Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 884 - Did Something Happen To MonarChapter Of The New Dawn And The Girls?!

Chapter 884 - Did Something Happen To MonarChapter Of The New Dawn And The Girls?!

Chapter 884 Did Something Happen To Monarch Of The New Dawn And The Girls?!

The body of the elephant turned to dust, leaving a group of orbs on the ground.

Lu Ze collected everything-super red orb, super purple orb, super blood crystal, super blue crystal, G.o.d art orb, and a flickering white divine art rune shard.

The divine art was most likely the stomp divine art from before.

‘Isn’t this G.o.d art extremely useful?’

He could stomp whomever he wanted. Unfortunately, it was just a shard. He still needed to gather four of them to make a complete one.

Qiuyue Hesha pointed at a small hill. It withstood the recent battle. At the bottom of it, a 100-meter tall cave could be seen.

She smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze, is it the hive of the super-beast?”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he smiled. “It should be. We should go and check it.”

The three ventured inside and immediately saw the floating white rune.

Lu Li smiled. “Is this the one-time divine art rune of that elephant?”

Lu Ze grinned. “This is something good. The demonic flames from last time match the level of this rune. Its power should be at level two of the cosmic system state.”

He put it away and said, “Combining our power is enough to kill level-5 star state super beasts. We won’t have a shortage of one-time divine art runes. Let’s prepare a few more just in case.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “By then, we can fend off level-2 cosmic system state beings with these runes.”

Lu Li smiled. “If the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race dare to come, we’ll have the means to deal with them.”

One could tell Lu Li was still annoyed due to the threat sent by the cosmic system states of the Blade Demon Race.

Not just her, Lu Ze and the other girls felt annoyed too.

Lu Ze grinned. “Soon, our combat power will catch up to them.” The two girls smiled. Lu Ze said, “Let’s continue with the hunt.”

The two girls nodded.

Three days later, the three had killed many beasts in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. Among them, eighteen were level-7 star state beasts. As for the rest, they were mostly low-leveled.

As for a level-5 star state super-beast, he just killed five-three were the armored elephants while the remaining two were tigers. The green tiger’s divine art was a wind-speed-buff-type divine art.

The three of them were currently on an empty plain. There were gray stones scattered around and rock beasts completely made of rocks living around.

All the beasts present possessed rock G.o.d art.

Lu Ze and the girls killed a lot of these beasts after discovering the area. They also got several rock G.o.d art orbs.

Rock G.o.d art was a variant of the earth G.o.d art. If he could fuse this with his earth G.o.d art, it would probably be a good enhancement. Right after the group eliminated another level-6 star state wolf-like rock beast, a powerful roar reverberated.

The two girls stiffened. They looked at each other.

‘Didn’t they hear this sound before somewhere?’

At this moment, a silver light flashed, and the three people met their end.

Lu Ze woke up, feeling as though life was drained out of him.

He remembered what that sound was. It belonged to the ma.s.sive cow overlord who could turn people into stone.

Another month later, Lu Ze sat on the cus.h.i.+on of the spirit gathering room. His chi kept growing stronger. Inside his body, the fifth ring began to form. Just a few hours later, it was completely formed.

During this month, he used level-7 star state red orbs and the spirit gathering room to cultivate.

He finally reached level five of the star state!

“How strong am I now?”

Lu Ze looked at his hands in curiosity. He could sense the absurdity of the power inside him. He couldn’t really figure it out now.

‘Should he test it?’

Lu Ze clenched his hands. The power surged thereafter.


An explosion occurred as spirit flames appeared around his body.

A volatile chi seeped out as visible cracks appeared in s.p.a.ce. At this juncture, the entire spirit gathering room shook. Lu Ze: “???”

‘Oh s.h.i.+t, what is going on??’

He looked nervously around the room. Nothing was broken. Only then did he feel relieved.

He almost thought he destroyed the entire room.

He couldn’t afford to play around anymore.

If he did, he might really end up demolis.h.i.+ng the cultivation building.

But soon, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with joy. He didn’t even use full power, but the chi earlier was nearing the cosmic system state.

If he used full power, perhaps his combat power would reach the cosmic system state…

Lu Ze was in disbelief. His combat power reached the cosmic system state so quickly.

It didn’t even seem hard to achieve it.

Thinking about it, he shook his head and suppressed his c.o.c.kiness.

He couldn’t even beat a kid like Ying Ying yet.

Simultaneously, all the girls looked in Lu Ze’s direction.

They sensed a terrifying chi coming from there.

It was a cosmic system state chi!

‘That guy broke through?!’ The group rejoiced.

Alice thought about it. Soon, she walked out of her room.

Senior broke through today and possessed a cosmic system state combat power. She should prepare more delicious food to celebrate.

Alice smiled brightly.

Lu Li and Lin Ling had the same idea. They too exited the room.

Along the way, they saw each other. Each of them felt taken aback.

Immediately, they realized the implication of their actions. They could not help but blush.

Lin Ling said, “Alright, let’s cook something good. Since he broke through, we’ll let him have more food today.”

Lu Li flipped her long hair. “He will be overjoyed.”

Alice nodded. “Perfect, I thought of a new recipe. It’s difficult to cook it alone. You guys can help me.”

Lu Li and Lin Ling nodded.

The people cultivating in the same building all looked up in shock.

‘Did they just sense a cosmic system state chi?

‘How is that possible?’

There were no cosmic system states here other than the saints.

The saints couldn’t progress further, so it shouldn’t be them either.

That chi only flashed in an instant. It was soon gone. Now, they couldn’t confirm the source anymore.

The two guards sensed the terrifying chi and jumped up like a spooked cat.

Qiao Shuya asked, “Tai, you felt it, right?” The black-haired, middle-aged man nodded. “Yes, but it was quickly gone.”

The two looked at each other. Following this, Qiao Shuya thought of something and quickly said, “Did something happen to Monarch of the New Dawn and the girls?!”