Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 816 - Have to think of a Way and Do Something

Chapter 816 - Have to think of a Way and Do Something

Chapter 816 Have to think of a Way and Do Something

While Lu Ze and the girls were playing around, someone knocked on the door. The girls were taken aback, which then led them to withdraw from Lu Ze. They attempted to keep their emotions in check.

Lu Ze scratched his head and proceeded to open the door. He saw Elder Nangong standing outside.

Elder Nangong looked at Lu Ze and roamed his eyes across the entire room.

‘All the girls were present.’ Lu Ze asked, “What’s wrong, Elder Nangong?”

Elder Nangong didn’t enter and simply had a knowing smile pasted on his face. “That prodigy from the Purple Scale Race was you?”

The smile on Lu Ze’s face stiffened. He nodded in embarra.s.sment.

Elder Nangong patted Lu Ze’s shoulder and grinned. “Great job!”

The Four-Race Alliance had been delighted to witness the Purple Scale Alliance experience some trouble in their internal affairs.

Lu Ze nodded.

Elder Nangong said, “In that case, I won’t disturb you guys anymore.” Anyway, he merely came to confirm whether the prodigy from the Purple Scale Race earlier was truly Lu Ze.

Lu Ze coughed.

‘Won’t disturb those girls from beating him up?’

Did Elder Nangong misunderstand something? Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls blushed again.

This time, Lu Ze closed the door and looked at them in vigilance.

The girls rolled their eyes. Lin Ling smiled brightly. “Let’s have dinner. However, we don’t have a kitchen here. Good thing we cooked some dishes on the s.h.i.+p. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have anything to eat right now. Right after her words fell, she took out all sorts of scrumptious cuisines, causing the intense aroma to overwhelm the room.

Ying Ying immediately set aside her cartoons and trained her eyes on the food while drooling

Lu Ze was also very excited.

Lu Li chuckled. “Eat up.”

When they had finished their dinner, the team lay on the soft white bed.

Originally, the room was not equipped with any furniture. Fortunately, however, they had stashed some in their storage rings for situations like this.

They had received the bed from the Round Race. It was quite s.p.a.cious and cozy to sleep on.

Right now, there was not a single noise in the room. No one spoke. After all, this was the first time that all of them would be sleeping in a single room.

Nangong Jing and the girls felt a bit shy.

But Lu Ze was really pumped up.

All the breathing of the people present quickened.

At this moment, Nangong Jing sat up and declared, “I’m going to cultivate. Don’t disturb me!”

Likewise, the other girls followed her lead and used the same excuse.

“???י :Lu Ze

‘Aren’t their reactions exaggerated?’

This wasn’t how he imagined the script would play out.

Lu Ze felt very troubled.

He stared at the girls. In the end, he decided not to disturb them.

He rubbed his temple and sat down before entering the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Today was his first comeback after reaching the level-9 planetary state.

Lu Ze wanted to evaluate his current combat power.

He was a level-9 planetary state. Meaning, he could confidently kill peak planetary state super beasts.

This was his target.

Lu Ze appeared in the forest and took off in a direction.

More than ten hours later, Lu Ze killed several planetary state super beasts.

Except for peak planetary state super beasts, other planetary state beasts were too weak compared to Lu Ze. They had lost their lives with a hit.

Simple and easy!

Lu Ze looked across a few patches of the black metal mountain and found the valleys of a few more rock beasts.

Eventually, he finally encountered a peak planetary state super beast in the depths of a stone valley.

It resembled a T-Rex and was ten meters tall. Its body was completely made up of black rocks.

The beast was lying on the ground. Sharp rocks were floating around it.

Its breath alone could make the surrounding land shake.

Lu Ze looked at this stone-like T-Rex and exhaled.

His eyes sharpened, and his chi was unleashed.


Violent chi burst around Lu Ze as runes flowed around.

He disappeared from the spot.

Instantly, Lu Ze emerged above the head of the crouching dinosaur.

Dark golden light surged on his right fist and he directed a heavy blow toward the head of the T-Rex.


The violent chi spread across all directions. The half-standing body of the beast was crushed against the ground. A deeper crater was soon formed and cracks began to expand throughout the land.

The entire valley felt the earthquake. Facing such a powerful force, the large rocks were pulverized to dust.

The stone beasts which were close to the valley became rubbles, leaving behind a pile of orbs.

Further away, the rock beasts looked at the valley in terror as they fled the scene.

The rocks on the T-Rex’s head only received a minor crack after getting hit by Lu Ze’s punch.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze could feel the onset of pain from his arm.

During this time, the rocks floating around the T-Rex suddenly disappeared.

Lu Ze sensed a perilous danger. His eyes narrowed as his body disappeared from the spot.

Far away, Lu Ze emerged. A gash was formed on his face. Blood trickled out, but then, the wound instantly healed.

Lu Ze wiped the remaining blood away as he stared at the opponent.

It slowly rose from the ground, glaring at Lu Ze with its red eyes.

Lu Ze grinned as a demonic chi enveloped him. He disappeared from the spot once again.

The creature roared as the black light around it shot at Lu Ze. The s.p.a.ce ended up being distorted once it pa.s.sed by, creating some ear-piercing noise.

It was so fast that there seemed to be fire on the dark beam.

Lu Ze let the rocks fly past him. The sharp chi collided with his powerful body.

He dodged the stones while closing in on his enemy.

An instant later, Lu Ze was close enough. Right then, the T-Rex stomped on the ground, making sharp rocks shoot out of the ground towards Lu Ze.

Oh s.h.i.+t! What a camper! Dark golden light covered him entirely. ‘Rumble…’


Lu Ze retreated under the barrage of the rocks.

Currently, Lu Ze’s chi soared again.

The dark golden chi wave erupted as the rocks thrown at him halted.

In the following second, Lu Ze appeared at the chest of his opponent. There was blood seeping out of his mouth.

His spirit force rose as he used his dark golden fist with his right hand and Light-and-Darkness Beam with his left.

His right fist struck the chest heavily.


The monster was flung away. Rubbles ended up coming out of its chest.

Lu Ze didn’t stop at all. His beam from the left hand shot towards the wound.


The beast wailed out.

During this time, there was a sharp piercing sound coming from behind Lu Ze.

He didn’t have the time to dodge anymore and could only form the Black Metal Body.


Lu Ze’s stomach ached as a hole appeared. The sharp rocks penetrated his stomach.

Lu Ze coughed out and appeared before the monster again.

This time around, Lu Ze clenched both of his fists, which flashed with dark golden rays.

He struck the chest consecutively without rest.


Rocks and blood poured out. The earth trembled and the s.p.a.ce became twisted.

A few seconds later, the rumbling stopped.

Finally, the chest of the enemy was fully crushed. Its life force was fading away.

That ten-meter-tall body crashed heavily into the ground.

Lu Ze stood before the body with a pale face.

He staggered, almost falling over.

He forced himself to stay awake and used his remaining power on super regeneration, light G.o.d art, and wood G.o.d art.

The ma.s.sive wound in his stomach stopped bleeding as new flesh replaced the gaping hole.

A few seconds later, the body turned to dust, leaving behind a pile of orbs. Lu Ze went to the ditch.

He rejoiced.

Peak stage planetary state super orbs!

Divine art rune shards too!

Super red and blue crystals!

Lu Ze picked them all up and moved to the hive. He found another yellow one-time-use divine art rune inside.

After collecting the resources, Lu Ze quickly left the valley.

He entered the forest outside the valley.

After running for only tens of kilometers, he sensed a few powerful chi set foot within the area.

He rejoiced that he ran fast.

Bosses went to check the commotion indeed. The battle earlier was too intense.

Lu Ze soon found a corner to recover.

Half an hour later, he finally managed to.

Lu Ze breathed out.

He survived again this time. He almost thought he was dead.

Lu Ze shook his head.

Soon, his power also returned to its prime condition.

He took off in another direction to begin jungling.

A few hours later, Lu Ze killed another peak stage planetary state super black metal bug and also left the place heavily injured.

Later, a large black turtle appeared above the water. Before Lu Ze could react, it squirted out a water arrow.

Lu Ze died instantly.