Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 864 - He Was Viral!

Chapter 864 - He Was Viral!

Chapter 864 He Was Viral!

Geka System Base. The reinforcements of the Shenwu Army docked at the s.p.a.ce station. Lu Ze and the others alighted. He immediately noticed Lin Yan and some high-level planetary states who were waiting nearby.

Lin Kuang and the others were behind.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang ordered a high-level planetary state from her behind, “Take the troops to a.s.semble and wait for my orders.”

“Yes!” The soldier saluted and went to organize the troops from the s.h.i.+p.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang urged, “Let’s go over.”

Lu Ze looked at the fleet of Shenwu Army. Quite a lot of strong people went over.

There were even tens of star states coming out from other mothers.h.i.+ps. They were also flying in Lin Yan’s direction.

This included Carol whom Lu Ze had seen before a few times. He was the vice commander of the reinforcements.

There was also an old man whom he encountered at the insectoid tide.

Lin Yan showed a sliver of a rare relaxed smile. “Welcome, everyone.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang waved her hand and said, “Xiao Yan, what is the situation now?” Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. He answered seriously, “It’s not too good. The reinforcements of the Blade Demon Race went to the Geka System half a day before. They have taken over planet Geka and built some defense mechanisms there. To avoid unnecessary loss, I have ordered the stationed army to retreat. We have given up five light-years of resources outside the battle line. These resource points have pretty much all fallen into the hands of the blade demons.”

The other star states weren’t even surprised.

The defense army alone, who was in charge here, wouldn’t be able to stop the reinforcements of the enemy.

Planet Geka was the most precious resource planet in the Geka System.

The most intense battles between blade demons and humans occurred here, but now the humans made the move to retreat.

At this moment, Lin Yan’s phone rang. He listened to the report, and his expression changed. “The blade demons are moving. All their s.h.i.+ps on the other resource points have been pulled back to planet Geka. They probably noticed our own reinforcement. They are preparing for war.”

Everyone frowned.

The old man said, “Since they want a war, we’ll give it to them!”

In the center of the Geka System, a planet was flas.h.i.+ng with intense spirit force waves, and spirit metals were growing on the surface.

At this time, tall sharp black towers were erected on the ground. There were cosmic fortresses outside the planet and hideous red battles.h.i.+ps that almost filled up the s.p.a.ce around.

Right then, the s.p.a.ce rattled vigorously, and a large battles.h.i.+p fleet landed not far away.

The two sides engaged in a standoff.

Moments later, tens of figures flew out of the blade demon s.h.i.+p to confront the human fleet

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and the other star states also alighted the s.h.i.+p to approach the blade demons.

The two sides stopped in the middle of the battlefield.

Their chis clashed, creating powerful winds that rattled s.p.a.ce.

At this moment, the blade demons saw Lu Ze standing in the middle of the humans.

Immediately, all of their eyes flashed with ferocity. “It’s Lu Ze! He’s here!”

“Kill him and exact revenge for our prodigies!”

“We must not let him go!”

The blade demons roared at Lu Ze, wanting to tear him to pieces.

Lu Ze: “???”

Was he that famous in the Blade Demon Race?

Lu Ze felt great.

‘He was viral!’

The other human star states frowned at this. They wondered whether the blade demons would really try to kill Lu Ze at all cost.

The white-haired man said, “Lu Ze, you guys, be careful. Don’t go too far. They would be targeting you.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I understand General Iman.”

The leading level-9 star state blade demon took a deep look at Lu Ze and sneered, “Humans, we’ll be taking planet Geka. You have no share here!”

Iman retorted, “Blade demons, you don’t get to decide our right over the share.”

The blade demon smirked. “Then, we shall see.”

The blade demon and Iman disappeared from the spot.

They fought each other in an extremely far region.


s.p.a.ce storms erupted everywhere. Their clash was the fuse that ignited the entire battlefield.


Spirit light flashed across a million kilometers.


The two sides charged at each other in a distant region.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang charged over with her silver spear too.

At this point, a level-6 star state and five level-5 star state blade demons rushed in Lu Ze’s direction.

They taunted, “Lu Ze, today you will die!”

Lu Ze grinned, and his chi burst out. The powerful chi of a level-8 star state swept the s.p.a.ce, making the five blade demon star states freeze.

The killing intent in their eyes quickly transformed into terror.

“How is this possible??” The leader was in shock

“How can he be this strong?!”

They already took Lu Ze seriously enough, but they still made an erroneous underestimation.

Iman and his fellow soldiers looked at Lu Ze like he was a monster too.

They witnessed his silver lightning before, but they knew it wasn’t his own power.

Lu Ze just reached level one of the star state for a month. Having a level-5 to level-6 star state combat power was already absurd enough. Yet, this guy’s combat power reached level eight of the star state?!

This was out of this universe.

The leading blade demon’s face changed as he roared, “Sisi Nier, retreat!”

The blade demons attempted to withdraw, but Lu Ze grinned as he appeared before the level-6 star state blade demon Sisi Nier.

He released a punch.

Sensing the destructive power, Sisi Nier’s eyes widened as he screamed, “No!”

His hands flashed with blood spirit force. The blades on his arms gathered more spirit force as he tried to block Lu Ze’s fist.

However, when Lu Ze’s dark golden fist touched those blades, the blades disappeared as though they were bubbles that had been popped. Sisi Nier’s arms also turned into blood mist. The fist force penetrated his chest and instantly wiped away his life force.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Before they could react, Lu Ze disappeared again.

‘Rumble!’ x5

Five punches and the remaining five level-5 star states were killed by a single punch.

Looking at the six corpses floating, all blade demons were taken aback.

There were only about 50 star state blade demons in this area, but now, more than 10% died.

This was a great loss!

The humans were also dumbfounded.

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “Ze, leave a few to us.”

She hadn’t fought for a long time. Hence, she was itching for a fight.

Lin Ling was also disappointed. “Yes, it’s so hard to meet opponents…”

As for the other three girls, they didn’t care.

Lu Ze laughed. “I was too excited. I’ll leave a few for you next time.” At this moment, a roar sounded, “Lu Ze, die!”

A level-8 star state blade demon broke free from his opponent and charged at him.