Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 844 - Star State Anomaly, Mutation

Chapter 844 - Star State Anomaly, Mutation

Chapter 844 Star State Anomaly, Mutation

After breakfast, the group went outside the defense line and killed all the star states. Thereafter, they returned to cultivate.

At night, Lu Ze sat on his bed to cultivate. The spirit chi in his cells was growing denser. According to his estimates, in at most a week, he would have all the preparations he needed to break through the star state. This speed was rather fast. Lu Ze was very happy.

He finished digesting the remaining red energy in his body and opened his eyes.

Just when he was planning to get off the bed, an invisible special wave spread from the room next door. Lu Ze’s eyes widened. ‘Nangong Jing’s chi?’ At the same time, beams of vibrant light appeared in the air and rapidly expanded.

‘Nangong Jing was breaking through the star state?’

Lu Ze thought he would make a breakthrough before them.

But then again, although his combat power was stronger than theirs, he also needed more energy to complete a breakthrough. ‘Since Nangong Jing was ready, Qiuyue Hesha should be near too, right?’

With such thoughts, another wave spread across all directions.

Powerful chi surged.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. Only a few seconds separated these two.

With that, the extremely vibrant light became more enigmatic and profound. Lu Ze wasn’t even in a cultivation state, but he could feel all sorts of learnings appear in his mind.

‘Was this a phenomenon brought by star state anomaly?’

Lu Ze grinned. These two were quite amazing. He then closed his eyes and used a blue crystal and purple orb. Right now, he had no divine art to cultivate, but his current G.o.d arts hadn’t reached the peak yet. He would learn as much as he could this time.

Simultaneously, Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice also opened their eyes. When they saw the lights, they were shocked, but they also began to cultivate without hesitation. They hadn’t improved their G.o.d arts, which Lu Ze prepared for them, to the maximum level.


Outside the hotel, the invisible wave and vibrant light spread constantly. It covered the entire base, the whole planet, and moved onto the battlefield.

Eventually, the light reached the stars and covered the solar system completely.

Inside the base of Zhihuo, the people who were resting looked at the bright light and felt dazed.

On the streets, a number of persons expressed their surprise. “W-what is this?!”

“Why do I suddenly have so much knowledge appearing in my brain just by looking at this?”

“Wait… I seem to have seen this scene before?”

“I seem to have seen it too…”

“I remember it!”

“Last time, at planet Shenwu, there was such a phenomenon when Monarch of the New Dawn finished a breakthrough. I was there!”

Several people remembered what happened when Lu Ze broke through. Their eyes widened as they gasped at each other.

‘Did Monarch of the New Dawn make a breakthrough again?!’ It had only been a year since he reached the planetary state though…

‘Did he rise to a completely different state in just a year?’

‘Who could handle this???’

‘Was he even human?’

‘Which human would be like this?’

Everyone felt like they were living in a dream. Soon, they closed their eyes and began cultivating. “They had to grasp this opportunity!’ In a hotel, the gray-haired, gray-eyed Margaret looked outside the window and then closed her eyes to cultivate. Inch by inch, her body stopped being visible and soon disappeared. In the kitchen of Zhihuo Little Restaurant, Boss Zhu also cast aside the half-done spirit food and sat down to cultivate…

When the people on the planet sat down for cultivation, those soldiers and adventurers at the defense line were taken aback. They looked at the insectoids who also stopped attacking. Their eyes turned green.

‘Why were things like this?’

It was a rare opportunity to experience a phenomenon.

‘Why did they have to be fighting insectoids here?’

This good luck was right next to them, but they couldn’t grab it. It made them feel miserable. Right then, they felt as though life was meaningless.

At this moment, the insectoids went insane. They shrieked as they tried to breach the defense line and reach planet Zhihuo.

Everyone was stunned upon witnessing their frenzied behavior.

Following such, Liu Lang charged in front of a star state insectoid and roared, “Stop them! Someone is breaking through! We must not let these insectoids enter planet Zhihuo!”

These monsters were terrifying before, but they weren’t as crazy as now. As soon as this phenomenon manifested itself, they went mad. Naturally, the battles grew more intense.

However, a few minutes later, more wormholes formed, stringing along a battalion of insectoids. Five more star state insectoids flew out from the wormhole.

Liu Lang’s expression went bad. “d.a.m.n it! Did the phenomenon attract the insectoids from the other places?” This was worse than he had expected.

Cheng Feng gasped. “Luckily, Lu Ze and the girls killed all the star state insectoids in the morning. Otherwise, we would be in danger now… Oh s.h.i.+t?!”

Four more star state insectoids came out.

Liu Lang’s face changed drastically. “Defend the place! Request backup from the base!”

These star state insectoids were like sharks that just smelled blood after being starved for so long

The soldiers didn’t have the ability to defend against this number of star state insectoids. Accordingly, the face of everyone tensed up.

Planet Weite, Yang Guang Adoption Center.

Ying Ying and Lue Xi were squatting in the backyard sandbox while building a sand sculpture. The former was building a large drumstick while the latter was building an exquisite castle.

A few boys were surrounding them.

One boy looked at Lue Xi. “Wow, Xiao Xi is so amazing! The castle looks so real! Xiao Xi must have been a princess in her past life!”

Lue Xi smiled, but deep inside, she was vexed. ‘Why did you guys come over?!!’

She looked at Ying Ying’s drumstick and thought that Ying Ying must be obsessed with food.

At this moment, a boy looked at Ying Ying’s drumstick and clapped. “Wow, Ying Ying is so amazing! This drumstick is so big! If it’s real, it must be very tasty…”

His voice grew quieter as he watched the other party stare at the drumstick expressionlessly.

During this time, Ying Ying suddenly took a bite of the sand drumstick.

Lue Xi: “???”

The boys: “???”

Lue Xi charged over, ruining her castle in the process. “Ying Ying, are you okay? You can’t eat sand! Spit it out!”

She rubbed Ying Ying’s face, wanting the latter to open her mouth. In return, Ying Ying looked at Lue Xi and opened her mouth. Lue Xi was dumbfounded. There was not a trace of sand anymore. “???”

‘Where did the sand go?’ Suddenly, Ying Ying’s eyes flashed with starlight. She looked in the void border’s direction.

Lue Xi asked, “What’s wrong, Ying Ying?”

Ying Ying patted her clothes to shake off the sand. “Xiao Xi, I’m going to sister’s place first. I’ll come to find you a few days later.”

Lue Xi understood. “Oh, you promise, you will come a few days later to play with me.” Ying Ying looked at Lue Xi. She seemed to recall that young girl in the park. She nodded vigorously.

Then, she disappeared from the spot.