Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 861 - Same Kinds Can Understand EaChapter Other The Best

Chapter 861 - Same Kinds Can Understand EaChapter Other The Best

Chapter 861 Same Kinds Can Understand Each Other The Best

Ten hours later, the combined phenomenon of Lu Li and Alice disappeared. Lu Ze opened his eyes.

Water flowed around him.

He got quite a lot of water G.o.d art orbs from the big turtle. He digested more than half of them through the phenomenon.

Currently, he finally brought his water G.o.d art to star state level.

At this moment, a spark flashed in his eyes.

Orange flames ignited around him, green vines appeared, sharp golden needles formed, rich earth-yellow light danced around, and finally, there was the blue stream of water.

Lu Ze grinned.

He gathered the five elements of divine G.o.d art.

He wondered whether there was a divine art that merged the five elements. If there was, it would be formidable.

It would be even better if the divine art could throw in light and darkness G.o.d arts in the mix.

Lu Ze was quite hopeful.

If he could learn those G.o.d arts, he would become genuinely invincible.

Lu Ze put away his G.o.d art and got off the bed.

At this moment, the chants outside began again as expected.

They sang the same tune…

Walking out of the room, he saw the four elders on the couch.

Shenwu grinned. “How is it? Did it benefit you?”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “A bit.”

All his G.o.d arts had reached the star state. If he wanted to learn more, he would need more star state G.o.d art orbs.

The four smiled.

At this moment, Lu Li and the other girls came out one by one.

Everyone was happy, but Elder Nangong suddenly faked a cough and reminded seriously, “Ze, you guys have things to do now.”

Lu Ze and the group was taken aback.

Lu Ze asked in confusion, “What is it, elder?”

“During this time, the Blade Demon Race has been active in the resource-abundant battlefields of the solar system. They probably want to create some conflict there and wage a war.”

Lu Ze frowned. “They want to steal resources?”

Shenwu grinned. “That is part of the reason. The other part is you.” “Me?” Lu Ze was stunned.

Then, he realized, “It’s not because of that Luoluoxisi, right?”

Shenwu nodded and grinned. “Hehe, he is a prodigy nourished with copious amounts of resources after all. You killed him without a thought, so they suffered a great loss. Naturally, they would retaliate.”

Lu Ze was speechless. “I couldn’t tell a lot of resources had been used on him. He couldn’t even handle a light stomp from me…”

That was in the past already. Why couldn’t those guys let go of the matter?

Elder Nangong and the others: “…”

They felt a familiar piercing ache. Veins popped out of their foreheads.

Did he actually say those words?!

That being wasn’t blessed enough to receive a super-G.o.d art like you do. It was already considered a fortune for a cosmic system state civilization to invest in a prodigy like him.

After a period of silence, Elder Nangong coughed. “Anyways, you guys can go to the Geka System. All of you are star states now. You have pretty much matured. You must partic.i.p.ate in these large-scale wars.”

Lu Ze was shocked. “Geka System?”

He seemed to recall hearing this name a long time ago.

“Yes, we know you guys have been to a few wars, but those are child’s play. There are some rare resources on the Geka System. There is also a spirit metal marrow. It is essentially the center of battle between humans and the blade demons. They have increased the troops there, so the situation is getting worse.”

Shenwu nodded. “So don’t be careless when you go over. Take care.”

Lu Ze had now remembered that a certain young duke died at Geka System.

He nodded. “Don’t worry, we will be careful.”

Elder Nangong nodded.

At this moment, Lu Ze thought of something. “By the way, elder, I have a lot of low-level orbs here. How about you reward these brothers Lin Kuang and the others? Use some to cultivate new prodigies too.” He could barely fit the low-level orbs in his mental s.p.a.ce.

He didn’t need them either.

The four elders looked at each other with excitement.

Elder Nangong smiled. “If you don’t have any use for them, then give them to us. With those orbs, I believe our human prodigies would grow like crazy.”

Shenwu chimed in, “Hehe, soon the numbers of our human prodigies would multiply by a few times. Maybe even tens of times. The quality would greatly improve too.” “By then…’

The four looked ahead with hope.

That would be when the Human Race truly started getting strong.

Elder Nangong continued, “By the way, you can bring Lin Kuang’s and the other’s share to the Geka System. They would be going too.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Elder Nangong carefully put the low-level orbs into his storage ring. The other three elders were vigilant as though fearing other beings would steal it.

Lu Ze felt it was funny.

Following such, the four got up. Elder Nangong said with desperation, “We need to think about how to use these. You guys can go and rest.”

Right then, they were planning to leave.

At this juncture, Elder Nangong threw a golden ring to Lu Ze.

“Ze, your New Dawn has been modified. The defense and offense have both reached high-level star state. It is much faster than before too. This is the best we can do from that heritage. You can test the specifics yourself.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He grinned.

It was finally done.

He couldn’t wait to test it.

Elder Nangong informed, “This time, the blade demons guarded the Geka System heavily and flooded it with reinforcements. Xunshuang will bring a part of the Shenwu Army to provide additional support. You guys can go with her.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.

“Then, we’ll be going first.” Subsequently, Elder Nangong and the girls disappeared from the spot. Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “Then, I’ll go back and organize the army. We’ll be heading tomorrow. I’ll notify you guys.”

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t have any issue with it.

After Zuoqiu Xunshuang left, Alice smiled. “I’ll go and cook to celebrate!”

After dinner, they went to Ying Ying’s room and fed her.

As soon as they entered, they encountered Ying Ying’s odd sleeping position.

The blanket was even kicked to the side.

Qiuyue Hesha went over and placed her blankets properly again.

Nangong Jing was confused. “Doesn’t she usually sleep peacefully?”.

Lu Li guessed, “Did she have a nightmare?”

Lu Ze complained calmly, “She’s a cosmic realm state. What can happen to her? She’s probably dreaming about something tasty and wanted to eat it. That’s why she kicked her blanket away.”

Nangong Jing and the girls: “…”

Indeed, the same kind of beings understood each other the best.

They were both foodies…