Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 825 - He's Our Dad

Chapter 825 - He's Our Dad

Chapter 825 He’s Our Dad


A dark red and another dark golden light became entwined. Following such integration, a hideous shriek reverberated.

Lu Ze’s vicious fist force tore through the defenses of the unprepared star state insectoid. As a result, a large hole was left on its body, wherein dark green blood poured out.

The insectoid staggered, and its life force instantly became frail.

Right away, the other two star state insectoids stopped a.s.saulting their current target. They looked vigilantly at Lu Ze as they retreated.

Lin Yan was taken aback.

He stared intently at Lu Ze who wore black combat armor. As though looking for confirmation, he asked, “Ze?”

He never expected Lu Ze’s power would reach this level already!

The combat power of the opponent earlier was level-3 star state. Yet, it ended up heavily injured after receiving a single punch from Lu Ze.

Of course, this success could be mainly attributed to the suddenness of the attack. Nevertheless, Lu Ze’s combat power was a factor as well.

After all, even Lin Yan was merely a level-3 star state!

‘Did this mean… Lu Ze’s power could match his already?’

‘More importantly, could it even be stronger than his?’

These conjectures only made Lin Yan disheartened.

Previously, Lu Ze was already considered strong. However, the current him was exceedingly powerful than before.

‘That had only been a few days ago!’

‘Did he really improve this much?!’

‘So if Lu Ze bullied his daughter, there’s nothing else he could do?’

If that scenario indeed happened, he wouldn’t be able to beat up this kid.

Lu Ze smiled. “Uncle Lin, I’m back.”

He looked worriedly at him. “Are you alright? I’ll heal you.”

Lu Ze could tell that Lin Yan tried his absolute best to stop the three insectoids.

Lu Ze rejoiced that he came back in time. Otherwise, Lin Yan’s life would be in peril. In that case, Lin Ling would be dispirited.

Lu Ze glowed with white and green lights. These beams shot into Lin Yan’s body and rapidly healed his wounds.

The other two star states saw what they were doing and shrieked, “Humans! Die!”

The monsters were about to charge over, however, a distant chi suddenly surged.

A heavy pressure bore down on the enemy, causing them paralysis. Before they could react, they were crushed by the power.

The companions of the dead insectoid suffered the same fate.

Lu Ze and Lin Yan looked around.

Elder Nangong and the rest had alighted the s.h.i.+p.

Lin Ling and Lin Kuang were flying over at a rapid rate.

Some of the star states, as well as Luo Bingqing and his group, went over to the location of the surviving insectoids to clear the battlefield.

Lin Ling now felt relieved after making it just in time.

Lin Kuang flew over a little later. He was slower than Lin Ling.

He felt rather depressed. His little sister was growing stronger and stronger.

He looked worriedly at Lin Yan. “Father, are you okay?”

Lin Yan shook his head and frowned at Lin Kuang. “Hurry up and go help!”

Lin Kuang’s mouth twitched… ‘B-but Lin Ling was here too?’ ‘Was he only mean to him?’ He quickly nodded and then took off.

With this, the atmosphere became very silent.

Lu Ze looked around and felt things were awkward. Their relations.h.i.+p didn’t seem to improve yet?

It wasn’t good for him to stay around.

‘Should he flee the scene then?’

Just when he was about to say something, he felt powerful fluctuations in the s.p.a.ce far away. He turned around and saw the other three races being wrapped in runes as they disappeared. They probably went back to help their own races too. Then, Elder Nangong and the other star states flew over.

Elder Nangong saw that Lin Yan had recovered quite a bit and breathed easy.

The star state was a significant high-level combat power. Elder Nangong asked, “Xiao Yan, how is the situation?”

Lin Yan stood up and answered seriously, “The most critical region is the void border. There are a few cosmic system state insectoids. Saint Lin Dong had gone over already. As for the northern border, it’s faring better than here. The border of the Blade Demon Race is located there too. The pressure is shared by both sides. As for the inner regions of the Federation, we haven’t encountered powerful insectoids yet.”

Hearing this, Elder Nangong nodded. “I’ll go to the void border.”

The Human Race had four cosmic system states. The fourth one was Saint Red Flame. He was Alice’s grandfather. However, he hadn’t been back for a long time as he was searching for source resources for Alice.

Naturally, Elder Lin was one of them too. However, he hadn’t recovered most of his combat power yet.

Right now, he wasn’t going to ask Ying Ying for help. Similar to what Lu Ze expressed before, he believed the Human Race needed to learn how to survive without external help.

Lu Ze went to confirm, “Old man, I’ll guard this area with Jing Jing and the rest?”

‘Who could tell whether there would be more incoming insectoids in this place?’

Elder Nangong nodded. “Be careful.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang patted Lu Ze’s hair and then grinned. “Ze, take care of Jing Jing and the girls, okay?”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “Alright, Aunty Xunshuang.”

Nangong Jing’s mouth twitched. “Mom, I can take care of myself. Be careful.”

She wasn’t just a pretty face. Her combat power might not reach Lu Ze’s, but her cultivation level was higher.

She and the fox demon should be the quickest to reach the star state.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled and left with Elder Nangong

It would only take the cosmic system state s.h.i.+p a few minutes to reach the void border.

However, Lu Ze still requested, “Ying Ying, help the elder’s s.h.i.+p reach the void border faster.”

Ying Ying expressed her agreement with a clear voice. With her around, it only took an instant to reach the destination.

Lin Yan had recovered now. He looked at everyone and stiffly said, “My injuries have healed. I’ll go recover some power first. You guys should go and help.”

Then, he flew towards the s.p.a.ce fortress.

Despite having his injuries mended, his power remained drained. Most importantly, he felt very awkward standing there.

Lin Ling looked at Lin Yan’s back for a while.

After some silence, she hugged Lu Ze and kissed him. “Thank you, Ze.”

She was truly worried when she sensed Lin Yan’s weak chi. Lu Ze touched her chin and grinned. “He’s our dad after all.”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes and blushed.

The other girls couldn’t help but cough. Lin Ling then quickly left Lu Ze’s arms.

At this moment, Lu Li said worriedly, “What do you think is the situation back at home?”

Alice a.s.sured, “With my mother’s and father’s presence, it should be fine.”

Ying Ying’s voice communicated, “Uncle Lu and Aunty Shuya are fine. Uncle Merlin killed the insectoids there.”

Lu Ze and the girls felt at ease.

During this time, Qiuyue Hesha recalled something…

With a nervous voice, she said, “Ying Ying, can you help me look at how Weite System is doing?” Ying Ying asked, “Where is that?”