.

The group went inside. The hollow cave was a few kilometers wide and a few hundred meters tall.

There were all sorts of strange rocks and stalact.i.tes inside. In the center, a pond spanning five meters wide could be found, wherein milky white liquid was floating. It emitted an aroma that permeated the air.

The group was dumbfounded.

‘It is not a crystal?!’ Lin Ling asked, “What is this?” Lu Ze remarked, “Probably some spirit item like the golden fruit wine? I’ll try it out.”

He scooped some water into his mouth. Immediately, a sweet scent spread across his mouth.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

‘So tasty!’ ‘Maybe it can be used as an ingredient…’ ‘Perhaps spirit food would even taste better…’

Nangong Jing and the girls asked, “How is it?”

Lu Ze answered, “… It doesn’t taste bad.”

The group: “…” ‘But they didn’t ask about the taste!’

At this juncture, Lu Ze felt a gentle yet powerful force enter him. The consumption of the liquid strengthened his body, mental force, and spirit force.

“This is quite effective. It can improve all aspects of your power. Come and try it.”

It worked like a white orb but just not as effective.

All of them drank some until they felt their body was at their limit. Thereafter, Lu Ze began looking around. Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, what are you looking


Lu Ze replied, “I am checking around whether there is a container which can hold the liquid. Perhaps we can cook here”

The girls: “…”

Despite their reaction, they also helped him in the end. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any sort of receptacle.

It was a pity.

During this time, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “I know!”

The girls asked, “What?”

“I’ll go to the storing location of the golden fruit wine and bring over a few stone buckets.”

His brilliance as a prodigy cannot be denied!

Lu Li smiled. “Then, let’s do that after we find the green tiger’s lair.”


A week later, the group finally found the green tiger’s lair in a corner.

It was a valley surrounded by winds. The lair was located within its depths.

On the other hand, there was a desert on the other side of the valley. They were able to make out some terrifying figures in the sandy sky.

Lu Ze speculated, “That’s probably the fifth map.”

Nangong Jing said, “The chis within are exceedingly powerful. Even the elders can’t compare with those beasts.”

Qiuyue Hesha’s smile disappeared. “That’s probably a cosmic cloud state.”

This was a h.e.l.lish difficulty.

Lu Ze coughed it off. “Um, let’s just go and get the treasure at the green tiger’s lair.”