Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 826 - Their Unique Honor

Chapter 826 - Their Unique Honor

Chapter 826 Their Unique Honor

Qiuyue Hesha opened a star map and pointed it out.

It was a system near the northern border.

Ying Ying sensed the situation and said, “There are quite some insectoids there. Should I eat them?”

Then, her little face frowned.

She didn’t like the taste of insectoids…

Qiuyue Hesha felt relieved and pinched Ying Ying’s little face. “It’s fine. I’ll go over myself. I don’t know how long the insectoids will last. I can’t let you watch the place without rest.” Nangong Jing asked curiously, “That’s your home?”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded.

Alice smiled. “Let’s go over together then.”

Lu Ze flicked Alice’s forehead,

Alice held her forehead and acted pitiful in front of Lu Ze. “Senior, you’re bullying me again.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Are we just going to leave the border here?”

Perhaps there would be more insectoids soon.

Alice poked out her tongue. “I want to help Sister Hesha.”

Lu Ze offered, “I’ll go over alone with Teacher Qiuyue. You guys should stay here and help.”

Since he was the strongest, it would be safer if he went with Qiuyue Hesha.

Ying Ying would stay here anyway. The rest of the girls should be even safer.

Nangong Jing and the rest of the group agreed. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze nodded. He then grabbed Qiuyue Hesha. With a smile on his face, he requested, “Ying Ying, send us over.”

Ying Ying didn’t refuse. A wormhole opened up. Thereafter, Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha stepped in. The other end was a not-too-small solar system. Dense cl.u.s.ters of insectoids s.h.i.+ps were battling human fleets. Some of the s.h.i.+ps of the opponent had found their way into the inner region.

Lu Ze frowned. “Teacher, you should go and check your home planet. I’ll deal with the insectoids here.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “Be careful, Little brother Lu Ze.”

If it were just the two of them, she would have flirted with Lu Ze already, but now, she was still worried about those kids and the old princ.i.p.al.

She used her Demonic Burst divine art to head at a particular planet.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze went to the most intense battlefield.

Planet Weite.

Numerous insectoid s.h.i.+ps had landed.

Low-level insectoids poured out from the s.h.i.+ps like a black tide.

They needed to devour all life forms to strengthen themselves.

All cities on the planet had been surrounded by a sea of insectoids.

Meanwhile, all the martial artists in the city had organized themselves to defend against the tide.

Sounds of battle echoed through every corner of the city.

Almost all of the beings within the system either had broken limbs or broken bodies. Some of them were humans while some were insectoids.

Xiyue City, Yang Guang Adoption Center.

This was a place for the orphans of war. Naturally, war always entailed sacrifices.

The children of those who will defend the city would be taken care of by the Federal government and brought to the adoption center. Their education would be paid for, and those with martial talent would even receive subsidies for cultivation.

This was paying respect to the dead warriors.

Outside the center, tens of soldiers were guarding. They seemed weak. The leader was merely a core martial state, but the rest were only high-level abstruse martial states.

On the other hand, the insectoids were mostly abstruse martial states. Hence, everyone’s faces became pale upon facing that number of enemies.

The man in charge looked back. He could see pairs of terrified eyes looking ahead.

He took a deep breath and roared, “The princ.i.p.al and kids are all watching! Don’t forget who you are!”

All the soldiers moved their heads to look behind.

When they faced the insectoids again, the fear had been suppressed within their eyes. They responded back, “Yes, Captain!”

They were also orphans of war. After joining the defense force, they had applied to become guards here.

There were far more orphans than just them in the defense force. Many of them envied the group to be able to come here.

This was their unique honor.

The captain exclaimed, “We’re the guardians of these children! Don’t let the insectoids enter the center even one step! Guard it with your life!”

All the soldiers wielded their swords and roared.

The two sides clashed, and blood painted the skies.

On the top floor, a 15-year-old kid watched the battle in terror.

After witnessing a young soldier getting pierced by one of the insectoids and getting torn apart in the next second, the children cried and looked away.

At this moment, an old but stern voice pierced the somber mood. “Don’t turn around! Watch them!”

It was an old man with a bit of a wrinkle on his face.

He looked at those soldiers with pride and felt his heart throbbed. He declared, “Watch them and remember that they are fighting to protect you. They are dying for you!”

The children directed their gaze outside once again.

Tears obscured their vision, but they didn’t dare look away.

Another young soldier was mutilated, but before succ.u.mbing to death, he buried his sword into the head of the insectoid.

During this moment, a 15-year-old boy said firmly, “Princ.i.p.al, I want to become a soldier in the future too! Like my parents and these uncles!”

Tears covered his young face, but the resolve in his eyes was apparent.

“Me too! My parents were heroes! They defended against the attacks of blade demons! I’m going to do the same!” “Me too! I’m going to guard the princ.i.p.al and my siblings!”

These young voices spoke one after another. The old princ.i.p.al smiled. “Okay. That would mean you need to study and cultivate hard. Protect the Human Race in the future.”

At this time, a little girl asked, “Like Sister Hesha?”

Her eyes were red. Not long ago, these uncles were smiling and feeding her candy. Now, they were dead.

The old princ.i.p.al smiled. “Yes, like Hesha.”

Right then, half of the soldiers lost their life. Many insectoids had already invaded the center through the cracks.

The captain and the other soldiers roared, “b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” “d.a.m.ned insectoids! Come at me! Come!”

However, these insectoids continued charging towards the building.

A brown-haired youth s.h.i.+vered but still proceeded to stand up. “Princ.i.p.al, I’ll go and stop these insectoids!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

These young children were trembling, but they forced themselves to be on their feet.

The princ.i.p.al and a few others beamed with a smile. “We, old people, aren’t dead yet. We would be the ones defending you first.”

They were all core martial states, but due to their age, they couldn’t unleash their full power. Nevertheless, they could still serve as s.h.i.+elds for these children for a while.

Just when they were about to proceed with their decision, an extremely strong chi covered the entire planet. All the insectoids froze. Soon after, they lost their life force.

The martial artists who were currently fighting got dazed. After some time, they could not help but grin.

“A powerful being has arrived! We’re saved!”