Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 817 - Golden Spear Race Prodigy

Chapter 817 - Golden Spear Race Prodigy

Chapter 817 Golden Spear Race Prodigy

Lu Ze opened his eyes. He was drenched in sweat and wallowed in pain.

He didn’t expect a star state boss would emerge out of nowhere from the lake.

But the ma.s.sive turtle seemed to be familiar. Didn’t he encounter it the first time he entered the fourth map?

Lu Ze’s thoughts wandered to the endless mountain range in the area.

‘Weren’t there huge lakes scattered all around?’

‘Did that mean every lake is hosting a black turtle?’


‘Didn’t the turtle earlier possess water G.o.d art?!’

It was a G.o.d art he didn’t have yet. Out of the five known elements, he was only lacking in water.

With his current state, he could now perfect it.

Lu Ze felt quite hopeful.

Moments later, Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing and the girls who were sitting on the side. They were still immersed in cultivation.

Ying Ying looked at him strangely, as though bewildered why Lu Ze would sweat profusely.

Lu Ze smiled at Ying Ying and let her watch cartoons. Thereafter, he closed his eyes for another round of cultivation.

In the next few days, Lu Ze and the girls could only purchase some cheap things due to poverty. At the same time, they a.s.sisted the elders in finding merchants who were willing to buy the special resources gathered by the Human Race.

Simultaneously, they went to procure essential supplies as well. This included all sorts of high-level spirit materials, serums, and devices. For example, there was a communication device capable of covering the entire eastern region and extreme long-distance teleportation formation.

Indeed, these were necessities that every universal alliance needed.

Every race of an alliance would prepare a few sets in case of an emergency.

The shops selling these materials were established by the owners of the trade planet.

Other than this, there were a variety of one-time attack runes having different levels. The strongest could reach the cosmic cloud state.

These runes were rather expensive, but those races who had some money to spare would buy one as a trump card.

Elder Nangong and the rest all bought one. A cosmic cloud state rune was too expensive, but those who were at the peak of the cosmic system state would need one.

Despite the wide range of products available, no one was selling divine arts or technological heritage.

These things were the foundations of a force. No one was dumb enough to sell them.

There would only be occasional low-grade ones coming out of auctions.

Because they were attacked by s.p.a.ce pirates, the four races were much wealthier than usual.

The Human Race received most of the loot. Hence, at this time, it was probably the wealthiest period they experienced.

Consequently, after buying their basic needs, Elder Nangong gritted his teeth and bought a cosmic system state s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p.

It had a level-4 to level-5 cosmic system state firepower and cosmic system state high-level defense. As a drawback, however, a large amount of energy was required to activate the s.h.i.+p.

Even after buying it, they could only use it at the most crucial time.

Meanwhile, the other three races felt very envious.

This was a cosmic system state s.h.i.+p!

After they had settled everything they needed to, everyone returned to the hotel. On the way, Elder Nangong didn’t stop smiling.

He didn’t expect he would be able to buy the cosmic system state s.h.i.+p this quickly.

The condition of the Human Race was getting better and better.

He looked at Lu Ze. He really felt this kid was good.

‘When the next generation matures, will the Human Race be even better?’

Lu Ze and the girls went back to their room and relaxed on the bed.

Qiuyue Hesha said languidly, “It’s finally


Nangong Jing grinned. “The elder looked very satisfied today. I haven’t seen him this happy for a long time.”

Alice lay on Lu Ze’s arm and rubbed her head against his chest like a kitten. “We bought a cosmic system state s.h.i.+p today after all. Elder Man and the rest appeared quite envious.”

Lu Li smiled. “With a cosmic system state s.h.i.+p, it would be much safer to attend this East Realm Gathering from now on.”

Naturally, they wouldn’t ask Ying Ying to attend the gathering all the time. If they left the Milky Way galaxy, Ying Ying would be following them.

The others nodded.

Lu Ze remarked, “The auction begins tomorrow. I wonder how much that egg would sell?”

The others nodded.

They rested for a while, had dinner, and began cultivating

At the Elf Cosmic Realm’s border, a white-haired, extremely handsome elf floated in s.p.a.ce. Behind him were the powerful beings of the Elf Race.

Their faces were tense as they directed their gazes before the dense cl.u.s.ter of insectoids flying.

The s.p.a.ce seemed to have been painted dark red.

A male elf looked coldly at the insectoids. “Insectoids, this is the land of the Elf Race! Leave immediately!”

He emphasized the words with disgust. To him, organisms this ugly, which could only wreak havoc, shouldn’t exist.

However, the insectoids were much stronger than the Elf Race.

It was best to avoid a confrontation with them.

The leading black-sh.e.l.led insectoid transmitted his will, “Kill!” A powerful cosmic realm state chi was unleashed from this insectoid as it charged at the white-haired elf.

All the insectoids charged forward too.

Seeing this, the white-haired elf’s face fell. These insectoids acted like madmen.

He had no choice now.

The elf ordered, “Notify the queen, insectoid invasion! Fellow kind, guard our territory!”

Behind the elves were vibrantly inscribed green s.h.i.+ps. Their spirit cannons started charging.


The two sides clashed together. The deep-s.p.a.ce lit up. It was like a star bursting and a galaxy collapsing. Although it appeared to be dazzling, the situation was dangerous.

While the main forces of both sides were battling, waves of insectoids crossed the border.

The following morning, Lu Ze and the girls woke up early and gathered with the elders.

They were going to the auction.

Not everyone would go. Except for the four cosmic system states, they only took a few star states and planetary state prodigies. On the human side, only Elder Nangong, Zuoqiu Xunshuang, and Lu Ze’s group tagged along. Even Luo Bingqing didn’t go.

They soon reached the auction facility. There were many beings before it. All of them lined up neatly, so they could enter.

While Lu Ze and the girls were lining up, a few golden beams sliced across the air and landed.

They were the Golden Spear Race.

They didn’t stop and went in using an entrance for privileged beings.

After they were gone, the crowd discussed quietly. “Those were the top prodigies of the Golden Spear Race, right?”

“The leader is Bazzer. He could place within the top 100 of the prodigy ranking.” “I feel it’s a bit difficult. The top 100 of the prodigy ranking are all beings with a cultivation level reaching the cosmic system state. Their combat power is unimaginable. I feel it would be tough even if Bazzer reaches the cosmic system state…”

“Heh, that’s true… The ones on the side are very powerful prodigies too.”

“By the way, the Golden Spear Race got a new prodigy from the younger generation during this time. Do you guys know about it?”

“Is it Michael Mark? He was born as a planetary state and is said to possess a very powerful natural G.o.d art?” “Rumor has it that he’s only 22 years old, but his cultivation level reached the peak of the star state already.”

Everyone sighed.

How could they compare with monsters like them?

“If that guy matures, he can probably secure a place within the top 20 of the prodigy ranking?”


Lu Ze and his team exchanged glances with each other.

That level of chi was strong indeed. Lu Ze was no match for the cosmic system states now.

Elder Nangong’s face had a complicated expression. “That Bazzer’s combat power is probably on par with me.”

Man Dali and the others nodded.

Man Dali smiled bitterly. “These beings are really monsters.”

Doris and Qiu Lun also nodded.

Then, Doris shook her head. “They’re the top prodigies of cosmic cloud state civilization after all. It’s normal.”

Qiu Lun looked at Lu Ze and smiled. “Ze’s future is not necessarily worse than Bazzer’s, right?”

The others agreed.