Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 883 - So I'm This Strong Already?

Chapter 883 - So I'm This Strong Already?

Chapter 883 So I’m This Strong Already?

Half a month later in the spirit gathering room, Lu Ze was sitting inside while he was immersed in cultivation.

Outside his cell core, a third ring was slowly forming. As it formed, an invisible wave spread from his body. He was growing stronger in all aspects.

Soon, the spirit force continuously entered him. His third ring stabilized, and Lu Ze broke through to level three of the star state.

Lu Ze opened his eyes.


It took him a month to do so!

During solitary cultivation, their plan was to work on their cultivation level during the day inside the spirit gathering room and to learn G.o.d art during the night inside the dao enlightenment room.

Lu Ze’s speed in digesting G.o.d art orbs doubled with the help of the dao enlightenment room. His mastery of body G.o.d art improved drastically. His gravity G.o.d art was also improving steadily. However, he still needed some time to increase its corresponding combat power at a certain point because he didn’t have any foundation for it.

The spirit gathering room wasn’t majorly helpful. After all, they already had red orbs. Nevertheless, it did speed up their progress by a few days.

Every night, Lu Ze entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension with the fox demon and Lu Li as usual. They were getting more and more efficient at jungling. They even managed to stock a lot of level-5 star state red orbs.

During this time, they attempted killing level-6 star state beasts. However, they weren’t able to thoroughly beat up the opponent for a long time. If they kept going at it, their energy would run out first. Hence, they could only flee.

Fortunately, a week ago, both the fox demon and the alcoholic reached level-3 star state. Fox demon’s combat power greatly improved. Accordingly, Lu Ze was finally able to kill a level-six star state beast along with the other two.

Now, with the level-6 star state red orbs, Lu Ze’s cultivation sped up. He reached level-3 star state today.

“Now, it should be simple to kill level-6 star state beasts. I could even consider fighting a level-7 star state?”

As his body G.o.d art grew stronger, his combat power increased substantially as well. Breaking through one ring alone made him feel as though his combat power surpa.s.sed more than one ring.

Once more, the trio entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Within the forest, Lu Li said, “Ze, you’re a level-3 star state now. Should we try killing level-7 star state beasts?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “I want to attempt it too.”

The three moved through the mountains and killed all beasts they encountered. Soon, they found their desired target, a level-7 star state green tiger.

Lu Ze charged up with full power while the two girls supported him from behind. The green tiger was extremely swift. Even under the influence of Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art, it was still faster than Lu Ze. However, it couldn’t see the other party in the dark mist. It could only defend against the incoming attacks.

Despite so, its counterattacks were a major threat to Lu Ze.

After an arduous battle between them, the three were almost completely drained. Only then did Lu Ze finally annihilated the tiger. Seeing it slowly turn to dust, the three exhaled. Lu Li said, “This beast is really strong. We almost lost.”

Lu Ze grinned. “But we still won in the end, didn’t we?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze’s combat power increased a lot after breaking through. Greater than both my own and the T-Rex’s.”

Lu Li nodded. “Your combat power should be at level nine of the star state, right?”

Lu Ze patted Lu Li’s head and kissed her. She glared at him in return.

Qiuyue Hesha teased, “Li is still so shy. You are so cute.”

Lu Li blushed even more.

At this moment, the tiger turned to dust. Lu Ze picked up the orbs and said, “Okay, let’s continue.”

“Mhm.” The two girls stopped playing around.

A month later, Lu Ze woke up after experiencing another death in the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

However, his eyes contained deep satisfaction. He could finally kill level-7 star state beasts.

This was worth it!’

He broke through to level four of the star state in the morning. By now, he could eliminate level-8 star state creatures.

Back in the mountain ranges of the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he could be considered one of the powerhouses.

As long as he didn’t encounter those super-bosses, the three of them could live joyfully inside the dimension.

His combat power had reached the peak of the star state. Unfortunately, those level-9 star state beast had a combat power reaching the cosmic system state. There was a noticeable gap between the two.

It was a good thing that the level-8 star state red orbs were sufficient in the meantime.

In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, rumbling and roaring sounds echoed throughout the entire mountain range.

Chaotic spirit force swept across all directions as cracks spread across the land.

Lu Ze was standing on top of the ruins. He was currently facing a level-5 star state white-armored elephant staring fiercely at him.

It ambushed him, causing them to almost lose their lives.

Luckily, his combat power was on par with level-5 star state super-beasts.

Lu Li flipped her long black hair as black mist spread out. Qiuyue Hesha also used her signature seduction G.o.d art.

Lu Ze grinned. “I’m going in.” ‘Rumble!

Lu Ze rushed towards the enemy.

At this juncture, the elephant suddenly lifted up its front legs and stomped. Lu Ze immediately felt the spirit force gather above his head, forming two elephant legs that descended upon him. This was the elephant’s divine art.

The three of them died because of it not long ago. But now, the situation was different.

Qiuyue Hesha used seduction G.o.d art, and the divine art of the opponent was weakened. Thereafter, Lu Ze charged up with spirit flames on both fists. He clashed with the legs.


An explosion overwhelmed the dimension.

Right then, the dark mist had encompa.s.sed everyone.

Lu Ze went to locate the elephant’s stomach.

The beast was just about to counterattack when it paused for a moment. By the time it could react, there was immense pain coming from its stomach.

The elephant flew up. Lu Ze followed suit and kept throwing heavy punches that tore through its defenses. Blood soon gushed out from its stomach.

Every time it wanted to counterattack, it was suppressed by Lu Ze’s attack and Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art.

Rumbling sounds occurred non-stop as its wails grew weaker.

Finally, its life force was completely wiped away under one of Lu Ze’s punches.

Its body dropped heavily to the ground. Lu Ze felt stunned. “Oh s.h.i.+t?’

‘I’m this strong already?’

Two months ago, the three of them couldn’t even resist the elephant.