Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 872 - Something Serious Happened!

Chapter 872 - Something Serious Happened!

Chapter 872 Something Serious Happened!

While everyone was gawking, Lu Ze breathed out and grinned.

“General Iman, the defenses of the base of the Blade Demon Race are breached.”

His face appeared pale, and his chi had been weakened.

In that last moment, he inserted his own power into the Demon Flame divine art. His body was pretty much drained.

Good thing the defenses were already breached. Otherwise, he would have to rely on using the red orbs.

If that was the case, his heart would truly ache. Red orbs were precious. They were used to nurture human prodigies.

The eyes of everyone present glinted with joy

This was great!

Iman roared, “Destroy the base of the Blade Demon Race. Kill all of the blade demons!”

They were going to make the blade demon suffer a thorough loss this time!

All the star states were excited.


They charged towards the defenseless base of the enemy.

Without the barrier and the death of their respective star states, the blade demons in the base were like sheep to the slaughter.

The human star states entered the base.

Immediately, explosions colossal than planets occurred all over the base.

The blade demons were torn to pieces by the star state attacks.

The buildings were being destroyed constantly.

There was no mercy.

Lu Ze watched this expressionlessly.

War was never glamorous, but it was necessary sometimes.

Nangong Jing and the girls didn’t charge over. They chose to stay with Lu Ze.

Nangong Jing grinned. “This time, the blade demons are suffering a sweeping loss!”

Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze with love. “Yes, it was all because of Little brother Lu Ze. Ever since the two races began fighting, no side has experienced such a great loss!” The two sides were evenly matched before, but now, the situation was no longer the same.

Six peak star states, one level-9 star state, tens of ordinary star states…

This loss was over the top.

Moreover, it involved their base as well, which required countless resources to establish.

Without this base, the Geka System would belong to humans for quite a while.

Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice didn’t feel the significance of this accomplishment as greatly as the others, but they did recognize that Lu Ze made a major contribution.

Alice grasped Lu Ze’s hand tightly. “Senior is so amazing!”

Lu Li said, “Alice, you’re going to make him feel arrogant again.”

However, she too looked at Lu Ze with love and admiration.

Lu Ze felt very happy. He saw Lu Li’s eyes. It revealed everything he needed to know.

However, Lu Ze pretended not to notice them.

He smiled. “Look at who I am? I’m your man.”

The girls felt embarra.s.sed and speechless at the same time.

Nangong Jing argued back, “We haven’t completed the last step yet!”

Lu Li chimed in, “Yes! Sister Jing is right!”

Lin Ling remarked, “Narcissistic.”

He mumbled, “It’s all because you girls are always together.”

The girls narrowed their eyes.

Lu Li asked, “Hmm? Lu Ze, what did you just say?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He quickly said, “I’m wondering why you girls are so cute.”

Qiuyue Hesha giggled and so did the others.


There was a vibrant white light that swept past the entire s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze and the girls looked over. That huge monster-like base of the Blade Demon Race exploded.

The explosion lasted for half a minute.

When everything had settled down, the base of their opponent was truly history now.

Iman and the soldiers flew over from the base.

They had smiles on their faces.

Iman looked at Lu Ze with his old eyes. He patted the latter’s shoulder. “Kid, good job! Amazing work!”

He was from nearly the same era as the twelve saints. He had gone through wars, internal conflicts, and a period where the future seemed so bleak.

Under the strict rule of the twelve saints, the Human Race began to unite and grow stronger.

Despite this, the wars waged by the foreign races still suffocated the Human Race.

It was too tough.

When he saw Lu Ze destroy the base of the Blade Demon Race, he knew the Human Race would soon welcome a new era.

‘How could he not be thrilled?’ The other star states also knew how hard-earned this victory was.

Lin Yan patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and grinned. “Not bad, Lin Ling picked the right person.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang also said, “That’s right, Jing Jing picked the right person.”

Everyone was speechless. They felt the two adults were showing off.

“Lu Ze deserves the t.i.tle ‘Monarch of the New Dawn’. After this battle, the war between humans and blade demons will begin a new chapter.” “Hahaha, at least, before the blade demons create another base like this, the entire system belongs completely to us for now!”

Iman commanded, “Everyone, return to the fleet. I need to report the situation here to the saints and station some fleets to guard here.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang understood his decision. “Indeed.”

On some planet, within the void border, Elder Nangong was sitting inside a base of the Shenwu Army.

At this moment, there was a desperate knock on their door.

Elder Nangong frowned and opened his eyes.

The door opened itself.

The bald-headed Cheng Feng was waiting desperately outside. He was sweating and appeared to be in disbelief.

Elder Nangong frowned. “What’s wrong? Why are you so nervous?”

He sensed the surroundings. There were no insectoids.

Elder Nangong was unhappy. Cheng Feng was old and a star state.

How could he not be mature?

Cheng Feng relayed excitedly, “Elder Nangong, something serious happened at the Geka System?!”

Elder Nangong’s expression changed. He got up suddenly. “What happened? Did something happen to Ze and the girls?”

Cheng Feng realized Elder Nangong misunderstood him and quickly said, “No, but something did to the blade demons. Lu Ze… he… destroyed the base of the Blade Demon Race there.”

Elder Nangong was taken aback.

After a long while, he said, “What did you say?”

He felt he heard it wrong. Maybe Cheng Feng misspoke.

Cheng Feng repeated what he said earlier.

Elder Nangong’s face drastically changed. He disappeared from the spot, leaving the words, “Watch the border! Notify me immediately if there are insectoids!”


Elder Nangong left just like that…

At other places, Saint Shenwu, Elder Lin, and Saint Lin Dong all received the same news and reacted the same.