Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 843 - Huge Harvest

Chapter 843 - Huge Harvest

Chapter 843 Huge Harvest

At this moment, Lu Ze was a bit excited.

Lu Ze obtained some information from the silver rune. It was far more precious than he had imagined.

This wasn’t a divine art rune for cultivation. Rather, it was a one-time-use attack divine art rune.

Most crucially, it had reached the cosmic system state!

Cosmic system state divine arts weren’t something Lu Ze could cultivate even if he had them.

Moreover, if he somehow managed to cultivate one, he wouldn’t be able to use it. This one-time-use divine art rune didn’t need his spirit force!

It was a hard-to-control cosmic system state divine art, but he could manage it.

This rune would be quite a nice trump card.

After a while, he would be exploring outside the Milky Way. Although they had Ying Ying, there would still be times she fell asleep.

If something happened at those instances, Lu Ze felt confident he could face anyone with this rune.

Thereafter, his mental force connected with the glowing silver crystal.


As soon as Lu Ze touched the crystal, a terrifying roar deafened his ear.

Following such, a silver figure appeared in Lu Ze’s head. It was a beast that had silver fur and looked like a wolf. It had a pair of horns on its head.

This beast was 20-meters tall and had an athletic build. The destructive chi it released made Lu Ze s.h.i.+ver.

‘Cosmic cloud state!’

This silver wolf was a cosmic cloud state beast!

At this moment, information about the crystal appeared in Lu Ze’s head. Looking at it, he grinned and opened his eyes.

This crystal contained the power of a Pocket Hunting Dimension beast. After using it, he would be able to summon this beast to fight for him. It would continue to battle until the energy of the crystal was depleted.

The energy inside the crystal was enough for the beast to fight for half an hour.

At the same time, Lu Ze learned of the wolf’s power.

It was a beast that had s.p.a.ce G.o.d art and s.p.a.ce divine art. Its cultivation level was at level one of the cosmic cloud state, but its combat power reached level-7 cosmic cloud state!

Ordinary cosmic cloud states were no match for it at all.

Due to the nature of s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, ordinary peak stage cosmic cloud states might not even be able to capture it.

This was an overlord beast!’

The crystal had a mini silver wolf inside.

Lu Ze’s skin crawled.

‘This was a real boss!’

This beast probably lived somewhere on the fifth map.

Lu Ze’s head ached.

“There really was such a monster on the fifth map?’

He felt that even if he reached level-1 cosmic cloud state, he might not possess a level-7 cosmic cloud state combat power. ‘Would he really be able to monsters like it?’ Hopefully, this beast was just a special summon beast and not a beast that really existed!

Lu Ze prayed.

With these two things, as long as he didn’t mess with cosmic realm states, he could do what he wanted, even if Ying Ying wasn’t around.

Lu Ze relaxed on his bed and looked at the ceiling. He grinned.

‘This was a huge harvest!’

These were things he didn’t even dare to imagine existed.

No wonder it came from the silver pillar.

Lu Ze sighed.

After a while, he sat up and closed his eyes.


These things were foreign objects after all. Only a power he cultivated on his own was an actual and genuine power.

He was going to stand at the top of the universe.

Lu Ze used a wind G.o.d art orb and began cultivating.

The next morning, at the edge of the Zhihuo Fire Lotus sea, a huge star rose up.

Lu Ze opened his eyes.

He stabilized his chi, and the green winds around him disappeared.

He got off the bed and grinned.

‘It was another beautiful day!’ During this time, a violent spirit light flashed in the blue sky.

Lu Ze’s smile stiffened.

These insectoids were too persistent. It was indeed the insectoid queen that was super good at giving birth.

Lu Ze’s mental force reached outside the planet as he sensed the situation.

Although there were a few star state beasts, there were also star state humans fighting out there. The situation was still controllable.

He withdrew his mental force. He didn’t plan to go out there. General Cheng Feng and the others didn’t ask for reinforcements. This meant everything was under control.

Lu Ze went to the living room. There was no one on the couch. They probably hadn’t finished cultivation yet.

He then sat to rest alone. Simultaneously, he took out the communication device for the void border and checked the situation. Soon, Lu Ze felt a.s.sured

There were quite some insectoids, but the most powerful human beings were also there. They could stand their ground and defend against the insectoid invasion.

The Human Race had spent 2000 years in the cosmic era and had gone through quite some hards.h.i.+ps. This level of insectoid tide clearly wasn’t enough to destroy the race.

Lu Ze lay on the couch.

He didn’t have anything else to do other than guarding the place here.

As for leaving the Milky Way for an adventure, that would have to wait until they repaired Elder Nangong’s and the others’ foundation.

Thinking about those, Lu Ze realized all he could do now was cultivate…

‘This wasn’t exciting at all!’

Lu Ze sighed lifelessly.

While Lu Ze was thinking about all sorts of possibilities, the door opened.

Lin Ling and the girls walked out.

Lin Ling saw Lu Ze’s face and asked, “What’s wrong, Ze?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Nothing.”

Alice questioned, “Are you hungry, senior? We’ll go and cook first.”

She pulled Lu Li and Lin Ling into the kitchen.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha sat on both his side.

Nangong Jing drank some wine while feeding Lu Ze from time to time.

Qiuyue Hesha asked through telepathy, “Little brother Lu Ze, what treasure did you get last night?”

Lu Ze relayed to Qiuyue Hesha what it was.

Qiuyue Hesha almost cried out of excitement.

Nangong Jing looked at Qiuyue Hesha in confusion. “Fox demon, are you crazy?”

Qiuyue Hesha calmed herself down and responded, “I’m fine.”

She spoke excitedly through telepathy. “Little brother Lu Ze, is that for real?”

Lu Ze replied, “Of course.”

“Wow, this is great!” Lu Ze said, “Hesha, it was all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, I’m not too confident in getting those two things.” Qiuyue Hesha replied, “Little brother Lu Ze, in that case, I want a reward.”

Lu Ze asked, “Sure, what do you want?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and conveyed what she wanted.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched, and then, his smile turned evil. “No problem!”

He had no reason at all to reject Qiuyue Hesha’s reward.