Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 871 - Break The Base's Defense

Chapter 871 - Break The Base's Defense

Chapter 871 Break The Base’s Defense

The blade demons didn’t expect Lu Ze to come out from behind the humans. They were taken aback then snarled in the next second.

“You dare to show yourself. You’re asking to die!”

At this moment, demonic flames rose around Lu Ze. The chaotic chi rattled the s.p.a.ce. All the blade demons were stunned. They looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

“How is this possible?!”

Lu Ze’s chi made them s.h.i.+ver.

“How can he be this powerful?”

Lin Yan’s eyes narrowed. “This power…” Iman recalled Lu Ze’s Lightning Palm last time.

‘Is this one of Lu Ze’s trump cards again?!’

“Just how many hidden aces did this kid have?’

The other star states also remembered the same scene where Ze crushed the insectoid lair.

Seeing this demonic flame, they felt they were experiencing a similar show.

Lu Ze was shocked too. He didn’t expect the demonic flame G.o.d art to be this formidable.

This chi surpa.s.sed the star state already.

He clenched his hands.

‘Isn’t this supposed to be a star state divine art?’

This rune used a power reaching the peak stage star state. The divine art was also a peak star state divine art. However, the peak star state standard in the Pocket Hunting Dimension seemed to differ in the actual world.

The peak star state bosses in the Pocket Hunting Dimension were stronger than ordinary level-1 cosmic system states even if they weren’t overlords.

No wonder this divine art was this strong.


In that case…

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a bold idea.

He looked at the terrified blade demons and then at the base of Blade Demon Race.

He grinned.

He used the power of the rune.

Demonic flames ignited as he waved his hand. The black flames shot at the blade demons like a tsunami.

The enemies wanted to run, but they realized their surroundings had become extremely condensed.

It was difficult to move even more. ‘How could they avoid this disaster?’

The leading senior senator roared, “Stop!”

All the blade demons went into a craze. They used all their trump cards.

Even the senior senators did the same, they especially used barely-reaching-cosmic-system-state power attacks.

However, the black flame was like the deep abyss. It devoured everything they threw on it.

Thereafter, those blade demons were engulfed by the flames like feeble pebbles.

The last victim was the senior senator who used the s.p.a.ce restriction stone. His eyes flashed with despair.

At this juncture, he suddenly realized something. He looked at the base behind him, and his body felt chills all over.

Just when he wanted to say something, he was engulfed by the black flames.

Lu Ze watched this expressionlessly. He didn’t bother to stop.

The flames continued towards the base of the Blade Demon Race.

He knew this base’s defenses were supposed to be impenetrable, but he still wanted to try whether he could breach it.

The blade demons in the base were waiting to witness a good show.

In the end, it played out in a completely different way.

The s.h.i.+ft from heaven to h.e.l.l only took a brief second.

They could only watch as the powerful star state beings ended up getting devoured into the demonic flames.

This included the six senior senators!

They were peak stage star states!

Yet, they were still powerless to resist.

All the blade demons, who were watching, were in disbelief.

At this point, someone observed, “Why do I feel the flame is coming for our base?”

Right then, the truth finally dawned on the blade demons.

They stared at the black flames in horror and retreated a few steps instinctively.

One peak planetary state roared, “Quiet! Calm down!”

He said, “Don’t forget! This is our base! The demonic flames can’t touch it! Don’t worry!”

As his words fell, the demonic flames arrived and slipped inside.

A blood-red barrier suddenly emerged and blocked the black flames.


The blade demons froze as they watched.

Green smoke began to appear. The power swept over the surrounding light-year. s.p.a.ce ended up quaking, creating a cosmic storm. The storm swept past Iman and the other soldiers as well. Those lower-leveled star states struggled to stop the storm.

Iman and the others gasped.

Lu Ze wanted to destroy the base of the Blade Demon Race straight up?!

Everyone felt excited. Usually, this type of defense could only be broken if the saints themselves came over.

‘Could Lu Ze really destroy it?’

If the base of the Blade Demon Race in the Geka System could be destroyed, this would be the most glorious victory in all these years of human-and-blade-demon long-drawn battles.

Even the saints can’t accomplish this.

It wasn’t that the saints weren’t capable, but if they attacked, then so would the opposing cosmic system states. This stalemate had lasted for a long time.

When the peak planetary state blade demon saw the barrier put a stop to the flames, he felt relieved.

He was really worried that the defenses would be breached

He turned to the soldiers and roared, “See! This is the defense capabilities of the base! It won’t be breached! Don’t worry!”

The rest of the blade demons relaxed. As long as the defenses weren’t breached, they didn’t have to worry.

Reinforcements would also come soon.


Suddenly, there was a small disturbance, and all the blade demons stiffened.

They didn’t dare to breathe anymore.

A few seconds later…


‘Crack… Crack..

Everyone was taken aback as they looked at the blood barrier in disbelief.

The cracks began to manifest on the surface of the blood jade-like barrier.

As the black flames kept charging, the visible cracks expanded.

Crisp sounds reverberated.

All the blade demons felt their hearts go cold.

At this point, the demonic flames suddenly paused and became weaker.

Noticing this, the blade demons felt hopeful once again.

‘It must be stopped!’

They had never been this anxious before.

Lu Ze sensed the demonic flames weaken. This was a one-time divine art rune anyway. It only had the power for a single attack.

He gritted his teeth and fused his power with the demonic flame divine art.

Lu Ze’s power was not inferior, but for this level of divine art, it wasn’t enough either.

The demonic flames only flared up a bit.

However, this sliver was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.


The balance was upset.

Under the burgeoning flames, the barrier shattered.

The last strand of black flames surged into the base.

Every place it pa.s.sed, the living blade demons became dust.

The metallic alloys of the base turned to water. The flames left a gaping hole at the base. ‘It was breached?’

‘It was really breached this time?!’

All the star states behind Lu Ze gasped.

They felt like they were dreaming.