Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 860 - Time For Them To Participate

Chapter 860 - Time For Them To Participate

Chapter 860 Time For Them To Partic.i.p.ate

Half an hour later, the pain all over Lu Ze’s body subsided.

He couldn’t wait to enter his mental force dimension.

Amidst the orbs, there was a divine art rune blazing with black flames.

Lu Ze’s mental force touched the black rune and immediately acquired information about it.

It was a demonic chi divine art, but unlike Demonic Burst, it was an attack-type divine art.

It formed corrosive and destructive demonic flames using the demonic chi.

It was extremely powerful!

Lu Ze exited his mental force dimension and smiled.

If it was fully unleashed, its power is nearing the cosmic system state!

It wasn’t as good as the silver giant hand before, but then again it was a divine art rune guarded by a super beast. Hence, it wasn’t highly inferior.

Lu Ze decided to name it ‘Demonic Flames’ divine art.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and started cultivating.

He used a level-3 star state orb, and the energy surged into his body.

Time soon progressed. A month had already pa.s.sed.

Lu Ze and the girls just finished their breakfast. Currently, they were relaxing on the couch.

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha looked outside. Upon seeing the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps, she grinned. “Today, those guys will be chanting for Li and Alice.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You two! The two of you will be unparalleled.”

Lin Ling blushed and pushed away his chest. “Ze, you’re talking about this too!”

She was extremely embarra.s.sed during this time.

Lu Li and Alice finally realized what happened.

It was the chants of the people who benefitted from the anomaly…

The two looked at each other and also felt uncomfortable.

Right then, someone knocked on the door. Lu Ze and the girls looked in its direction.

Nangong Jing grinned. “It’s probably the elders.”

Lin Ling got up and said, “I’ll go and open the door.”

Indeed, it was Elder Nangong and his companions standing outside the door.

Lin Ling smiled. “Come inside, elders…”

At this juncture, Lin Ling was taken aback because she saw a white-haired amicable old man.

It was Elder Lin!

Her eyes reddened as tears trickled down.

Elder Lin smiled at her reaction. “Lin Ling, long time no see. My little girl is a star state warrior now.”

Lin Ling bit her lips and hugged Elder Lin. She was sobbing in the process.

“Grandpa! Have you recovered?”

Elder Lin patted Lin Ling’s back and smiled. “You’re a big girl now. Why do you still cry? Get up, don’t let the other old guys laugh at you.”

Lin Ling stood up in embarra.s.sment and wiped away the tears. “Grandpa, Elders, Aunty Xunshuang, come in.”

She moved aside and let them inside.

Lu Ze and the other girls heard Lin Ling cry. They could only watch the door.

When Lu Ze noticed it was Elder Lin, he smiled too. “Long time no see, Elder Lin. Congratulations on your recovery!”

His att.i.tude was great. He wanted to leave a good impression.

Nevertheless, according to Lin Ling, Elder Lin already liked him a long time ago. Well, that was what she claimed…

Elder Lin nodded. “Not bad, not bad. Your talent is indeed amazing.” He patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Thank you.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “It’s what I should be doing anyway.”

Elder Lin laughed. “Indeed, we’re family now.”

He looked at Lin Ling and Lu Ze in a teasing manner.

Lin Ling looked down in embarra.s.sment.

Elder Lin could tell the girl really liked the youth before him.

However, when he looked at Lu Li and the rest of the girls, his mouth twitched.

‘This kid was too much of a womanizer!’

But then again, as long as Lin Ling didn’t object to their special arrangement, he won’t interfere with their intimate affairs.

Elder Nangong looked at the two girls who were supposed to begin their breakthroughs. “Are you ready?”

Lu Li and Alice nodded.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Then, go, us four will protect you.”

He looked at Lu Ze and the other people in the room, including Zuoqiu Xunshuang. “You guys can go too.” The rest of them returned into their rooms while the elders sat down on the couch.

Elder Lin looked at the sea of Zhihuo Lotus outside and sighed. “Zhihuo System, I haven’t been here for a long time.”

Saint Shenwu rolled his eyes. “You have been having it easy these past few years. Us three have been tired to death.”

Elder Nangong sighed. “In the beginning, there were no issues, but Old You went out for Alice. Now, only the three of us remained. The pressure was definitely immense.”

Elder Lin smiled. “You three have guarded the Federation well.”

The three rolled their eyes.

They were stressed every day!

Elder Lin laughed it off and quickly changed the subject. “Um, how is Old You?”

The three fell silent.

Then, Saint Lin Dong shook his head. “The last time he sent news back was three years ago. I don’t know how he is doing now.”

After a brief period of silence, Saint Shenwu grinned. “It should be fine. That guy knows not to do something life-threatening.”

The group nodded.

At this point, endless light fell upon the s.p.a.ce.

All of their eyes sharpened. “It is beginning.”

Elder Lin, who witnessed the phenomenon for the first time, was stunned. “Is this the phenomenon created by the breakthrough of those two girls?”

Shenwu grinned. “How is it? Those two girls are two of the prodigies whom the Human Race is proud of too.”

“This phenomenon isn’t the best. Ze’s phenomenon is obviously superior.”

He then gasped. “That kid’s phenomenon spanned a light-year!”

Elder Lin’s eyes widened. “A light-year?! That kid just broke through to the star state?! How is that possible?!”

Saint Lin Dong smiled. “True, it’s quite unbelievable. Even in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm, there would only be few who could accomplish that.”

Elder Lin mumbled, “The era of the Human Race is coming…”

Elder Nangong thought of something and sneered, “Recently at the battlefields of Geka System, Anlan System, and Ruite System, the activities of the blade demons are increasing by the second.”

Saint Lin Dong’s face went cold. “Hmph! I thought they would launch a ma.s.sive attack because of that incident last time… They’re probably scared of the insectoids coming back too. That’s why they’re just brewing conflict in regions with high resources.”

Shenwu asked, “What’s the exact situation?”

Elder Nangong shook his head. “Not sure. However, those cosmic system states haven’t made a big move yet. They’re just guarding the border like us.”

“In that case…” Elder Lin looked at the rooms and smiled. “Should we let them go and check the situation?”


Elder Lin smiled. “They’re star states already. It’s time for them to partic.i.p.ate in battles matching their level.”

Back in her room, Ying Ying was still sucking her finger as she drooled. “Roasted… meat.”

She opened her eyes and looked around in confusion.

At this very moment, the endless light fell upon her.

Her little body dropped back to the bed again. She struggled to wiggle around and get up.

“Tasty food.”

She hadn’t eaten tasty food for a long time, but she was still exhausted.

She wanted to sleep…