Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 865 - Transformed?

Chapter 865 - Transformed?

Chapter 865 Transformed?

The level – 8 star state blade demon’s opponent was a gray-haired, middle-aged man.

The man was planning to chase after the blade demon. Unfortunately, another level-8 star state blade demon blocked him.

Right then, the blade demon understood the burden he placed on his shoulders. He had to fend off two opponents, raising the chances of his death even higher.

However, if he managed to kill Lu Ze in the process, everything would be worth it!

Lu Ze sensed the chi of the enemy and frowned. His face turned serious.

He used both fire buff and darkness buff.

Demonic chi surged around him as he disappeared from the spot and charged towards the blade demon.

In return, the blade demon snarled as smoke enveloped his long sword.


His speed suddenly increased as he hacked at Lu Ze.

The wind spun around Lu Ze’s demonic chi, and his speed also rose accordingly.

Dark golden runes flowed around his right hand, which clashed with the sword.


The ma.s.sive force forced Lu Ze’s body backward. Even the blade demons paused for a moment.

A few hundred kilometers away, Lu Ze managed to control his descent.

He looked at his fist. A deep dent from the sword was left on his gloves. Blood began to trickle out.

At the border of the wound, there was corrosive dark-red energy attempting to invade his body.

Lu Ze raised a brow as he employed all his healing G.o.d arts. Instantly, the foreign chi was wiped out as the wound recovered.

The blade demon charged up again. “Lu Ze, you must die by my hands. I’m Keke Lusi!”

The previous clash allowed him to gain an understanding of Lu Ze’s power. Sure enough, the young human was formidable. ‘He shouldn’t be!

Nevertheless, the insolent kid was actually weaker than he was, thereby boosting his confidence.

At this moment, Nangong Jing flashed with golden light as she directed a punch at Keke Lusi.

Golden fist force shot at him. That domineering power made his expression change.

The moment he attempted to block, a pink light flashed in Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes. Immediately, he involuntarily stopped in his tracks, and the golden fist force struck his armor. The power had hurled away his body.

At this juncture, demonic chi surged around Keke Lusi.

He forcefully stopped his momentum as he gawked at Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha in shock. “How is this possible?!”

He thought only Lu Ze was powerful among the humans…

‘The two girls next to him were this strong too?!’

Before he could ponder on it, Lu Ze appeared before him.

Lu Ze punched Keke Lusi’s back.

Sensing an even stronger attack, Keke Lusi’s face appeared serious. Spirit force surged from his long sword as he sliced at Lu Ze.

Right then, his chi suddenly soared, and the power on the sword became much weaker.


Lu Ze’s fist greeted the sword again.

Both of them fell back from the resulting force.

Lu Ze felt the pain struck, but he still grinned.

He wasn’t fighting alone. Before Keke Lusi could stabilize himself, Lin Ling’s eyes glowed as a golden needle shot at him. They were all attacking his weak points.

“Argh!!” As the danger approached, he roared and forcefully gathered some power. He unleashed his demonic chi, forming a dark-red spirit barrier and blocking all the incoming golden needles. During this moment, blue flames appeared around Alice and produced fire clones, which exploded near the s.h.i.+eld.

The blue flames burned in s.p.a.ce like a blue star. The scorching temperature left some fluctuations around.

Moments later, a strand of dark-red beam flashed past the blue flames, and Keke Lusi charged out. His face ended up dark-red. Blood sipped out of his mouth. He got injured.

He gasped and looked at the group in disbelief. “How can you guys be this strong?!” The blade demons couldn’t grasp the reality. They thought it was just Lu Ze who was exceptionally powerful, but the girls around him were also very dangerous despite being a bit weaker.

In an instant, Keke Lusi was injured.

The leading blade demon shook off Iman and roared, “Everyone retreat!”

They had to retreat. Keke Lusi was a level-8 star state. Right now, they only had two level-8 star states to back them up. This meant, except for him, Keke Lusi, and the other level-8 states, all other blade demons would be killed in one shot.

‘B-but those were star states!’

If only two of the three star states remained in the end, the loss would be beyond recoverable.

His roar reached through tens of millions of kilometers. The planetary states also received the news.

The blade demon soldiers felt dazed. ‘Didn’t they just start fighting?” ‘Why are they retreating all of a sudden?’

However, they still followed their orders in the end.


The humans didn’t really understand what happened. Nevertheless, how could they let such a good opportunity pa.s.s? “Kill!!”

The human planetary states roared as they chased after and shot at the blade demons.

The blade demon s.h.i.+ps exploded as a consequence.

The enemies were killed as their bodies aimlessly floated in s.p.a.ce.

Back at the star state battlefield, the blade demons blocked most of the humans to protect the fleet during the retreat.

Keke Lusi wiped the blood from his mouth. He too planned to escape right now.

Lu Ze said aloud in a cold manner, “You want to run away?!”

Demonic chi surged around him as he charged at Keke Lusi for another time. Keke Lusi retorted, “Don’t think about stopping me, Lu Ze!”

He wasn’t pathetically weak. Even though he became much weaker under the influence of Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art, he still felt confident he wouldn’t die in their hands.

At this moment, Lu Li’s eyes flashed with darkness runes. Darkness spread in s.p.a.ce and encompa.s.sed Keke Lusi.

Keke Lusi felt his vision and mental force being suppressed by the darkness.

His face changed. “What is this?”

A few runes flashed in Lu Li’s eyes. Accordingly, Lu Ze and the girls were no longer affected by the Eternal Darkness Mist.

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to Keke Lusi and kicked his waist.

When Keke Lusi sensed danger, it was too late for a countermeasure. He could barely push his sword in front of his waist to block the attack.


Keke Lusi felt the explosive power coming from Lu Ze’s leg.

His long sword was bent by the overwhelming power as the remaining force entered his body, sending him flying.

Keke Lusi spat a mouthful of blood, and his chi instantly dropped. Before he could get his bearings, Nangong Jing appeared.

She roared and punched his back.

Keke Lusi almost failed to put up a light barrier in time.


Keke Lusi spat out blood again and crashed in Lu Ze’s direction.

Lu Ze grinned and charged at the enemy again.

Keke Lusi couldn’t see the surroundings, but he knew the attacks wouldn’t stop now.

If this continued, his death would be set in stone.

Thinking about this, his eyes flashed with determination.

He roared as chaotic chi spread from his body.

The dark-red mist around him made some sizzling sounds amidst the darkness. He roared and that dark mist was sucked into his body.

His horn became red, and his chi suddenly skyrocketed. It also turned chaotic.

Lu Ze quickly halted his sneak attack and distanced himself. “Oh s.h.i.+t!’

A transformation?


Qiuyue Hesha’s mouth dripped with blood. She reminded, “Careful, his mental force became much stronger, but it is also chaotic. It’s getting hard for me to influence him.

Lu Ze said, “Don’t go up there. Li, can you still hold on?”

Lu Li nodded. “For about half a minute.” “Then, let’s stall him first.”