Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 904

Chapter 904

Chapter 904 This Is Cheating!

Lu Ze, along with the girls, appeared in the forest. He looked around and felt excited. “Let’s go and find the remaining two overlord beasts.”

At this moment, Lu Li reminded, “Include the two lairs of the dead overlords to the search.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, let’s find them together.”

Everyone split off in search of their two goals.

Half a day later, Lu Ze flew past a lake, and the surface suddenly erupted. A huge black and hideous head popped out. It was the black giant turtle, which roared furiously at him while shooting water beams simultaneously.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. The beast was merely a level-6 star state, but it was bold enough to challenge him.

He lunged for the turtle, and a giant spirit flame palm appeared, reaching into the water to seize the turtle. Thereafter, he held onto the turtle and treated it like a ball.

‘It is wrong to be arrogant!’

The black ball slowly turned to dust. Accordingly, he gathered the orbs.

Just when he was about to take off, a powerful chi soared up from the distance, causing him to look in the direction. He sensed Alice’s chi.

Lu Ze soon disappeared from the spot and appeared at the scene wherein Alice was standing before a pale stone pillar.

The stone pillar shot into the clouds. It was a few million kilometers tall. The bottom had a diameter of over ten kilometers. There was a huge cave within it, possessing a height of three-thousand meters tall.

Lu Ze raised a brow. He speculated the place might have belonged to the elephant overlord.

“Maybe, a girl who likes smiling is lucky…’

She actually found it.

Alice looked at Lu Ze and flew towards him happily. “Senior, Senior, I found it.” She grabbed his arm as her face bloomed with a smile.

Lu Ze patted her head and praised, “Alice is really amazing.” Alice poked out her tongue. Quickly enough, four other chi joined them. A few seconds later, the other four girls reached the place.

Nangong Jing remarked, “Alice is really lucky. You found it. We have been searching for a long time.”

The gloves were dropped by the elephant boss. Nangong Jing now wondered whether there were more valuable treasures in the lair. She was very eager to search.

Qiuyue Hesha urged, “Let’s go and see.”

Everyone nodded and flew inside. The area was s.p.a.cious, having a diameter that approached five kilometers and a height that exceeded three kilometers. Within the place, a pale crystal floated above the ground.

Lu Ze was stunned and soon grinned. “This could be an item too.”

All of their eyes were expecting something good. Nangong Jing flew over to get it. She looked at it for a long time but couldn’t see what was inside. “Ze, why can’t I see what’s inside?” Lu Ze recalled he had to touch the orb with his mental force to reveal the treasure, so he said. “It probably needs my mental force.”

Nangong Jing responded, “Okay, then let’s check it outside.”

The crystal disappeared from Nangong Jing’s hands and appeared in Lu Ze’s mental dimension. Seeing her dejected and hopeful expression, Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her face. “Wait a moment.”

Nangong Jing could only follow him.

Lu Ze ordered, “Alright, let’s continue searching.”

A day later, they found the stone plain, but they didn’t find the green tiger overlord’s lair.

Lu Ze was in no rush though. Currently, they probably wouldn’t die, unless they encountered some super-boss or caused a fifth battle.

First, they should kill the other two overlords. Hence, they ventured into the stone plain to locate the cow overlord.

Two days later, they gathered again.

Lu Ze asked, “Did we find it?”

The girls shook their heads.

They checked almost every nook and cranny of the entire stone plains, but the stone cow was nowhere to be found.

‘Who would have thought it would be like this?’

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “That beast wouldn’t have fled, would it?”

‘Will it leave its territory behind?’

At this moment, Alice said, “By the way, I found a stone cave, but something must have sealed it. I can’t go in.”

Everyone was taken aback. ‘Is this another overlord lair?’

‘Is she the reincarnation of Lady Luck?’

The range of the fourth map was counted in light-years, and yet, she could find two overlord lairs in a row.

‘How lucky is she?’

Alice s.h.i.+vered upon seeing numerous gazes directed at her. “What’s wrong…?”

Lu Li smiled. “Alice take us there.”

Alice nodded.

Soon, they arrived at a gray mountain range. In the middle, they found a lair at the very bottom. It had a hundred meters wide diameter, and there were gray ripples by the entrance. The group couldn’t even enter.

Lu Ze said, “This is probably the lair of the cow overlord. We probably have to kill it before we can ransack the place.”

Lin Ling rubbed her temple. “Let’s go somewhere else to find it.”

Lu Li added, “Let’s go to the underground s.p.a.ce. We can kill the black overlord first too.” Everyone agreed.

Alice remarked, “That guy looks so small. It probably isn’t too strong, right?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He thought these girls couldn’t bring themselves to attack the furball because of how cute it was, but instead, they were more excited than he was.

They went into the underground s.p.a.ce through the cracks in the mountains. Since the region was vast, they had to split up.

Two days later, Lu Ze and the girls were hiding in a pile of rocks. They gawked at the scene.

Before them, the stone cow overlord was casually strolling. The black furball was on its head. They seemed to be getting along well.

Just then, Lin Ling used her spirit eye G.o.d art and finally located the black ball before Alice.

The group felt tense as they watched. They wanted to eliminate the overlords one by one, but the two came together.

Qiuyue Hesha asked, “What do we do now?”

Lu Ze said, “We’ll fight them together then. Our power isn’t the same as yesterday.”

He was a level-9 peak star state equipped with pale gloves. Surely, he was much stronger than yesterday.

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Lu Ze charged over. As soon as he appeared, the fur on the ball shot up, and the cow suddenly turned around.

They stayed together to deter the two-legged creatures, but those pests still came in the end.

Qiuyue Hesha and the girls used their divine arts. Immediately, the two overlords felt their bodies stiffen.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze appeared next to the cow and punched.

Sensing the threat, the cow abolished the stone transformation divine art on itself while directing another stone transformation divine art to Lu Ze, making his speed and power a bit weaker.

Fortunately, his current attack wasn’t inferior even among level-5 cosmic system states. It was still extremely terrifying.


The spirit flame fist struck the gray ripples and easily tore them apart. It also eliminated the demonic chi s.h.i.+eld which the furball formed at the last moment. ‘Crack…’

The powerful force instantly sent the cow flying, causing its rock-filled body to break.

Lu Ze stomped on the ground and followed it. The ball shrieked and spat demonic flames towards him.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth. He didn’t dodge it.

This was a rare opportunity. If he missed it, things would become difficult.


The demonic flames burned Lu Ze’s skin, but he still approached the cow and punched twice.

His fist force instantly penetrated the cow, causing it to die on the spot.

Lu Ze’s defenses also became extremely weak.

A layer of demonic chi then appeared. The flames were consuming his flesh. Lu Ze quickly retreated. The furball couldn’t follow Lu Ze due to the stone transformation divine art and seduction divine art. “Chit! Chit! Chit!”

Lu Ze panted. He almost died back there. He quickly used his healing G.o.d art and recovered. Following such, he smiled at the black furball.